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  • I usually run in Saucony Guide series (8mm drop) and decided to try the Brooks Ravenna 3's which have a 10.5 mm drop. I got the worst IT band issue. Switched back to my Guides and boom, the issue went away. Couldn't believe how much the drop gimped me. They are supposedly the same support for mild over pronation but a…
  • Hmmm. I could try on my oldest shirt. Thanks for the tip.
  • My list in order of like.... 1. My favorite is Clif Shots. Especially the ones with caffeine. The Mocha + caffeine is delicious. Kind of like frosting in taste and consistency. The lid leash is a nice feature too. keeps the part you tear off from flying away or getting lost. 2. Honey Stinger = Tasty but kind of thin in…
  • I'm considering hosting one myself this summer. Trying to raise funds for the ASPCA. A friend of mine has one coming up Friday, July 19th, through Sunday, July 21st, 2013 for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society http://bigdaddy4838.wordpress.com/hot-buns-run/
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  • I will be seeing it. therunningstories.com set me up with free tickets if I review it for their site. Very excited.
  • I have 2 flax waffles. One with almond butter and honey, the second with a over-hard egg on top. And some coffee. This for a 2+ hour run.
  • I know how you feel. My parents are the worst. Ive been obese most my adult like and know that I lost over 90 lbs with eating right and exercise, I get the "you are too skinny", When I'm not even at my goal yet. It's like, why didn't you sit me down when I was 277 lbs and tell me I was too fat. Would have been more helpful.
  • Using MFP and running. here are my before and after pics. Before 2011-2012 After 4/2013
  • Fartleks are a great way to improve your speed. Hill runs are good too.
  • I'm thinking of running the CIM on 12/8. Would by my first full marathon. 4 days after my 45th Birthday. Just need to scrounge up the entry fee.
  • Way to go! keep on running!
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  • You definitely need new shoes. The running shoe wears out quickly. A running shoe needs replacement about every 6 months. Find a local running store and have them fit you properly as running shoe. fitment isn't just about shoe size. They check arch type, pronation, width etc.. It can mean the biggest difference in how you…
  • I mildly over pronate. Saucony Guide 5 are my weapon of choice.
  • Great job! Get yourself set for you next goal. There is always the 10K or a half marathon. Just keep running!
  • What are you using to calculate calories burned? I wouldn't sweat a 25 calorie difference (pun intended :D). C25K is really about building endurance and fitness levels. Once you get further in the program, you will spend more of your time running and then you will see greater returns on caloric burn.
  • 311.1 YTD miles... Camp - Follow a wide shallow curving valley.
  • For sure. Get a training plan of some sort and stick with it. Take it slow but stick to your plan. It's not always easy but you can do it. The key for me was the long runs.
  • Great job committing! It helps when you know you have a goal to meet. If I can do it, anyone can.
  • Great Job! I ended up with 2:10 official timing. I ended up pacing the 2:15 pacer for the first few miles but got thrown off when I had to make a port o potty pit stop at mile two. I made up for the lost time more or less but having the feeling I could have done better had I managed pre-race hydration better.
  • Well, I finished and didn't die :). Beat my goal of 2:15. Official time was 2:10 and some change. Would have been a few minutes better if I hadn't had to hit up the port o potty at mile 2. Think i over hydrated a little pre-run. No biggie though. Overall a great experience. here is my Nike+ data..…
  • Hard to say if the new shoes are causing the pain. Did you have a running shoe store professional fit them to you? Ravennas are for moderate over pronation with normal arches. If you have flat feet, then the shoes could still be an issue. Or if you don't pronate and are more neutral then another shoe might be better.
  • Thanks all. Looks like it might rain for my race on Sunday too so this should get real fun!
  • My first is coming up on April 7th. Running of the Elks in Elk Grove, CA. Goal time is 2:15. Completed my long run training at 12 miles and am now tapering a little. No doubt on being able to run it if I stick to the right pace. Start slow at 10:30 - 11:00 and do negative splits so that I finish at about 9:30 pace. At…
  • Why wait? Start tomorrow. You will be glad you did.
  • Running Shoe Warehouse has a good shoe liquidation section. http://www.runningwarehouse.com/catpagesale.html?ccode=SALEMS Like everyone says, get into a shoe store to be fitted. This is imperative if you don't want to risk injury. Once you find out how your arches are and if you pronate a little (or a lot, or not at all),…
  • 270.67 YTD Miles. Camp!
  • Great time for your first 5k! Well done!
  • I prefer outdoors. Typically training to prepare for some sort of an event. 5k races are usually outdoors so it makes more sense for me to do that. Completely different workout than on a treadmill. But I also live in a mild climate so that makes it easier too. If it was blizzard weather...i would find me a treadmill for…
  • I use it in my Iced Mochas. 1 Shot Espresso 1.5 cups Coconut Milk 1-2 tbs Lite Hersheys Syrup Mix and pour over ice.
  • Well done! The mental and physical boost will propel you the end and beyond.