Question for the girls..



  • I crave chocolate for about 9 days.

    I usually just have a little piece, very rarely will I binge on it. I typically don't crave anything else.

    I would kill for Ghirardelli triple chocolate chunk brownies though :) Yum...
  • ashumeow
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    Do you girls feel a need to eat junk when your on your period?? Whenever I get mine I have a day where I eat pizza/cookies chips and then the rest of the time im eating healthy chicken , oatmeal , cucumbers , fruit etc...
    Just wondering if im the only one

    Yes, ofcourse. =)
  • Lochlyn_D
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    Nope. I don't ever really get the craving fro junk food. I sometimes crave huge amounts of food, but usually bread or cheese or meat.
  • no you are not the only one and I'm on my now and I'm craving junk foods too. It sucks having your period and trying to lose weight and keep track of calories... When were on our period we're already moody and seeing that were going over our calorie count SUCKS!! I understand and feel your pain just try to stay motivated only once a month we'll feel dicouraged fight through it.!
  • ElizaJay143
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    Definitely not alone!

    I usually go through a cycle where I'm not hungry for 2-3 days, then all of a sudden I'm RAVENOUS and have absolutely NO self control! I've learned that on those days, it's best to not have any junk food around, otherwise I can't contain it, I'll just eat and eat, but if it's healthy food, I'll still go over my daily target, but not as bad, and I don't feel terrible about it because it's healthy options.
  • SadKitty27
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    Metabolism kicks up a bit during cycle so naturally I crave more food (especially iron rich foods like dark chocolate.)
    ATOLLIT Posts: 149
    It doesn't have to be junk food for me. Just any food. Something that I can munch on. Non-stop! Healthy food is less satisfying than haribo or chocolate, but I'll still eat it. And toast, it's convenient, and it's always available!
  • Pearsquared
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    This time around it was for chimichangas. o: I pre-planned my day just so I could have an evening beef and bean chimichanga. They are so delicious.
  • Trixxie90
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    My period is usually really heavy thank GOD it's only for 5 days! I always want junk food. Burgers, fries, i'm a SODA addict and I crave pop more these days. Chocolate, chips, gummies, you name it I'd probably devour it!
  • alpenpam
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    YES! For me though it is usually right when or after I ovulate so a couple of weeks before my period starts. It lasts about 3-4 days. That is also when I bloat up! :) Then a couple of days before my period, which is strange, I deflate, drop a couple of pounds in water/food and crave nothing.

    Crazy thing is before kids, I never was like this! Or at least it was so minor I didn’t notice!

    Dear alexis831, can I have your abs?
    And, to the topic: as soon as that time comes around, I start craving everything that's super greasy. Fast food, chips, melted cheese, more melted cheese... sigh
  • ninu13
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    I Usually eat healthy and in control, except a week before my period. It doesnt have to be junk food, I just eat a lot of everythingt!.... :grumble:
  • SabrinaLC
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    I go crazy for chocolate!
    I will eat a handful of chocolate chips or chunks every time I enter the kitchen.
  • tinak33
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    Currently resisting the urge to stuff my face with marshmallows.......

    I have to go to the grocery store after work. Really trying not to buy the ice cream, candy, chips, salsa con queso and tostitos, etc.....
    I WANTS it...... :ohwell:
  • mandeenicoleb
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    I vary month to month for some reason. It's always extreme opposites. I either want really bad greasy foods, especially chocolate...and other months (like now) I barely ever want to eat and even forget to eat. It's so weird.
  • Alexandra289
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    Don't really want junk - but I want to eat all the time. Last time I was on I managed to stay relatively healthy but had to go over my calorie allowance by a few hundred each day because I was so hungry!