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  • I have not logged food daily for many years. I achieved my goal almost 8 years ago and I've found that my activity level as well as my food choices have remained fairly consistent. I'm actually at my lowest weight since high school which was over 20 years ago. Very occassionally I still will log food. I mostly use the…
  • Nah. Start with just time for now. Over a decade ago I decided to start running. I could make the end of my block. Now I do marathons. It's a journey best started slowly 8)
  • Can you not lock it up? I bike 2 miles to the gym here in NOLA all the time and lock it up outside with no issues. Why do you need a power meter for such a short ride anyway? I ride my upright bike to the gym. There's no need to make getting there and back some sort of tracked workout. It's my bonus miles. Not to mention…
  • Runner and triathlete in some order. Add me! I used to be more active here but my feed got boring. Training for Ironman Wisconsin in September so plenty of running right now
  • If your leg is visibly swelling when running for a short period of time like should possibly see a doctor.
  • During the week after my short to medium distance runs, I generally have a high protein breakfast of greek yogurt. I also like General Mill's high protein oatmeal if I'm in the mood for something else. I can add milk to that to get even more protein. Of course milk in my coffee after the run 8) After my big weekend…
  • I mainly drink water, coffee, and La Croix. I'll log the milk in my coffee but I don't bother to log my water all day.
  • Taper. You will not regret it. You will definitely regret NOT tapering. I promise. It feels wrong and always will but it's the right way to prepare. You can't cram for a marathon and if you've done 22 miles you are more than ready.
  • Natural light alarm clocks are great and I loved it when I was single...but if I'm waking up at a different time than the girl, then its not really fair to have that thing come on. The alarm at least is quick and it just takes some will power to force myself out of bed. I go have my shot of espresso and then on with my…
  • HRM is not useless tech but it also shouldn't be overly relied on. It depends on what you're using it for. HRMs are good for giving a closer estimate than you might get if you have it configured correctly but it could be wildly off if its not. Its very useful for things like HIIT and steady-state cardio since the goal of…
  • Its funny, growing up I was always an avid cyclist. My first real bike was a road bike and I've always been on one since. My dad saw to that. I always really hated running. But about 10 years ago, my work schedule just made it very hard to bike much since I was on the road every week so I decided to force myself to get…
  • I mean, that's why I do it ;)
  • I think to master the run, ironically, it helps to be a strong cyclist. Also, not killing yourself on the bike is pretty key. Its not worth saving a few minutes on the bike if you lose 30 minutes on the run.
  • Feel free to send a friend request...I"m always up for chatting about triathlon 8)
  • Always looking for more running friends...send me an friend request if you want. I love running...have a couple marathons this year and training for my first 50-miler in November. Also on the triathlon wagon 8)
  • Fire your trainer
  • Send me a fr. Been there too! Happy to give support. :)
  • Why do you dislike the activity bar? That was the main reason I got my Vivofit and I would actually call it the most important feature it has.
  • I'd suggest something like the Garmin Vivofit. I really like it as its on my wrist and there's a notification when you haven't been active for an hour. It has a battery that lasts a year so there's little worry about having to charge it. I also have a job that requires me to be a desk all day and I find the constant…
  • I've never done it (and I'm huge space geek) so I jumped on it this year. I was signed up for Challenge Florida and am probably the only person happy it got rescheduled ;)
  • I have a really big 6 month gap in there so I probably will throw a sprint or two over the summer. Or maybe not. I'm looking forward to a big block of time to focus on training without a race interrupting my schedule. I really want to crush TriRock 2015 Races 01/25 - Miami Marathon (4:17:24 PR) 02/22 - Gasparilla Distance…
  • 5 or 6 days. 2-3x week weight training 4-5x week running 1-2x week biking 1-2x week swimming I keep busy...
  • Depends on what you're trying to do with the Fitbit. They're great for keeping track of how many steps you took. That metric isn't incredibly useful for workouts. But if you have a sedentary job (like I do) then devices like the Fitbit are great reminders to get up and move every so often. Medical research indicates that…
  • If you ever have this problem again, I'll PM you my address. I accept donuts through the mail.
  • Hard to say...I loved Hawaii and I actually have some friends who are living there. If they extend their stay there's a decent chance I'll be back. But I really want to visit Maui and the Big Island. Also, sent you a friend request!
  • You're so lucky because you can do the Half Ironman over on the big island. What island are you on? I was in Oahu recently and was able to participate in the XTerra Trail Running World Championship (anyone can run it). There's definitely a lot of great events out your way.
  • You're probably running too fast outside.
  • Regardless of what you were answering, the only important part of a rest day is allowing your body to recover, physically. If anything, I go nuts on my rest days because I want to be out training.