thinking of going cold turkey

Sweets are my thing. And I've always been of the mindset of "a little in moderation." So, most days I have ~200 cals of candy (sometimes more).

WELL since this is not working, I'm thinking of going "cold turkey" on candy for the 1-2 mos it *should* take me to lose 10ish pounds. (Right around Halloween, I know!!)

It would be ripping the band-aid off slowly, but maybe it's the change I need? Would I go crazy? Probably! :tongue:


  • abr25
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    I did this and found great success. One day I just was like....why am I putting this crap with all these chemicals and additives and fats into myself....and stopped!

    Hard for the first week or 2 but then I found I actually craved healthier treats more than candy like raw veggies and fruits :)

    Good luck if you go Cold Turkey!
  • kvcarden
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    Cold turkey with Halloween in a few I commend you :drinker: !!!! I have tried cold turkey a few times but it never works for me because I have children which makes it harder so if I want it I eat it, I just do an extra workout. I wish you luck & hope it's a success for you!
  • stylistchik
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    frozen fruit is sweet and has a good texture.. also butternut squash with cinnamon - awesome!! you can find it in the produce section at the grocery store all ready to go for ya!! best of luck!!
  • epoeraven
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    I only allow myself to have sweets using the calories I get back from exercising. So if I don't go for my walk - no candy. It has worked pretty well for me. There are some days that I know I would have blown off going to the gym if I wouldn't have had the "reward" of candy when I got home.

    That being said.....I do agree that quitting cold turkey would be hard at first but would be easier once you get a couple of weeks under your belt.
  • Wecandothis
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    I do recommend cutting out the candy for the most part. I cut it out for three months - had nothing at all with processed sugar, and that made all the difference.

    Now I do have a tablespoon or two of dark chocolate chips in my greek yogurt once a week or so. And I've had the random cookie on occasion. I even drank some Pespi Natural the other day. It was weird. But I do not crave these things the way I used too. I can have a little bit and that's more than enough for me - it tastes SO sweet that a little is plenty.

    So I recommend it. Do it for 2 months, then realize that you can have some on occasion. But I'm betting you won't crave it the way you used to crave it.

    Good luck, I'm know that you can get yourself free of this addiction!