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  • Use day one to gauge just how much you need to change your lifestyle. For some people, that means cutting out 1000 calories. For others, its upping it another 5. This is a good learning experience, youve learned the hard way that if you wanna splurge at night, you should be really good all day long. :P Good luck tomorrow.
  • If I don't have time off to go to the farmers market for veggies, yes its much more expensive (at least in my area). I can definitely attest to the fact that it is much cheaper to buy a frozen pizza than to make your own healthier version or to buy a boxed meal versus creating your own. That being said, if you plan it just…
  • I was just on vacation for a week and my birthday was for the past week and a half I haven't logged hardly at all and definitely went over most days. I gained probably 1.5 pounds (or less, still up and down) after it all was said and done but ya know what? I had FUN! Don't forget we still have to live our…
  • 23! Anyone can add. :)
  • You've said it look slim. You "think" you look good. To me this means you now need to work on your self-confidence more than your body. I'm not saying don't keep toning and being healthy, just realize you have other goals too. Find ways to boost your confidence and make you feel sexy so there is no more of…
  • I'm a huge fan of soups because you can make a huge pot for typically under 10 and have several meals worth. You can also freeze them most of the time so they stay good til you need them. Cabbage/Veggie soup-- If you have a farmers market, you could get everything super cheap. Cheapest way is to buy a head of cabbage,…
  • In light of the fact that I don't know your husband, I'll err on the side of ignorance..his of course. Maybe he doesn't realize how important this is to you. Maybe he is insecure about the whole idea of a thinner you. Maybe he thinks his "sabotaging" is him being sweet and surprising you with food or buying your favorites.…
  • Congrats on beating your addiction and also on tackling the food addiction! You are obviously an extremely strong individual so I'm sure you'll do terrific!!! Good luck! <3
  • I'm excited! Thanks for making this challenge! I've kinda gotten to the "blah" phase of my working out/eating better routine and this might just be the kick in the butt I need. :)
  • I know right. 1200 calories is crazy! Those people will go into starvation mode and die a horrible flabby death.
  • I'm super uncool apparently. I think Ill start with hangin with Steve. Anyone know a Steve?
  • I've signed up for the color run but thats not until the end of the year sadly! I'm hoping to sign up for more but none in my area that aren't crazy scary obstacle courses for super fit people. lol I might just sign up for one anyway and have fun trying! Good luck to you!!
  • I'd be happy to have you as a friend! I log in daily. Feel free to add me if you'd like. :) Good luck to you!!
  • I did this at work a bit ago. People were all either standing under the awning waiting for the storm to pass (wasn't going to anytime soon) or walking slowly with their heads down and I decided... "Forget you people its time to go home!!" So I popped off my heels and ran my happy *kitten* to my car. I may have been soaked…
  • Just a little note for you..everything is bad, fattening and gives you cancer. But seriously, there is so much conflicting info out there take all you hear with a grain of salt. I have heard that skim milk is not as nutritious (which makes sense due to being basically watered down milk) but nothing about whole wheat being…
  • Because who doesn't love dogs?
  • Hey! Im turning 24 in a few weeks. No kids but 1 dog and a mild pinterest obsession. Do I qualify? Open to all new friends who aren't super lame.. And a few that are. ;)
  • Me on my daily run.. And now I need a break from the ridiculous sweetness before I catch the diabeetus.
  • How I feel at work.. and cute..
  • Still trying to figure out what exactly happened in this gif... And SERIOUSLY!? You probably have the worst friends ever!!! If mine started acting like that I'd dump their *kitten* and not eat healthy or exercise ever again..I mean what is the point? And WTG on the cauliflower pizza crust. That sounds delightful!
  • I'm about 2 months in. I log every day regardless of how I eat or if I exercise...that way my friends can kick my butt and guilt me into jumping back on the wagon the following day. So far so good. :)
  • I live in Florida! Get your butt to the beach! :P You aren't all that far from your goal so at least you are getting ahead of it! Good for you! You can do it! Feel free to add me. :)
  • Awesome job girl!! You look wonderful!
  • I have no in real life friends. *on MFP. That sounded real emo for a moment there.. lol
  • You can do it! I'm quite far from my goals...but I'm getting there. :) I'd love to help support you so add me if you'd like. I've been on here about two months and going strong. Good luck!!
  • You're my hero. I was just searching for a good potato leek recipe (because the canned junk is just so salty it kills my stomach nowadays) and this is now my dinner. Thanks doll!! **Editted to address the OP because I got distracted by the above. lol ** I love cabbage vegetable soup. I don't even really have a set recipe…
  • Cold turkey for the win! Honestly, if you just drop it and push through the first few weeks of cravings (because you'll have cravings I promise) you'll be through the door and ready to embrace your new awesome meatless lifestyle. Definitely research healthy meal options and make sure to balance your metrics (fats, PROTEIN,…
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  • I've been on here a couple of months now. I understand how you feel, but every time I want to quit I just think how good it will feel to finally reach my goal! You don't have to be perfect (and I'm totally a testament to that lol) but if you keep going you will get there!! Feel free to add me. I'm on every day and I…