What's for lunch?



  • mygnsac
    mygnsac Posts: 13,413 Member
    Veggie sticks and homemade pink beans cooked in veggie broth and marinara.
  • DanyellMcGinnis
    DanyellMcGinnis Posts: 315 Member
    Hummus with baby carrots and crackers, string cheese, and a mandarin orange.
  • aubrii94
    aubrii94 Posts: 3 Member
    A hard boiled egg, a tangerine and a cheese stick
  • jenmsu83
    jenmsu83 Posts: 185 Member
    Qdoba chicken taco salad - no dressing or crispy bowl, and added black bean/corn salsa, pico and guacamole. Yummy!
  • jlynnm70
    jlynnm70 Posts: 460 Member
    Chicken and jack cheese with guacamole spread on a sandwich thin. Some baked chips to finish off the guac! had a big lunch today....going skating tonight....