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  • i'm actually in the "losing the regain phase" and "saying no to wine phase". My plan is to stay on course like this. I've gained 25lbs from my lowest weight (230 hw, 219 sw, 135 lw) in less than a year. Marriage issues, my dad declining health wise, and basically me just sticking my head in the sand and refuse to admit…
  • I could have written this post... I am with you on this!
  • I was very close to drinking a bottle of wine a night. I would come straight home from work and start drinking... I didnt even want to do anything else after work because it would interfere in my wine...It scared the crap out of me because I come from an alcoholic family. Like you, I found this challenge and lurked for a…
  • Welcome! 4.5 yrs out for me. Wish I had done it sooner. The beginning was hard, as you have to learn your new lifestyle. And like @loriloftness said, further out can be even more difficult due to the mind game of continuing to eat properly and exercise. This is the right place for support though! Feel free to send me a…
  • This is what I need to do @USCBMOM22 !! I was coming straight home from work and pouring myself a glass of wine every night.. The last few nights I've had something else to do or somewhere else to go and it's been too late when I get home to even think about having a drink.
  • I'm in for October! Started Sept 24th but had 2 days where I had wine (one planned, the other not) so technically only 5 days AF. My goal this week is to make it to Saturday AF. Saturdays are date night with the hubby so I plan for 1-2 glasses of wine, no more than that.
  • @claireybell66 I'm new too! Stoptober, love that!!
  • Day 2 did not go as planned... :'( Went to dinner with my oldest daughter who informed me she's moving to Florida by no later than Dec 1st, Long Island is too expensive for her and she has some great opportunities in FL, and while I get it, it doesn't make me any less sad... So wine was consumed, but I only had the 1…
  • Hi All, I've been reading and lurking for a while. I love the idea of this thread and it's made me feel stronger just by reading it... So, I've decided to jump in...a little late for September but better late than never right? I'm trying to cut down on my wine, I was up to 3 LARGE glasses a night (spins and everything when…
  • @loriloftness I'm on day 3 of 3 protein shakes a day and 2 small meals and NO WINE.. i'm hoping cutting out the wine helps me lose something. I'm getting a little frustrated. I'm not gaining but I'm not losing BUT I'm still 19 lbs over my lowest weight and i feel very uncomfortable.. I'm not above begging the weight loss…
  • So far, so good... no sweets, and I'm trying to make better choices... Hope you're doing well @loriloftness
  • I started back on plan AGAIN today (for probably the 20th time). Why is it so much harder to stick to the plan now, then when it was before surgery?? It's a struggle...
  • Hi! I was sleeved in March 2014. I'm currently up almost 20lbs from my lowest, since January. I actually did Contrave last year, when i had first started gaining, and it definitely helped. But I had to go back to my Dr every month to be checked before he would prescribe another month. I did it for 2 months just to jump…
  • i'm 4 yrs out and i still measure. though i'd been eating things i shouldnt have been eating, and I gained 14lbs from my lowest weight. i'm back to basics again and watching/logging every thing that i eat. i still feel the restriction, so i'm still only eating about 4-5 ounces at a meal. always protein first and if i can,…
  • @lizadaze I'm 4 yrs out (as of March 4th) as well, maintained a 95-99lb weight loss and then since Christmas, I've put on 10lbs (14lbs from my lowest weight). I started back on shakes and protein bars this week. Havent lost anything yet, but I do feel like I'm not starving all the time. I've been seeing alot of people…
  • @StevenGarrigus Doing some kind of activity after work would be the best way to keep me from letting my food choices get the best of me. You're absolutely right. I'm back to going to the gym after work with my cousin and then by the time I get home from there, I really dont even want to eat, so hoping this helps me! :)
  • I've gained 14 lbs from my lowest weight. I'm 4yrs out from VSG. I'm actually struggling now. I can't seem to stick to how we're supposed to be eating... I start my day out good with yogurt or a protein shake, and by the time I get home from work, my diet goes right down the drain.
  • I'm back on track as well! I stopped logging on to MFP a few months ago, stopped tracking what i was eating and BAM! 10 lbs came right back on! I'm 4 yrs out, as of March 4th. I started with just tracking how and what i was eating, and after just 1 day, i could already see that i was allowing ALOT of bad habits to creep…
  • I'm 4.5 yrs out, lost just under 100lbs, gained 13lbs back after 3 yrs and now I'm down 8 of those regain pounds, still working on the other 5. It's not easy. It's a constant struggle. Especially now, with recent marriage issues, it's really a struggle to not eat my feelings. I have to make a conscious effort every day to…
  • Hi! I had VSG on 3/4/14. I'm a Mom of 3 (my two daughters are 26 and 19 yrs old and my son is 17) and I've been married for 20 years. Currently living in Long Island, NY but heading to NC this summer (July) to start looking for our new home B) Anyone can feel free to add me.
  • this sounds great!!! i think i may try this today for lunch :)
  • @Ultima_Morpha - how is this working for you? I've noticed that lately I'm not really into eating "meats"... I'd like to try something like this..
  • Your food looks delicious!!! Great idea to make a head of time and freeze.. :)
  • Hi! My only regret is that I didn't have the surgery sooner. I wasted too much time going back and forth about not wanting to miss out on anything. I had my surgery 3/4/14, I'm 3 yrs out, and down a little over 91 lbs (was down more, but gained about 10 lbs back, been working on losing it again). I don't miss out on…
  • Welcome! Friend request sent!!
  • Sending you love Jenn @jcavanna2
  • So sorry to hear about your accident! Glad you are on the mend. This is an awesome group, you will get tons of motivation and ideas from everyone! Good luck!
  • Thanks @Ultima_Morpha, I'm having bloodwork again next week and I've actually asked them to do the full thyroid panel, not just my TSH. I'm still feeling tired but I do actually feel better than I did. Good luck with your treatment :)
  • That's awesome @sheilahaddadi ! I'm hoping when I go for my blood work again in 3 weeks I'll be good with my levels!