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  • I add it to my Greek yogurt. I like the texture it adds.
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  • My zucchini is the only thing that is ready at the moment. My lettuce is done. Oh and I have green onions any time I need them.
  • Mine stopped for a while, but they are now back!
  • I found bread to be a big culprit of not being the weight that it says on the package. Most of the slices were over the weight on the label. It has stated as a selling feature - 90 calories per slice and I was annoyed. Yes I did call them - poor quality control.
  • I totally agree with this. Add hormones, or lack there of, and the picture changes. Throw in sugars and carbs and it's different again. I have no self control when it comes to certain foods so I must stay away. Like LeenaGee, once I start I cannot stop. Yes it is like a demon.
  • Not usually. The veggies will release some moisture and condensation from lid will drip back into the pot. I find this is enough to keep the chicken moist. If you prefer a wetter pulled chicken you could use chicken stock or water. [/quote] Thanks. I will be cooking for myself for a bit and I thought this was a good idea…
  • Do you put any liquid in?
  • Wh So everything in a high school textbook is correct? Well that's a first. Oh and by the way I write textbooks, mind you not chemistry ones. Yes the body does burn calories but there are other influences in a body that affect what happens to that calorie. You are correct clean eating is great for your health but not…
  • How do you make these? I have 4 zucchini plants just starting to produce.
  • Exactly. I also have it for a snack over frozen yogurt. Enjoy!
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  • I stew rhubarb with stevia and a bit of water. You could also use another sweetener such as agave. I add a bit of water so it doesn't burn. I let it cook on top of the stove until it gets the consistency I want. I then add however much sweetener it needs. It all depends on the rhubarb. For breakfast I have 1/4 cup steel…
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  • Welcome to the group. Hopefully you can find some helpful information here.
  • Some of us have different opinions and why we have retreated from the main boards hence the name of this thread. If you were on the same side as me you wouldn't keep posting that. I know why they say it on the main boards. There is no reasoning with anyone from the main boards. Knowledge is power, but it should be the…
  • 30 years from now I want you to remember what you posted. Your opinion may change. You are correct with your statement IF you can make it sustainable for your everyday life.
  • I sent a PM to the OP of the this thread as well. I won't post much on the main boards. I had someone answer a question I had posted in one of the groups I belong to and stated weight loss is linear, yada yada. Yes, I know that, but that wasn't answering my question.
  • I believe it won't log if you're under 1,000.
  • No Whoosh Fairy today. :( I thought I was done with the hot flashes, but they have come back. I have a Mirena in so I have no idea if I still have a cycle. I'm 53. Two 1/2 years ago, the Dr said I was in menopause and said not to replace it. When he took my old one out, I started again. So I had him put a new one back in.…
  • I had problems with the builder last time I used it. I've had it both under and over. I have no ideas what to do. I'm just confirming that yes it always doesn't work right. I will suggest what Kimberwolf did -and will go back and check the measurements.
  • 1/4 cup steel oats - cooked with 1 cup water 1/2 cup Fruit- sometimes stewed rhubarb, frozen blueberries, or applesauce (all homemade or home frozen). I had local strawberries yesterday. 2 oz Greek yogurt 1 tsp chia or 1 Tbsp ground flax 1/2 Tbsp sliced almonds This is my favourite. It reminds me of a dessert that I make.
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  • Thanks Sabine. I have no idea either. I was just wondering. I'm a bit frustrated at the moment.
  • Yes I do know that. This is a menopausal group and I wondered if anyone else had the same thing happen. I was hoping not to get your type of response in this group.
  • I started taking Vit E, Evening Primrose and a probiotic. I went up two pounds since I started and now I'm stuck. Anyone else experience this when starting new vitamins?
  • Nope, you missed one that was quoted on page 1. :)
  • I will have to look in to full fat! Thanks for the tip.
  • Congratulations. What an exciting time in your life. I had my children a little later in life. My oldest is 25 and my youngest is 17 with one more in the middle. I am going to look forward to the time when they do have grandchildren. I can wait for the moment.
  • My x was a whistler. I hated it. He knew it too and would do it when I was trying to study. (I was going to school to get my degree.)
  • I do this plus add a tablespoon of sliced almonds to the top of the Greek Yogurt. I add whatever fruit is in season or go to my stash of frozen blueberries. I've also made applesauce or stewed rhubarb. It's like eating a dessert for breakfast.
  • I don't have Facebook either.
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  • Maybe it's the last hurrah before the end! Wouldn't that be nice.
  • Congratulations.