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  • Way to go that's a reason to do a happy dance :drinker:
  • If I miss anyone I apologize in advance...... Jess- sorry to hear about your grandmother my prayers will be with you and your fam. Mel- I'm so glad you were not serious about dropping school trust me it makes a difference... hang in there and try not to overload yourself with too much. Liza- I agree Olive Garden is over…
  • My friend did this and he lost 15 lbs in 10 days BUT he did a lot of praying and spent a lot of money (the maple syrup is not in Walmart you have to go to a natural food store)! Also, it's more than just drinking lemonade bc at night you have to drink seasalt and water (which gives a laxative effect). Even though he saw…
  • I definitely need this in "my topics"....thanks for sharing!
  • It's TOM not sure if that's a factor for my gain or not but I'm 190.5 (up 1/2 a pound from last week) :grumble:
  • Mine is cheesecake or baked cookies fresh out of the oven....I can hold out for a while (even bake cookies for my kids & don't touch them) but every so often I relapse :embarassed:
  • Good question!!! I honestly don't know if I could. I would love to quit food & rely on a pill but I'm a "closet" eater so I think I would still sneak food even with a magic pill :ohwell:
  • Thanks for sharing I love Dr Oz!
  • Just being able to do an hour on the eliptical is a reason to celebrate....I'm not even at 30 mins yet :laugh: so kudos to you & I wish you continued success :drinker:
  • Wow look at you....yea it's a big difference...congrats on your lost and much success on your continued journey :drinker:
  • Thanks for sharing...the tips about cardio and not getting sloppy will help me the most....
  • I have never heard of the site, thanks for sharing I will check it out!
  • I'm 190...that's down from last week but still 2 lbs up from my original lost (188)...so no happy dance for me yet. My Jamaica cruise is 3 weeks away and it looks like once again I'll be the "fat girl" in all the pics so that has had me in the dumps :frown: but it's my fault for losing motivation bc from May til now…
  • Thanks for posting this link....I just read it and it makes sense!!!! I never realized all those factors played a role in the scales fluctuation.
  • I have had this happen...and it sucks! I always say it's water weight bc I know I didn't gain weight over night :wink: you may want to start measuring yourself (if you're not already doing it) bc even when the scale isn't moving you'll be surprised to see that you're losing inches. Personally I always go with the higher…
  • Cold turkey with Halloween in a few weeks....wow I commend you :drinker: !!!! I have tried cold turkey a few times but it never works for me because I have children which makes it harder so if I want it I eat it, I just do an extra workout. I wish you luck & hope it's a success for you!
  • Sounds easy & delicious....I will be giving this a try...thanks for sharing!
  • 193.5...I think that's 2 lbs up...not sure where the increase is coming from but.... Hope everyone has a successful week :flowerforyou: Keyisha
  • Thanx for the clarification JB :smile: JB, Mel, Mack & Lizagna, thanx for the mini-pep talk...the 1 pound had me ready to just blow this week and enjoy "comfort" food....but I'm going to stay focused :bigsmile: Have a great week everyone! Key
  • What does "bump" mean? I see that a lot on threads. My number is 191.5, gained back a pound :ohwell: Congrats to you on breaking the 210 mark though :)
  • 190.5....slowly coming down :frown:
  • Sorry I'm late :embarassed: my number is 192.5 :ohwell: I lost 2 of the 7 lbs I had regained so I guess I'm not too upset. Mel - Hope you had a fantabulous b-day! Das_Modell- try fantasy football it's fun and by the way you have friends on MFP :flowerforyou: Hope everyone has a successful week! Keyisha
  • I have not been on MFP in 2 weeks and thank God for the email I received from MFP today reminding me of that. In the past 2 weeks I have regained back 7 of the 12lbs I had lost :grumble: :sad: I am back though and ready to kick it in gear bc Jamaica is 8 weeks away & I'm still fat :angry: so I'm mad at myself for that but…
  • Today's weight is 189 I think I'm hitting a stagnate point :ohwell: Liza congrats! 197 is an awesome number keep up the dedication :drinker: kstefanski congrats on meeting your goal :drinker: To every one else, congrats on your losses and I hope you all continue to have a successful week :flowerforyou: :heart: Keyisha
  • I bought the bread, and after I ate it I logged it in and realized it's actually 120 calories :noway: yes the bread is good and I was willing to compromise 100 calories for one slice but I had no idea it was really 120 so just wanted to warn others that yes it's good but be prepared to sacrifice 120 per slice.
  • Wow you must know me :ohwell: usually I do forget stuff but I actually sent the email about 3 hours ago so yea it slipped my mind for a few hours but I remembered and it's sent :bigsmile:
  • That was very nice of you to do so. I love this site so I will definitely send an email this afternoon....
  • I'm jumping in today...my cut off time is 8:30pm
  • Thank you Kimber for the summarization and TuscanySun I appreciate your view on the book...I have brought so many books and it seems they bore me and all the info is stuff I know but just haven't put into action.
  • When I go I ask for the fat free italian dressing...it tastes the same just a little thinner (not as thick) but it will help reduce some of the fat and calories significantly!