Why do I sabotage myself?

I've been at this whole getting healthy thing for a while...almost three years to be exact and well, I've been quite successful...

But why, oh why do I go through days or weeks at a time where I so easily fall back into making bad decision after bad decision?

I know how to eat to feel satisfied. I know what to eat to fuel my body for workouts. I know how to cook delicious, nutritious calorie conscious meals...

So why do I go for days eating takeout, eating way more than a serving of whatever I cook and then sit on the sofa and not go to the gym like I know I'm supposed to?

I feel like crap this morning....I've fed my body crap and I've not moved my body like I know I should...

Does anyone else have this same cycle? And if you do, do you know why you sabotage your efforts?

It takes me only a week to turn back an entire month of hard work...

Any in-site to this MFPers?!?!


  • I get in a rut like that from time to time. I'm interested to see what people suggest.
  • nicola1141
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    I think the fact that you've been doing this for 3 years and lost 149 lbs means that the occasional lazy or gluttonous day isn't sabotaging you! Don't beat yourself up. Everybody is allowed to indulge every once in a while. It's if indulgence becomes a lifestyle that it's a problem. Pick yourself up again tomorrow and get back to it (like you obviously have many times before!). Congratulations on your amazing success.
  • Asterie
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    Maybe it's because you've gotten so far. (Congrats on your weight loss, by the way!) What I mean is, maybe you're bored with the lack of the challenge so you sabotage yourself so it feels like you're exercising/eating clean for a reason again rather than just for maintenance. Not saying that this is it, but I know that I definitely do this when things get 'easy'.
  • cwolfman13
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    You've essentially lost 150 Lbs...I think you're doing ok.

    At least you're not blaming the sabotage on your co-workers, family, BF, etc though...that just irritates me.
  • GiddyNZ
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    Like Nicola said, you have done a fantastic job so far, so you obviously know what you are doing.

    I wondered if you cut all the 'bad' foods right out of your diet, or if you eat them in moderation to fit within your calorie allowance? I find that by allowing myself to eat what ever I feel like eating so long as it fits within my allowance then I don't find myself craving anything as such. It simply wouldn't be possible for me to live the rest of my life 'eating clean'.

    Good luck!!
  • Trixxie90
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    I do this too. I'll be going really strong then I'll hit a rut where I'll toss all of my hard work out the window. I'll rationalize it by saying I've worked hard and I deserve this. I've lost X so a few extra chips or a large pop wont hurt, I'll just loose it again. For me it's about not feeling like I'm restricted, if I tell myself I'm not allowed to have something then i want it more and once I have it I feel guilty that it's ruined my diet and I might as well just eat the whole cake...or whatever.

    I think you're probably fine missing the gym now and then, eating a few extra servings so long as you get back into the usual routine the next day. I mean you've lost a great deal of weight, good for you!! Keep doing what your doing and I think you'll be great! No one is perfect so don't put that kind of pressure on yourself!
  • dogo187
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    thanks for all of your responses!

    I wish I knew why I made bad decisions and set myself back a whole month in just a few days...

    But I am glad to know that Im not the only one!
  • Xiaolongbao
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    But why, oh why do I go through days or weeks at a time where I so easily fall back into making bad decision after bad decision?

    Because you're human. It's what most of us do.

    But, you've had awesome success with your weight loss. You're keeping track and having a bad week or two every now and again. But you ARE keeping track. You are stopping yourself before that becomes a bad year or two. And I think that's a pretty normal way to live.
  • mgs68pony
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    I do this too! I know that stress and boredom are my triggers. I know they saying admitting it is half the battle.........so now to find ways to tackle it is my next battle.

    Congrats on all your weight loss. You can do this!
  • dogo187
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    is it normal? really?

    I guess my messed up attitude towards food for so long I don't know what is normal when it comes to how one is supposed to eat...

    I used to eat for comfort, to get so full that I would feel ill to my stomach, but as soon as that went away I would go back to eating again til I got that same full feeling...

    Im left wondering now...what is normal?