30 day shred - anyone up for June challenge/support?



  • KaylaKilgore
    KaylaKilgore Posts: 160 Member
    I started yesterday...
    ADD ME! We could motivate each other and share our aches together lol. (Thighs are aching)
  • puckers82
    puckers82 Posts: 200 Member
    Im in. Is there a group???

    I started again today, its my 3rd time. I last finished about 3 weeks ago. Ive always done it 30 days straight.

    I should get my treadmill on sat and plan on doing c25k so will be doing that too, not sure if ill do 30ds on running days or not, will see what time i have smile

    Tomorrow will be a day off, hopefully ill get out for my run but we're going fishing so wont have time for both.
  • GallwayGrl
    GallwayGrl Posts: 60
    My dvd will be here on Sat so I'm completely down for the challenge and the support. The before and after pics I've seen are just so amazing!!
  • Trixxie90
    Trixxie90 Posts: 32 Member

    How do we log the 30 day challenge? Is it logged as circuits or aerobics?

    Thanks :)

    This, anyone know?? I'm totally in! I'll start June 1.
  • Trixxie90
    Trixxie90 Posts: 32 Member
    Also -- here is a group if anyone wants to join. So we can keep track and modivate each other.

  • KymmyJoy
    KymmyJoy Posts: 206 Member
    Really cant wait. Going to enjoy my last night of being only moderately sensible then fixing up tomorrow ready to hit June hard! Got 30DS and C25k on the go ready for a big June challenge. Hope everybody here is feeling motivational and supportive. I'm so much better with people on my back lol. :)
  • crystalreaves2
    crystalreaves2 Posts: 37 Member
    This only my second day on my fitness pal but within the next 6 months id like to join the army so I am in for the 30 day shred but will most likely only do it mon-fri as weekends are when hubby is home and he laughs at me when I work out so this support will be great!
  • remyjw
    remyjw Posts: 5 Member
    I started for the first time yesterday, and as sore as i am, I am so excited to do it again today! lol
    A support group sounds great!

    Anyone feel free to add me :)
  • Dena216
    Dena216 Posts: 20 Member
    I started 30 day shred last Wednesday with only taking 1 day break. But I also do Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis daily and run at the gym 4 times a week. I guess I'll be starting level 2 tomorrow or Saturday for 30 day shred. I'm starting level 4 of Tracy Anderson today and will probably need to do that for a few days before I start another new level workout. lol.

    I'm up for the challenge. My problem area is my belly/love handles. I'm still nursing my baby so my bust wont be going down anytime soon. I've been working out with the gym cardio plus dvd's at home for 2 months and i've dropped 2 sizes in the last month alone since starting Metamorphosis. I'd really like to keep going and lose 20 more lbs and drop 2 more sizes at least.

    Feel free to add me. Im new to MFP so I'm not even sure how to add anyone yet. :-)
  • for2day
    for2day Posts: 209 Member
    I'm in....I think it's about time I unwrap it!! :)))) If anyone wants to add for support doing this, feel free to!!!
  • caspergirl7
    caspergirl7 Posts: 590 Member
    I'm in!! : )
  • LuciaLongIsland
    LuciaLongIsland Posts: 815 Member
    I have been doing it all of May. I did take a day off/ I am going back to Level 1 as my hip is very bad. I am in. I am 61 if I can do it anyone can!
  • tzig00
    tzig00 Posts: 875 Member
    I'm in. I was going to start yesterday but my phone would load the video.
  • elaine_des
    elaine_des Posts: 189 Member
    I'm in, will start Sunday June 2nd. I did it before christmas with good result but only did it 3x per week, hope to be able to do 4-5x / week this time
  • KatiCoufal
    KatiCoufal Posts: 35 Member
    Im in. I started a week and a half ago and skipped a few days. Ill start June 1st and try it again. I want those results I keep seeing from people.
  • elleinadarak
    elleinadarak Posts: 2 Member
    It's a cheap buy ($10 or less) and it's worth it! I've been working my way through it for the past month, only doing it three times a week right now, and it's kicking my butt! (In a good way!) It only took about 5 workouts for me to see the muscles in my legs taking shape and how at 5 days through level 2, I can really see the toning in my arms and shoulders!

    I do it in the mornings and will follow it up with some extra cardio afterwards and I feel great all day!

    Just remember, you can stay at any level as long as you feel comfortable and move up at your own pace. Don't get discouraged if you need more than 10 days to do each level. These workouts are carefully crafted for maximum results and they're not always easy to do!

    Good luck to everyone wanting to give it a go!
  • syedsaad
    syedsaad Posts: 156 Member
    i m doing it for last 5 days .... it really makes you work .... so far liking it as this is the only exercise i do
  • amlygo
    amlygo Posts: 126 Member
    I'm in! I've been doing level 2 for the past week.
  • bongochick45
    bongochick45 Posts: 130 Member
    I wanna try it, but I'm also training for my first 5k. On the days I'm not training though I can def do it. I need new challenge! Feel free to add me!
  • RCARROLL2035
    RCARROLL2035 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in! I was planning on starting Monday. I need the motivation to finish the 30 day program! I love a challenge :)

    Has anyone actually done the 30 day shred before? I am interested in the end result