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  • I tried it. It tasted terrible and had zero noticeable effects on my health. Probably works just as good as my placebo pills I take :smile:
  • Yeah, eating pre/during/post makes essentially no difference unless you are already in the top .01% of the world.
  • This is likely due to the placebo effect. Studies have been done to see if GMO vs non GMO foods had different tastes. They did not. Nor were they significantly nutritionally different. I mean, it's fine if you want to buy organic, but the science about it is totally clear.
  • There is literally nothing wrong with GMO foods. If you think there are, then you need to do some actual research and read the thousands of scientific studies which have said they are harmless. And in fact, can be beneficial.
  • Really? Cause looking at this thread, a lot of people are talking about taste or nutrition.
  • If you read my post and the articles I linked, you would see that studies have shown that nutritionally they are the same. As for the environment, I think the "mega farms" we have, organic or otherwise, are probably not great for our environment. Are non-organic farms worse? I don't know, I would like to see some…
  • I like C4 (though I find that better for cardio than for lifting), Bullnox (I like this better for lifting), or Pre Jym (It's decent on both fronts).
  • ITT: Appeal to nature fallacy. To people claiming that grocery store organic tastes better/is more nutritional (I am keeping it separate from local crops, I think that is a totally different argument), studies have been done that say that little to no difference can be found.…
  • There isn't anything you can do to remove fat in a specific area of your body (outside of liposuction). The best you can do is try and build muscle in said areas.
  • Look up and read Starting Strength or Stronglifts 5x5. Don't worry about getting "bulky." Worrying about picking up heavy weights and getting bulky is like worrying about going to college and accidentally getting a PHd. Also, you can't spot reduce. But you can make an area look better by building muscle in that area. Build…
  • Maybe they do look different, you just don't notice it. It's hard to see the small changes when you see each other every day. I know I don't look the same as last year, but I feel like I look the same. Also, chances are you are seeing them with clothing on, which could disguise some of the changes.
  • I'd also absolutely mirror what @DesertGunR said. Increasing weight doesn't just mean going from 50-60 lbs, but it can be going from 50-55, or 50-52.5 or whatever. It's really, really hard to consistently make 10 pound increases in weight, especially dumbbells since you aren't increasing the weight by 10 pounds, but by 20…
  • I don't mean to sound pedantic, but define "ages." There have been times where I have been stuck at a particular weight for months at a time. Took me nearly 6 months to go from a one rep max on bench at 185#-190#s. I just constantly kept trying, asked people to review my form, and put the exercise away for a little while.…
  • To jump onto what others have said, lifting a 5 pound weight 10 times isn't the same as lifting a 50 pound weight once. At best, the 5 pound one will generate some hypertrophy. But if you aren't increasing your weight consistently, you will eventually not see any more process. There are some tricks you can do to get some…
  • For lifting, I really like most anything by Gojira (though Heaviest Matter in the Universe is probably my favorite if I had to pick one). Harder Better Faster Stronger by Daft Punk is a classic. Intergalactic by Beastie Boys. Satellite by Rise Against. Man, I could just go on and on...
  • I agree with @little_simon bringing them lower won't increase stress on your biceps (which are a tertiary muscle group at best when benching, probably tied for third with your lats), but rather increase utilization of your chest muscles (Primary muscle group worked). Here's how it usually goes: when benching, the top half…
  • Not a big fan of EE. There isn't a heck of a lot of evidence surrounding them. Plus, why put a tiny drop of lemon oil in water to do whatever it is they claim it does when a slice of lemon will grant more of the "oil" for much cheaper?
  • Natural News, the most reliable of all the news sites! Seriously, these products are overpriced, taste terrible, and don't actually do anything. Most of the people who espouse their virtues have a vested interest in having other people buy them.
  • My wife drank a protein shake exactly once. I watched in horror as she transformed before my eyes into an exact copy of Dana Lynn Bailey. She cried for help as she continued to transform into The Hulk. All from one serving of 32 grams of protein. Now I'm married to The Hulk, 0/10 would not buy again.
  • I like Jefit, Fitocracy (for a social aspect), and the stronglifts app in and of itself.
  • How is your wrist position? Are your palms in line with the rest of your arm? Or are they bent? If they are bent, that could the problem. See here: http://www.dieselcrew.com/how-to-bench-press-tip-handwrist-position
  • I had a gram of sugar once. It caused my to die, horribly. In all seriousness, no, sugar isn't bad for you. But anything in excess is bad. Don't eat only apples, cherries, and bananas and you should be fine :) Also, @Chief_Rocka, I heave a sweater with that image on it :P
  • Used to run .5 miles to the gym when I had an apartment. Then I bought a house. Now I make the arduous trip from my bedroom into my basement, with a pit stop in the kitchen to drink some water. It's a long trip :(
  • How comfortable are you with your form? If the answer is "very" then I would go with either 5/3/1 or stronglifts 5x5. If you aren't super comfortable, do Starting Strength.
  • I sleep in workout shorts/long pants and a shirt (or tank top). So then I work out in the clothing I slept in. Why not?
  • Buy protein powder. Eat kale. Save money.
  • You might want to take a look at 5/3/1 either Big But Boring variant, The Triumverate variant, or Dave Tate's Periodization Bible variant. Those are pretty good.
  • My breakfast is almost always the same: Scoop of protein powder in 1 cup of either non skim milk (either 2% or whole usually) or almond milk depending on my current goals. A high fiber bagel or a non fat free yogurt. One serving of peanut butter. If I have the yogurt, I mix the PB and the yogurt together. It's amazing.
  • bodybuilding.com and jefit are probably your two best bets. Also, find good lifters on youtube and look for their technique videos. Physiques of Greatness and Omar Isuf come to mind.