• I am a physical education instructor in Wisconsin.....checking to see if this is a site my advanced fitness students can use to help them reach their fitness goals
  • avondaleklr
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    I'm about to start college studying film as a major and a business minor, and I'm from Georgia.
  • I'm almost 41 years old. Have had a weight problem since the age of 8 years old. Lost all of the extra weight once, and lost other amounts many times. Trying again! I am mostly a stay at home mom (it's complicated!) and I'm looking for friends with similarities to help support me, while I help support them in this journey! Forgot to tell you where I'm from....I'll say the midwest, USA :) Corn and soy beans all around me!
  • I am a Nursing student from Portland, Oregon living in Vancouver.
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    I'm a mom (to 5 kiddos) and I work full-time in the mortgage industry. I live just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • jess_erin
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    I'm a Trust Administrator in Winnipeg MB, Canada
  • dparent01
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    I'm an Enforcement Agent living in Maine (the way life should be)
  • dbm037
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    Kitchen Designer. Kentucky
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    I have my CNA and work in the ER as a tech at a children's hospital and will be starting school this fall for Education. Oh and a Mom of 2 boys!
  • Trixxie90
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    ETA: I'm Karen from Toronto, Ontario :) . Obtaining a Bachelors degree in Health Studies. Wish me luck !

    Good Luck!!

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  • Trixxie90
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    Medical Secretary - Airdrie Ab
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    I'm a receptionist for an internet call center and a student studying to be a teacher and I'm from Philly area
  • maryannelk
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    non-profit exec in Plymouth, MI outside Detroit
  • lauriead215
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    An office manager in the Los Angeles (southbay) area.
  • DankaCibulka
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    Sales Support Specialist in telco business, Slovakia :drinker:
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    father, grandfather, husband, brother, bass player, golfer, weightlifter, runner, perpetual dieter, world traveler, software quality engineer, Christian, (borderline OCD) neat freak, living in the ridges of east central Missouri...
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    RN (Quality Coordinator) for a home health agency from North Carolina!
  • echoslug
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    Ecology undergrad at UC Santa Cruz.
  • HR Specialist for the Department of Navy, once a lean and mean Marine and now not quite lean or mean anymore. Trying to get back to 185 lbs from 235. I weighed myself at 235.6 on 05/01/2013 and measuring my food and increasing my water substantially I have lost 11.6 lbs.

    Manny the Marine
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    Accounts Recievable( medical), Mansfield CT