Lost 30lbs and more to go - Looking to add friends

Hey all,
Long story short. Been using My fitness pal for over 90 days now. Without it I would truly be unsuccessful in this journey.
I've gone from close to 225 down to what is now 192. My before pictures looked like I was trying to steal a beachball by hiding it under my shirt.

I've joined a gym and even hired a personal trainer.

My breaking point was looking in the mirror and feeling disgusted with myself. That and all the people around me are running marathons and getting in shape. I was sick of being the fat guy at every social event. People - you have to want to do this and for yourself. No body else. I knew I had it in me. It takes a lot of wilpower! But the results don't lie.

For those who get disappointed or feel they are not losing. Just remember your body has a lot of water. Weight fluctuates daily. Drink as much water as you can tolerate over the course of the day. Not just one huge serving. Also salt (sodium) is going to hold water in your system. I guarantee you can lose several pounds very easy just by lowering sodium and drinking more water.

I've met some great people on here. If you have a similar story and wish to add me as a friend I will help encourage you and work with you daily to achieve your goals. Nothing helps me more than others doing the same thing, wanting the same results, and those who keep a positive attitude.

Here's to a summer where I'm not afraid to take my shirt off in public anymore..lol.



  • 11ERS11
    11ERS11 Posts: 27
    Hey Joe! I'm training for my first half marathon later this summer. Keep on keepin' on man!! FR sent.
  • kmstieg
    kmstieg Posts: 58
    Fabulous job...you look like a new man...and I am sure you feel a lot better!! FR sent...here is to a new way life!!
  • I just ran my first 5K last Saturday. I really enjoyed it and am looking to get further into the running world.
    Always interested in new friends!
  • Trixxie90
    Trixxie90 Posts: 32 Member
    Wow good for you man!! Add me if you want.
  • clobern
    clobern Posts: 341 Member
    Invite sent! You've done an amazing job, can't wait til I get down 60+ pounds. Good luck to you.

    Anyone else can add me as well!
  • Susieout
    Susieout Posts: 102 Member
    Well done. Sent a friend request !
  • hippikris
    hippikris Posts: 32 Member
    good work. I have been on here fro just over 90 days too. I am almost 30 pounds down. this site/app is a life saver, as is my time at the gym.

    Keep up the great work.
  • verptwerp
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    Darn those mirrors ...... and photographs, too ...... but look at all the great changes you're making .......

    And it just keeps getting better :drinker: