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  • I have been doing Keto for a year and a half. So grateful to be off of that Binge and diet rollercoaster!!! Cravings are gone and for the first time in my life I feel sane around food. Originally started it to lose weight but really now it is just about sanity. I used to be REALLY overweight. Lost 200lbs 17 years ago on a…
  • Thanks so much for posting the list! I actually found one in my area and if I am ever in need of a doctor I will definitely call her first!
  • I started almost 6 weeks ago and lost weight the first week and then nothing for the next 3. I have just started losing again, so for me it was patients. Just had to let my body become fat adapted. I also started with the same macros as you but did mess around with them a bit and boost my fat and lower my carbs which…
  • That is so awesome!!
  • I have found naturally that is true for me. Although so far earliest I have cut of eating is 4 and gone 16 hours until breakfast. Aspiring to cut off at 2.
  • I loved all the suggestions! I also came across something called moon cheese at Starbucks the other day. Only ingredient is cheese and it tastes like a healthy Cheetos. Works if you are running around and need a fast snack and can't grab something fresh.
  • I am approximately the same weight and height as you and I do the same thing as Mrssto78 said. With the deduction of exercise I usually don't go over the calories. I am also sort of new to this as I am just finishing 4 weeks but from everything I researched they say in the beginning until you are fat adapted don't pay that…
  • I make a green smoothie I love with 1 serving chocolate protein powder ( mine has no carbs), 2 cups of spinach, 1T almond butter, 1T coconut oil, and 8-12oz of almond milk and some ice (sometimes I freeze my spinach so I don't have to use ice). It is really yummy! I used to add blueberries but I don't notice it tastes that…
  • I am no authority but think it is an amino acid not a HGH. I actually only take it maybe a few times a month either when I feel crazy stressed or at night if I can't calm down to sleep. I just take a small dose. 250mg and it works in a few minutes. It's awesome!!!! I haven't heard of it having any side effects. I have…
  • I definitely feel like I am sweating way more but not stinky. I am finishing my 3rd week.
  • Gaba helps me if I am having a problem.
  • How about some things made with coconut and coconut flour? There are recipes galore out there. My daughter has all those some allergies plus she can't eat cheese or eggs and she eats a lot of roasted veggies, meats, salad and roasted winter squash which he may or may not be able to eat to keep his carbs low enough. Just…
  • I almost 3 weeks in. Just started feeling my energy pack yesterday.
  • This might be a really ignorant question and if so I apologize. Why use MCT oil and not just coconut oil?
  • I have done it for the last 5 weeks. It is actually seems pretty healthy after the attack phase. I lost 9 lbs in the first 2 weeks but then nothing after that. Thyroid a little off so that is the only thing that has moved the scale at all lately.
  • Have a call into to doctor to retest. I haven't been tested in a year and I lost my dad a year ago (who I took care off) and that stress probably messed up my hormones again. I am 52. Would love to know if how your treatment works for you? Are you taking bioidentical hormones? If not it might be something you might want to…
  • I think I am in the same boat. Already on bioidentical hormones but can't seem to lose weight even after being perfect for 3 weeks straight. Now I am beginning to think hormones are still not balanced and thyroid is off.
  • I'm in the same boat.
  • I just bought the Dukan diet book and started it 4 days ago. I have lost 8lbs so far and still in the attack phase. I have Been menopausal and been either gaining or struggling for the last year and a half. Have tried juice fasting, Paleo and vegan and nothing brought my weight down more then a couple of pounds. I am…
  • I have been having a terrible time losing weight. Menopausal and haven't been able to barely take off a pound in a year and a half and my weight has been going up. Just started the Dukan diet 4 days ago and am down 8lbs. Still in the attack phase and so happy to see the scale moving in the right direction!☺️
  • Mine is 12 oz almond milk 1 T almond butter Chocolate vegan protein powder 2 cups of spinach 1/2 c frozen blueberries I buy fresh spinach or greens and freeze them that way I don't need ice and my greens don't go bad before I use them.
  • I love this group but totally can't keep up with all the messages
  • I Found out my sister in law has Breast cancer and she is having a mastectomy today. Devastated and just don't love the fragility of life these days. Made me really start think about how my health REALLY needs to be my number one priority not only for myself but my family and how unimportant vanity is. I found this quote…
  • I make chia pudding with either almond or coconut milk, plant based chocolate protein powder and chia seeds. It works for me. ☺️
  • I just got back from a vacation and I found that it helped to up the calories but not the carbs.
  • SW: 163 leg inning of this challenge (333 17 years ago) CW: 161 1/2 GW: 133 Even though I over ate nuts 2 days last week I still managed a 1 and 1/2 lbs loss this week. Next weeks goal is to see if I can do better by eliminating the excess. Since this was my first week following the 50/30/20 macros, I was very excited that…
  • I had a delicious one this morning. 2scoops clean lean chocolate protein powder 1/2 c. Frozen Blueberries 1TB almond butter 1 c. So delicious unsweetened vanilla coconut milk 1/2 c. So delicious unsweetened plain yogurt 2c. Frozen Spinach Low sugar and pretty low carbs. I was still able to make my 50f 30p 20c macros
  • Did pretty good this week except last Wednesday and yesterday I got into the nuts and that is never good! Pre-planned my day and hoping to make a comeback today! Positives: Have drank all my water this week Exercised Logged my food And met my macros everyday.
  • Bacon slave wrote| And speaking of consistency. I ain't got any. This weekend was a disaster food-wise. I'm done with excuses and half-steppin', though. 1600 cal. 100g carbs. Every day. No dumb excuses, like "it's the weekend, I deserve xyz..." That's a BS lie. And it's over. I tipped the scales at 167. Gained 7lb…