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So, I've always been the "fat girl" even as a kid. :laugh: I remember my great grandfather when I was 6 said to me "geez kid you gotten real chunky" I was really hurt but what do you do? Other kids would say horrible things but as I grew older it didn't bother me so much (or so I told myself). My friends would talk about thier skinny jeans or pictures and i couldn't relate 'cause I never had them. I always said to myself "I'm only 20 lbs bigger than when I was a senior in highschool and thats after 2 kids so I'm doing better then most." Than 20 turned into 28 lbs and my wt was 248lbs.
My last straw was when my daughter turned 3 and we had a birthday party for her. I saw myself in the photos and couldn't understand how I got so "fat". One day a friend told me about this site and it changed my life.

When I started MFP I started going to the gym.

I could only do 5 min of the eliptical, and my legs would start screaming "stop" and I would go do some strength training then get on the tredmill for like 10 min. (btw my heart rate was like 165 after the 5 min)

Currently I am 186 and for the last two days I have made it through 1 hour of the eliptical. My whole point in telling you this is Im not that "fat girl" anymore. I don't mean by wt because I'm still considered "fat" by the standards in our society but I don't feel like that fat girl anymore. Thank you MFP and all its members that post positve comments you have changed me. I'm not done but I'm getting there. Oh by the way, you newbies I knw if I can do it so can you. Good luck to all of you.


  • Congratulations!!! That is incredible!!! As I was reading this, I looked at your picture and said "Fat girl? What is she TALKING about???" You look FANTASTIC!!

    Best of luck to you on your future journey!!
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    Awesome job. You look so happy in the picture too. That is really what matters.
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    Just being able to do an hour on the eliptical is a reason to celebrate....I'm not even at 30 mins yet :laugh: so kudos to you & I wish you continued success :drinker:
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    I posted the pics of me at the birthday party you can really tell the diff. I just can't fathom that the newest pic is me. :laugh:
  • I looked at them! And again I say, fantastic!!!! :drinker: