Weight loss is possible *pics*

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I started my journey before I even knew I was starting it. In 2009 I was at my heaviest. I was 210+ pounds. I tried to loose weight ok I cant even say I really tried. I knew I needed to but was to stubborn to give up the cookies, ice cream and candy. not to mention the fast food. I basically lived off of fast food. I wasn't a very good cook! When I got pregnant with my daughter I was 195lbs and got very sick with her the doctor told me not to worry because I had enough fat on me to feed her, I ended up coming out of the hospital 180lbs and got down to about 170. then gained back the 10 put 2 extra by july of last year.

So I got my butt in gear and between the gym, insanity and 30DS I was able to loose the weight and am now in the best shape I have ever been in and its only going to get better from here as I learn more about health and fitness. I would love to be able to encourage and help anyone else who needs it. Here are my before/after pics.
Before (highest)



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    way to go!
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    You look wonderful! Great job!
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    awesome job !!!! beautiful young lady
  • Great job! You look amazing!
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    so beautiful! inspirational!
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    :smile: Great Job!
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    Incredible! Congrats!
  • I can definitely tell you that weight loss is very possible, im living proof! :-)
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    You look so different!!! Younger and sexier...and you will be able to do so much more with your daughter!!
  • petersonabt
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    Thank you :) I can say this was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and my kids. So much easier to keep up with them :)
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    Hot mama!! You look incredible!
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    Way to go! Hard work pays off! Very inspiring. You are gorgeous and setting a great example for your family.
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    Great work! You look fantastic!
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    WOw!! It's crazy how much younger you look in the last few photos.....great job!!
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    Yes u look Amazing!!!
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    You look amazing!!! Great job!!!
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    you are very inspirational! :) I hope to be able to have a story like this to tell one day!
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    you are very inspirational! :) I hope to be able to have a story like this to tell one day!

    you will! :) just keep pushing forward!
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    wow !!!!!
  • wow you look amazing!! :)