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  • The first thing to keep in mind is..weight loss is not linear. The "pounds per week" number is an average over the course of your weight loss, not a guarantee that the scale will drop weekly like clockwork. That's not how human bodies work. Water, hormones, stress...all can be common reasons for a temporary stall on the…
  • Do you eat this exact meal plan every day, or is this just a general example? Do you drink alcohol, have snacks, or other drinks/sauces/oils that might not be accounted for here?
  • ^^this Especially the "good" and "bad" food thing. If she wants to go out to eat or makes something you don't want to eat, don't say it's "bad" because she will probably take it as a judgment on what she's eating. Eating certain foods are not a moral choice. Just saying "no thank you" is enough.
  • Yep, sometimes one day, sometimes two. I used to work out every day. I started suffering burnout from doing that, though, so I decided to give myself a break sometimes.
  • The "sawdust cheese", as I affectionately refer to it, usually has around 25 calories per 5 gram serving. It's usually my favorite flavoring choice, along with a McCormick garlic Herb sprinkle.
  • ^^this The "pounds per week" you select is an average, not a guarantee that you will lose every week like clockwork. The body is a living thing, not a machine. Some people, like me, see a loss all at once on the scale in a "whoosh" about once a month even!
  • Yes, you would lose weight, assuming 1500 would be your gross intake. I am also 5'5", and when I was 185 lbs I lost weight eating more than that. My average steps are/were around 15K.
  • Same here. Either that or I get that one person who sees me eating a cookie and has to make their "you're eating cookies?? But thought you were on a diet!" kinds of comments. Not weight loss related, but one time I made the mistake of telling one friend from my work lunch group that I was considering becoming a vegetarian.…
  • Me too, cause that stuff is tasty! 😂 Have you tried continuing to cook some of those things you like, but having a smaller portion, and then eating a bowl of soup beforehand, a light salad, or some steamed vegetables to bulk it up? I LOVE pizza. When I was heavier, it would take *at least* 4 slices to fill me up, if not…
  • I agree with everyone above about not stressing about it. It's your birthday! I get that some people struggle with this kind of thing when they're first starting though. Going out to restaurants is another one...you can't avoid celebrations and outings forever, and can't always adjust the menus, so you have to learn to…
  • I track calories and don't really pay too much attention to carbs. Having said that, I may readjust this winter. I had a discussion with my doctor the other day, and her suggestion to me was to focus on rotating in more of the lower carb veggies into my diet in place of the wonderfully delicious starchy foods I'm so fond…
  • I always love it when someone brings this thread back to life. 😂 never gets old..
  • I didn't read the other responses but the poster names I saw generally have great advice. I had this exact same problem. I ended up buying some Klondike bars last week and that seems to help. They're 250ish calories, which is quite a bit less than a small blizzard, and so far that's been doing the trick.
  • Came here since I saw the title of your post. Not sure what anyone said above that upset you (I didn't see anything that stood out as being insensitive), but from the replies it looks like you're having issues with bingeing. I'm having the same problem lately, so you aren't alone in that. For me it's mainly an evening…
  • Ohh..I am envious!! I spent some time in Detroit last year and had some of the best Middle Eastern food I've ever eaten at the local restaurants. I can eat my weight in some good soft hummus and baklava!!
  • This is pretty much how I eat, too...I cook vegetarian at home but I do occasionally eat meat. Probably 90-95% of my meals are veg. I've both gained and lost weight this way. I also have a friend who has been strict vegetarian for almost 20 years. She has also gained and lost weight not eating meat. Cutting out meat and/or…
  • Yep, I heard a lot of this kind of stuff too growing up..usually the "you eat too much junk" kind of comments or constantly commenting about people in the extended family putting on weight. Now the junk comments are mostly aimed at my mother (well, and my aunt, too) instead of both of us. 🙄 I have never fully understood…
  • Yep...part of my weight issues as a kid to begin with were from shame. I'd have a family member who would make comments like "is that diet food?" or "Maybe you should be exercising instead of eating that". Sometimes he'd just straight out call me fat.. When I'd tell him he was hurting my feelings with his comments or that…
  • Why not just drink what you like? Not sure what's "unhealthy" or "unclean" about it, unless you're drinking like 10 cups of coffee each day. A little powdered creamer in a cup of coffee shouldn't be an issue.
  • Exactly what cwolfman said. You can eat whatever you want before or after a workout. Eating special or specific foods doesn't do anything magical. "Correct" for what?
  • How many calories are you eating? How do you know you're in a calorie deficit...are you tracking everything, or guessing? Do you log exercise calories, and do you eat those calories back? If so, how many exercise calories do you burn?
  • Friend... And keep in mind that a lot of the things people categorize as "carbs" are actually equal parts, if not more, "fats" (cake, for instance...or ice cream.) Most foods aren't just composed of one macro only.
  • Same here with one of my coworkers. He has his second dose of Moderna yesterday, and called off today because of low grade fever and aches.
  • Same here. I had (and still have, to some degree) a decent amount of cellulite. I've also gone through periods like now, where I drink a diet soda every single day, and other times where I've sworn off the sodas for years. My cellulite didn't change until I started losing weight and working out.
  • 100% this for me. I have a hard time with strong doses of caffeine...Energy drink and Cold Brews are generally a no for me. I also drink one Coke Zero daily and do not think diet sodas are harmful, outside of the possible caffeine some of them have (and that's strictly for me, not saying caffeine is bad for everyone). I…
  • Why would you think you're never allowed to have one again? The only things stopping you would be you, and an overrestrictive mindset. Part of learning how to maintain a healthy weight (once you get to your goal) is understanding how to balance treats and your core good nutrition. If it fits in your calories (assuming your…
  • Yeah, I track my weight trends on Libra so I usually know what my ups.and downs look like and why (cycle, medication, etc...) I didn't have any of those normal water weight factors right before shot 1. Can I say with absolute certainty it was the shot? No, of course not, but it definitely seems likely. Immune response…
  • Yeah, I didn't do anything differently before I went in for mine. I guess maybe making sure you're hydrated, and getting a good night's sleep never hurts anything. I think all vaccine sites are different too. I live in a medium sized city with a stellar hospital system, so I was in and out in less than 15 minutes for my…
  • Not sure what you're referring to...some new feature I'm unaware of, or some new trending thing?
  • Are you eating the same things over and over? Maybe you're just bored with what you're eating. Have you tried anything new lately...new recipes, new takeout, new products..or some kind of cuisine you haven't tried before? I find that I get bored when I make the same things a few times in a row because they're easy, but…