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  • I do also. Usually 16/8 - just getting back into it as it's been a tough past 18 months for me to follow anything.
  • Not doing to well as of late but trying my best to get back on the low carb train. It's been a real struggle.
  • Yes I have. I have lost weight and got my A1C to 5.2.
  • I guess the grain free foods are deficient in taurine which can lead to cardiomyopathy so be aware of that. I was not and have other issues with my dog, but that was the first thing the vet asked is if I was feeding a grain free diet. I definitely agree with decreasing the carbs. That is how I got my blood sugar…
  • Yes. Last A1C was 5.2. I follow low carb, moderate protein, healthy fat. I tend to lean toward Dr. Jason Fung's (which means I practice IF/EF as well) approach but read all the time and try to learn all I can on diet and diabetes.
  • I try to plan my week accordingly. If I know there is something to attend, I will fast other days. Otherwise, I will miss out if needed. I am fasting days this week, but on vacation the next, so will probably just do 16:8's that week.
  • This. Great resource that has everything you need.
  • Just keep working at it every day. There is a huge learning curve. The advantages are worth it.
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  • Erythritol or Swerve is another good choice.
  • I'm assuming that if you are eating that low carb you are probably in ketosis. Serum blood sugars run lower when you are in ketosis. Your blood sugar sounds fine. It really boils down to how you feel. If you are not having any issues - shakiness, sweats, etc. your blood sugar is good.
  • I just tried chronometer. I liked it but have used MFP for a long time and think I will stick with it since my "stuff" is logged here. There are lots of instructional videos on how to use it. If I'd started with that I might have stuck with it.
  • Very good! I am hoping to reduce my dose at my next visit as well.
  • If you can get them down...sure!
  • Have you considered adding some intermittent fasting into the mix. I have been stuck at a weight for some time and this is the only thing that is budging it for me.
  • Good for you! I finished a 36 hr this morning. Was the first time I went that long. I do it to help reverse my type 2.
  • You can use turkey instead of beef in lasagna and use the fathead dough to make your noodles. I just tried this and it tasted good. I also do turkey burgers, chilli anything that I would use ground beef in. Recipe for lasagna noodles is here:https://peaceloveandlowcarb.com/just-like-the-real-thing-lasagna/
  • Would it taste weird to heat up a chocolate Premier protein drink?
  • Oct 1st - 211 8th 15th 22nd 29th Wednesday 1st November!
  • I also have my headers for macros as carbs, fiber, protein, fat and sodium.
  • Also add me if you like. Trying to still find my way a bit but also trying to get my blood sugar in check as well as lose weight.
  • Today I did 18:6. I would like to do a 20:4 tomorrow. I am doing it to help with my type 2 diabetes and my weight is slowly going down. I think my body shape is changing faster than the scale as I notice my waist is getting big on my shorts!
  • Here is also a video by Megan Ramos (works with Dr. Fung) at Ketofest this year. She speaks about Intermittent Fasting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhPSpgsOEW4
  • Dr. Fung is in the last video there. His website is Intensivedietarymanagement.com. His books are The Obesity Code and The Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting.
  • Well that is good news.!If what I have read about intermittent fasting and diabetics is true - you would be proof of that. Congratulations! Have you been resourcing Dr. Fung and his books/website? If not, I encourage you too as he will back up what you are finding to be true. How long were you fasting at a time?
  • Sure I do. I'm just saying there is more to it for a diabetic than CICO.
  • I think as a diabetic you have to believe both. I have lost weight at a calorie deficit, but my blood sugar has not been optimal. For every research study you find, you can find another to dispute it. I don't think you can lose weight if you aren't at a deficit to some extent. I do think if you are a type 2 and eating high…
  • Yes I did - I was allergic to milk, chocolate, absorbic acid and pets in the form of eczema. I grew out of food allergies and they switched hay fever, dust and cats and dogs by way of itchy eyes and sneezing. I did take allergy shots for many years.
  • It is interesting to see if it makes a difference. I always take mine in the morning or else I forget. I only have 1 to take and I was told also to take before I eat, but I am often doing a 16:8 fast and don't eat til 11am or so. If I try to remember at 11 - it remains in my pocket all day. Thus I take it in the morning.
  • Well for those of us who are Type 2 diabetic - it is sustainable and necessary if you want to improve your diabetes or even reverse it. Carbs are in a lot of foods - it is very difficult to eat no carbs.
  • I would suggest you pick a calorie limit and eat a balanced diet. Do not do anything restrictive. Also - the exercise - walking on a treadmill, or around the block is imperative. There is a new movement for pre surgery instructions- it's like shaping up for surgery - and research shows that this is having a huge impact on…