Chicken Skin

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So I have been doing really well, eating right exercising more I've lost 39 pounds so far... Tonight I ate a rotiserie style chicken leg quarter with steam veggies and some watermelon for dessert..sounds healthy right? I guess it was a healthy dinner for the most part my.. only error was that tonight I ate my chicken skin (I never do that anymore!!!)..I'm half Puerto-Rican and half Cuban and growing up we always ate the skin off our chicken.. I have to be honest I really enjoy I wanted to post this mainly to confess (lol) so I can stop feeling guilty about the extra fat I just put in my body. I always take the skin off my chicken but I am going to admit that every once in a while (long while) I am going to allow myself to indulge..

Now that I've let my dirty little secret out...
Is there something you enjoy eating that you absolutley know is bad for you but you just can't give up forever?


  • nicolee516
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    I will never be able to completely give up tortilla chips! ANd I am not talking just a handful! and wine! I want to be healthy, but I want to live too!:wink:
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    sweet coffee. I have to have some everyday. I've started to mix it with a few tablespoons of hot chocolate powder because it's less calories than sugar.

    but I just don't think i'll ever be a black coffee kind of girl.
  • kvcarden
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    Mine is cheesecake or baked cookies fresh out of the oven....I can hold out for a while (even bake cookies for my kids & don't touch them) but every so often I relapse :embarassed:
  • d5d14m66
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    Butter and sugar sandwiches -- yummy!
  • estherguas
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    Butter and sugar sandwiches -- yummy!

    Your post made me remember something my sister and I used to drink when we were little;

    Milk with sugar and ice.. it was sooo good
  • heather0mc
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    Butter and sugar sandwiches -- yummy!

    um, yea...:noway: :sick: