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  • My wife is 4 years younger than I am. All of my ex's were around the same age as I am. My wife is very mature for her age, people often mistake her for the elder...must be the grey hair i'm giving her :)
  • Tom Hardy Anna Kendrick Emma Stone Shemar Moore Alex O'Loughlin JLaw - all day every day...
  • My wife and I have always been pro PDA. Holding hands, or arms wrapped around waists while walking, quick kisses here and there. Little intamate moments are important (IMHO)
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  • Tats: Marvin the Martian - shoulder, Maple leaf - hip (YAY CANADA!), Heart - Ankle, Moon and stars - Foot, Eye of Horuz - Calf, Planet symbol for Jupiter-Wrist Piercings - I have my ears and I did have my naval but I took it out because my wife wasn't a fan.
  • I met my wife through a friend VIA At that time we lived at either ends of the country but after a year I convinced her to move for me and we've been together now for 6 years, married for nearly 1.
  • It bugs me too, but I don't tend to advertise that I'm bi. Although when I hate when i'm talking to someone and refer to my fiance as she and they try to correct me... them: hahahaha you mean he me: no ... she them: you're fiance is a woman? me: last time I checked... :wink: but I can always check again!!
  • I'd love for my fiance to work out with me. It's hard to get her to do much of anything. We started strong but she got 'tired' and quit. Occasionally she'll do some squats or push ups but getting any kind of cardio out of her is not possible. We're getting married in September and she's down about not looking good for the…
  • Best of luck! I've tried with fish and eggs and I just can't do it. I take a few bites and mentally say nope this is good but then It becomes really difficult to eat and I can't go on.
  • Thank you! That is just what I needed to read today!!
  • I just started the c25k 2weeks ago and I like it. I'm not a runner but it's getting me there. I downloaded the app for my phone and I love that it que's me when to walk and when to run. I'm repeating week 1 because I didn't feel strong enough to move on to week 2 but that's a great option, you can adjust where you are if…
  • I did W1D2 on Monday and my knees are still sore. I feel like I'm going to need to repeat week 1 before I move to week 2. My lungs are slowly getting used to the work but it's been pretty cool here the last few weeks so they burn when I run. W1D3 tonight...we'll see how I do..
  • I'd like to borrow your boyfriend just for a few hours... mmm Tom Hardy...delicious!
  • Also -- here is a group if anyone wants to join. So we can keep track and modivate each other.
  • This, anyone know?? I'm totally in! I'll start June 1.
  • Go Av's Go! Also ABC *anyone but canucks*
  • My period is usually really heavy thank GOD it's only for 5 days! I always want junk food. Burgers, fries, i'm a SODA addict and I crave pop more these days. Chocolate, chips, gummies, you name it I'd probably devour it!
  • Ooh I like the water challenge... Sadly the bathroom is across from my office so little walking involved to get there...
  • I stand when my phone rings so that any time I'm on the phone i'm at least not sitting. I pull my knees into my abs while sitting. I try to keep my feet off the ground as long as possible.. Also because I have the radio on there are a lot of random dancing to songs....
  • I can't answer your questions. I'm not a doctor or a therapist. I'm someone with terrible eating habits who loves to treat myself when I feel like I deserve it and I usually always deserve it. I can tell you that the only person who can control you is you. I can tell you that Dr. Phil would say Get Real with yourself! Do…
  • Great work! You look fantastic!
  • Medical Secretary - Airdrie Ab
  • ETA: I'm Karen from Toronto, Ontario :) . Obtaining a Bachelors degree in Health Studies. Wish me luck ! Good Luck!! *** apparently hitting 'Quote' didn't work!!
  • I use Douchecanoe daily.. it's unCanadian to use anything else.
  • I could be your buddy if you wanted. 31 y/o currently at 261 *down to 258 as of today tho!!
  • You look amazing!
  • Wow good for you man!! Add me if you want.
  • Alberta here - Feel free to add me!
  • I do this too. I'll be going really strong then I'll hit a rut where I'll toss all of my hard work out the window. I'll rationalize it by saying I've worked hard and I deserve this. I've lost X so a few extra chips or a large pop wont hurt, I'll just loose it again. For me it's about not feeling like I'm restricted, if I…