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  • My goal for December is the same as cremorna1, I am aiming for 10,000 steps a day, 310,000 for the month.
  • I'm half/half. Some days I really have no motivation to get outside and take a walk, or do a pilates video, so getting to the gym before work can be the key!-as soon as I walk through those doors, I won't let myself leave until after I've been there an hour! Other days, I can take 2-3 hour hikes, and enjoy the outdoors to…
  • They don't even sell it, they give it out the first Monday of the month... Or something like that! I'm not even sure why, really! Every franchise of theirs does it, I think!
  • This thread makes me want to drink coca cola and cheetos/salt and vinegar chips. Haven't had either in months... Must be the thread or PMS :/ I just can't stop at one so I have none :( Brownies, cookies, cupcakes and Ritz crackers are still good in my book! I don't find foods disgusting or anything...
  • I go to Planet Fitness, and while I am against so many of their selling points(pizza, bagels, free tanning, etc.) I do like that for the size of the gym, there are tons of cardio equipment, so you're never waiting for a machine, and that it's usually the same with weights. I don't strength train too much(although I do much…
  • Hi there! I'm Christine-co leader of the group! We are looking for new members as we start up this group! It will be a great way to meet new members/friends, focus on reaching your goals, and holding yourself accountable! We're working on weekly challenges amongst members, as well as your own personal goals that you…
  • For me, buying a food scale and using it almost religiously. In the past I logged my food but was constantly underestimating my calories. I lost maybe 20# before, and gave up. This time I am down 55#, I eat what I lil, but I'm very honest with myself now. I only cut out foods that I would overeat/drink lil soda, chips, and…
  • Good morning ladies! Super sorry for the late respobse- I've been mega busy, but I was trying to respond to you guys but my internet kept force closing! Ugh! Anyways, in regard to this idea one of the girls on my friends list has helped me hugely in setting up a new spreadsheet and group(just for a beteer organized page)…
  • Go with incredibly salty! Deli Mears usually have a lot of sodium
  • Calories. Stay at the intake that MFP gives you, and still eat what you love. However, if you're a person that will binge if you have a whole bag/package of something, portion them into baggies and label them with the calories on it so it is sort of mindful eating. I bought a food scale, and it has helped me remain…
  • I've lost 56lb so far, and have about 50 to go, but I feel better about myself now than I ever have. I have my days where I feel like I'm still the same old big me, but I know deep down I'm not. I agree with others that it is harder than weight loss to be fully self confident, but I am amazed by myself every time I…
  • Lol! I wish I was lil that sometimes!
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  • I hear you! I was just so miserable that I had to change! Unfortunately I didnt see how huge I appeared!
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  • Aw :( Sorry hun!!! I really wish you would get out of those 250s! You've been so waiting for the 240s to stick!!! I just wanted to share my progress picture-This is February 17(top) to today, July 22(bottom). I can't believe I ever tried wearing that shirt in public!!! It looked absolutely TERRIBLE on me! :/
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  • :/ I havent had that issue yet... Sometimes you just have to click into the next day-you can pre-record your diary for the next day, month, whatever! Maybe just keep switching to the next day(today), and see if that works! If the problem persists, I would say contact the "help desk" in the help tab!! That should work!!! :)
  • I totally understand where you are coming from!!!I have moments like that-how did I function feeling that way!!! Today I will: -Stay under calories -64oz water -Mermaid Workout : At least ONE of the 3set reps, but must attempt to complete it 3x for the week! -Hike or walk…
  • 5.6lb loss since last Tuesday(which was a gain from the week prior) but I know that my loss was mainly due to my TOM creeping up on me! Hopefully I stay here or drop next week-no expectations! I have been exercising a little differently lately, more random activity(went hiking for the first time in years on Sunday, and…
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  • Today I will: Stay under calories Drink 64oz water Cardio 40mins min
  • Game of Thrones. It was a fitness challenge I was invited to... Its very demanding, though! You have to get a lot of exercise minutes in to help your team win!
  • That sounds about right! Probably the extra sodium(I went off track last week, ate more saltier than usual, shot up to 200, this morning weighing in at 193.6. Good losses this week!)
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  • Great job hun! Beautiful numbers!!! Thank you! I honestly neverrr want to see 200 again!!!
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  • Good job getting your goals done! Hope you met those too! Today I will: Drink 64oz water Stay under calories Get "love" or "hate" tasks done, and at least 40min strength done at gym. 20min walk or machine, minimum!
  • It's amazing how manycrazy stories we have!!! Finally saw a dip in the scale again! Weight was upwards, hit 200. For one day. It's finally back down and at 196.2!!!
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  • Thanks for your opinion ladies! I think that it could even be broken down into the simple idea of 20mins 5x a week or somethinglike that and I like flex (pretty much stretching) because it prevents injury and is just plain old relaxing. I've been getting into a very basic yoga video that is pretty much adjustable for any…
  • Don't stress it! You are working your way down!!! That's how I felt in the beginning! Now I've lost 50, but my weight has been teetering this week-buckling back down 10x harder!
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  • Sorry for the late reply! I read this last night, but I was too exhausted to respond lol! I could never imagine working for the state-my Mother-in-law is a DCF(department of child services) worker and can only say that most state jobs are as rough as they sound!!! I wouldn't be able to do it(I'm already short on patience…
  • Oh my god! That is absolutely frightening! I don't think I have it in me to do a job like that! I would quit on the spot! Kudos to you for having the guts to do that!!! If you don't mind me asking, what do you do, as you are self-employed!
  • I wish I had a job that I could work from home with!!! At both jobs, I'm constantly interacting with people, and sometimes it is too much!!! I'm on the same boat as you with the GOT challenge today! I will get it all done :) And not rush at the end of the week this time! Happy Monday!(enjoy your snooze!!!)
  • If somebody cheated on you because of your weight that is a totally selfish thing for them to do! I have been cheated on in the past, mainly because I chose the "wrong ones" and they always chose somebody bigger than me, or some with no personality whatsoever... Maybe just a need for "change" and they're not man enough to…
  • Thank you for sharing! I was just flabbergasted at her attitude... And the crazy thing is that it was an item I had put on hold for a customer from another location, about 15minutes prior to her requesting the item... Because it was on hold, I could not offer the item to her, but offered to find it for her in another…