Cinco de Mayo



  • monicanicoletta
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    get a skinny girl marg.... just 1 is 100 calories and all you need is 1 :)

    for food:

    get a mexican shrimp cocktail (VERY low in cal/fat/sodium) and or get a cup of tortilla soup...sodium might be a little high but calorie wise its great
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    Thanks again for your help - I think I am prepared to tackle the Mexican place and do well!

  • Chicken Fajita salad no cheese beans or shell~ extra tomatoes, lettuce, onions (top with Salsa)
    CHicken (shredded or fajita) Tacos on corn tortillas.....
    Salsa & corn your corn tortilla and dip it in the salsa....Kinda like chips & dip but without the greasy fattening fried chips!
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    Tortilla soup

    Shot of patron with club soda, juice of 2 limes and a salted rim. YUMAROO
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    I always get Fajitas, no tortilla.
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    What about a taco salad without the fried shell and crunch up a few tortilla chips on top? Then use salsa for dressing.
  • jenmsu83
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    And I just noticed the original post on this thread was back in 2011...haha oops!
  • WinoGelato
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    5 years later, perhaps the OP has figured out how to navigate the complexities of dining out with no calorie counts available... but likely there are newer members who will benefit from the suggestions...

    I usually eat the chips and salsa (and queso) but only split a single basket with the family. If they get refills I try not to partake of the second rounds.

    I usually get chili verde pork, use one small flour tortilla but eat the rest with no tortilla. I use beans and sour cream or guacamole. It doesn't usually come with cheese and I don't miss it - the pork is always so flavorful.

    I'll have one margarita if it is a place where they make them by hand, if they are pouring them out of a machine I find them to be too sweet and I usually just get a corona light.

    We eat at mexican restaurants once or twice a month and it is usually 800 or so calories for what I described above, and not that hard to fit into my day/week.