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  • Um wow I was thinking about getting the book but I think I will pass now. If you feel that the book is "common sense" knowledge & overall a waste of your time then I say don't waste your time on it. Others might say finish it give it a chance but time is valuable don't waste it on something you don't think is beneficial.…
  • I'm 189, I gained 2 pounds but that's not too bad considering I haven't worked out in a while and ate a happy meal, chessecake and pizza hut last week :embarassed: ....so it's better than I thought it would be. But I have told myself this week I am getting back on track bc Jamaica is only 9 weeks away I don't want to be…
  • It sounds yummy and delicious I have one question though I can't deal with diet sodas and alternative sugar sweetners bc of the horrible after taste...does the diet coke make the cupcakes have "the" after taste? (I hope my question makes sense) :smile:
  • The name alone sounds delicious...okay you have sold me on it I'm going to give it a try.
  • Did you stay within your nutritional goals? No :ohwell: Did I reach yesterday's personal goal? No, I only did 30 minutes of Inhale yoga...my goal was an hour of exercise. What did I do yesterday that I am proud of? Only ate 1/2 of a slice of Little Ceasar's pizza (usually I eat at least 3 whole slices) oh and I drank 9…
  • In a perfect world...I agree with the other posts and I'll add there would be a cure for Autism and other disabilites, no violence, and cheesecake would have zero calories :laugh:
  • I'm thankful: 1. To have God's favor covering my life. 2. For my family and friends. 3. To not be personally affected by the current economic situation. 4. To be in a position where I can be a blessing to others.
  • I haven't weighed myself, I feel bloated yet it's not my TOM :ohwell: so I'm thinking the scale will be higher than my actual weight is. I will just sit out until next Monday...congrats to everyone that lost and or maintained!!!
  • Hey ladies I am at 187...congrats to everyone that lost or maintained...Mel hope you have a speedy recovery being sick in the summer is no fun :flowerforyou:
  • Okay thanks I won't worry about it...and yes I have no energy to do anything and want to eat everything :ohwell:
  • LOL I would so love that too...many of them deserve it :wink: :laugh:
  • It's T.O.M. but the scale says 190...2 lb gain :cry: my eating hasn't been great nor have I exercised as much so I will accept that the 2 lb gain is not related to T.O.M. :grumble:
  • Mel~ Hope you are feeling better today :flowerforyou: lizagna~ that looks like a nice place to hike....I haven't hiked in 2 years I hiked in Gatlinburg, TN though... Jess~ happy be-lated birthday glad you enjoyed it! Das_Modell~ hope your date was fantastic! It's my T.O.M. :grumble: I don't want to weigh in tomorrow :sad:…
  • Congrats keep up the success :drinker:
  • I have stayed committed all month but tomorrow I start a 3 day fast no food from 6am-6pm so unfortunately over these next 3 days I will be eating after 8:30 :grumble: Keyisha
  • There's a bunch of teams on here too many to name but I joined the Red team a few weeks ago and I like it, it's a lot of support and motivation if you're having a bad day you post on that weeks thread and vent, etc I'm sure new members are welcome anytime. Basically you log your weight on Mondays when the Red team weigh in…
  • I was wondering what happened to this team bc we don't log in every week unless I've missed it :huh: Just so you know I have been logging with the red team too bc they do every Mon which is good for me. But I didn't weigh in this week bc I was in New Orleans and over did it! So for me I'm staying with my current weight 188…
  • I feel fat everyday :laugh: so I can relate...seriously though it may just be water weight don't let it make you feel "gross" though :wink: I have to piggy back on loathesome and darthkatalyst, do an extra workout I think you'll feel better.
  • I agree with you ladies...Andrea has great will power! My son's b-day is July 31st and I KNOW I'm going to have a slice of cake, well honestly probably 2 slices :blushing: (but I get the white cake bc it has no egg yolks and we do whipped icing bc it's not as sweet) so hopefully these small changes makes a big difference…
  • THANKS for this info, every one I have had failed to maintain accuracy.....I know there were a few other members looking for a good one as well so hopefully they'll see this too!
  • Hershey kisses are the best especially when PMS chocolate cravings hit, I eat 4 and I'm good so yea that's definitely a good one!
  • I'm going to piggy back on kelynn her advice is great....enjoy your brownie and savor every bite.
  • Thanks ladies for the break down, it definitely makes sense now!
  • I know what you mean and I started out the same way...my favorite exercise I can suggest is roller skating! An hour burns 635 cals (for me based on my weight)....its fun and you don't even realize you're exercising so hope you can skate if so hit the rink up...if you can't skate put on some music and dance :wink: you have…
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  • Moments like that are priceless keep up the success :bigsmile:
  • ghanie, why are we suppose to subtract our baseline calorie burn...I have never heard this before and am interested in the reason behind it, thanks.
  • Angelbebe congrats on getting the job :drinker: Simsusan hope you recover soon :flowerforyou: Mel, welcome back and I know what you mean my whole week in New Orleans I was eating out for every meal.....and now that I'm back home I'm still binging I ate 6 yeast rolls today so I have been on a carb wagon :sad: :sad: anyhoo…
  • I'm on facebook so I will check it out for sure!
  • My code didn't work :noway: I am Vanessa Millano...her tan is the closest I could find to my skin tone :laugh:
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