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  • I don't really feel bad for your son. And I think you're overreacting. I don't know why parents are so quick to jump to the rescue - he didn't follow the rules and was punished accordingly (in a physical education setting I think paying in athletic activity is appropriate). They are burpees. Anyone will get sore doing…
  • It gets better. Stretch, foam roll a couple times a week. Drink lots of water. KEEP GOING and push through the soreness. I remember that when I started T25 :) but the program is designed to do this to you. I have one week left of Insanity Max:30 so I do hear ya on the soreness! Shaun T does NOT play!
  • I'd use honey instead of agave nectar. Dried cranberries would taste good too. Nicely done!
  • What are you doing instead?
  • She sounds like my MIL :) Too much of a good thing can still be too much!
  • You can't taste coconut in coconut oil at all! I use coconut oil for all of my sauteing and roasting (if roasting over 400 degrees). Olive oil is a not a high-heat oil meaning that it doesn't have a very high smoke point. It turns toxic when it gets too hot. It's fine for baking usually and roasting on lower temps -…
  • Most of the ones I suggested, including Insanity Max:30 are sold through Beachbody. You cannot target specific areas for fat loss, unfortunately. Because you cannot burn calories specifically from one body part. Does that make sense? You can work out isolated body parts to make them stronger but for instance, just doing 50…
  • Skinny Taste is a great healthy blog. I also love Thug Kitchen. I've done LOTS of home workout videos; outside of training for races they are the only way I exercise. I do not have a gym membership. I have done Windsor Pilates, Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and Yoga Inferno, Brazil Butt Lift, Focus T25, P90X3, PiYo,…
  • If your end goal is more important than all that food, then you won't eat it. It's okay to indulge once in a while but work food just makes me angry - it's never worth it to me. Never tastes as good.
  • I ran in 5 degrees with no wind and it was alright. I won't run if it's below zero and a double eff no if it's windy - windchills are some serious stuff
  • I always pack an afternoon lunch and eat that instead of whatever floats around this office; usually two hard boiled eggs and some raw veggies with hummus.
  • Oh, honey. Just no.
  • I had some pretty bad low back and hip flexor problems earlier this year and PiYo saved my butt. Seriously - great program and my strength and balance improved enormously. Yes, very worth it.
  • I agree that you shouldn't put a time goal on your first half. Run one, then run another and work to improve :) I am running my second half this weekend. I only RUN once a week. During the rest of the week I use home fitness programs to cross-train/build strength. They vary from yoga-inspired, weight training to high…
  • Thank you for this. The bastardization of IIFYM pisses me off to hell.
  • I've been drinking it for more than a year now and have never experienced jitters from it - that's not a side effect I've heard of anyone experiencing actually. Ask your friend about purchasing the taste sampler before going all in on the challenge pack. You get four samples of Shakeology (each flavor) and that way you…
  • I'm one that won't touch soda or diet soda with a ten foot pole. You should make your own dressing! It's really simple to do, uses simple ingredients. "Light" dressing usually contains a bunch of crap. My go-to recipe is a basic balsamic but you can look up recipes for any dressings you prefer. 1/2 cup extra virgin olive…
  • That is so awesome you were finally able to connect with doctors who were truly ready to help you. My mom always says she hates going to the doctor for things - she gets insane hot flashes every single hour, 24 hours a day with her menopause and her doctor thinks she's just acting overly dramatic and crazy. Hang onto those…
  • I hear so many stories of women with this condition. I think I never fully understood what it meant. Thank you so much for sharing your story - you are incredible. You're a survivor, a fighter, and I love your spirit. Never give up! :)
  • Basically, lol! When the forecast includes rain and a panic attack.
  • I lost all my weight eating back every single exercise calorie. Why wouldn't you listen to your doctor? She knows a thing or two.
  • Exercising barefoot and even running barefoot can really build strength in your calves and achilles. I am less concerned about how you're going to workout - I mean like you posted there are plenty of options for working out barefoot. Do you work or go to school or like... leave the house? Wtf are you going to wear then?
  • Lol, this is hysterical. Yeah I have a friend (well, "friend" more like acquaintance) who was a body builder back in the day. She makes me insane when she talks about it. Any time someone asks me for diet advice and I mention things like nuts or full fat dairy she flies off the handle about how her husband got high…
  • One large sweet potato, cubed One large onion, diced One large red bell pepper, diced 4-5 cloves garlic, minced Saute those in a couple tbs of olive or coconut oil in a large pot for about ten minutes. Add a pound of ground turkey breast and let that brown with the veggies for another ten minutes, breaking up the bits with…
  • Hate that song. Love this post.
  • You barely deserve to eat in a fast food restaurant with that piss poor attitude. If you have such high standards for your food maybe you'd be better off preparing it yourself.