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  • I use tzatziki! It's amazing! Tzatziki, chicken, halved cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, and diced red onion for a super high protein Mediterranean chicken salad. I serve it in Belgian endive "boats" lower carb style garnish w/ fresh dill but sandwich or pita is good, too.
  • Sara Lee low calorie bread tastes gross... Killer Dave's thin sliced bread is 60 a slice with a lot of protein, fiber, and omega 3s if you are going to compromise on bread. I personally eat a lot of brotzeit teller/antipasto/"meat and cheese plate(?)" with pickles/veggies and European meat or cheeses. It's an alternative…
  • I'm in Portland and Barre3 is a great studio that also offers home workout options. We have Pure Barre, Mod Physique, and Barre Method, too, but Barre3 has been my favorite so far. Also, I occasionally visit Industrial Barre. I like the place, but it's so much more expensive. I only drop in occasionally since it's close to…
  • And more of a crossfit gym thing, but if you bring your dog and he can't be controlled or stay of the platforms where people are lifting, you are a bad owner.
  • Walking right in front of someone attempting a heavy snatch or C&J is a no-no. I also get peeved when people are actively looking for a date. I came to workout, not "go out."
  • Chobani simply 100 is my breakfast staple right now. 12g protein, 5g fiber (chicory!) I usually eat oats and/or fruit and a yogurt to start the day. I also like cereal. I eat the off brand bagged cereal by Malt-o-meal because it has a ton of iron in it compared to the brand name and the taste isn't so different that I…
  • It depends where you live and where you can eat, though. Laughing Planet cafe, Freshii, Applebees, Ice Age meals, Cultured Caveman, pretty much any Mediterranean/Thai/Cuban/Japanese restaurant have great options if you know what to get. I usually look for paleo restaurants or veggie heavy "bowl" type meals. And while…
  • I wear nike or under armor leggings and have no problems with them being see-through. I suppose they're technically dri-fit running leggings, and they're expensive more expensive than the fancy print ones or basic department store alternatives. But a worthwhile investment for a runner and helpful for Oly lifting.
  • No correlation. I started dating a nationally competitive athlete while I was overweight and homeless. I wasn't actively seeking dates at the time, kinda just clicked with someone, and now we're swole-mates at the gym and live together and play pokemon every weekend. Your worth as a person isn't based in your number on the…
  • My diary is open. Hoping to lose 30-40 by the end of the year, slowly. Feel free to add.
  • My uncle died due to a side effect of diet pills. Sudden heart failure at 32 years old. They're really not meant for people who are just "over weight" and even then, I feel like they're not necessary.
  • I run 4-14 miles a day as transportation. Longer run is a slower pace, about 5.5mph, but a 4 mile run is about 30-40 min depending on traffic and weather conditions. I occasionally do hills training or trail running, but I don't really time those because speed doesn't seem as important as having fun switching up the…
  • Quinoa "fried rice" recipe Quinoa makes a good paella with saffron and chicken, or use in place or rice in most dishes. I.E. Spanish rice, lime cilantro rice, dirty rice, red beans and quin', or can be made breakfast style like oatmeal with apples, cinnamon etc. It's a versatile…
  • Probably take their order, because I work there.
  • A person on the internet isn't any less real of valid. They are both a "real" girlfriend. If that's what you're into, just be honest. Polyamory is a thing, dude.
  • Check out barre classes. They're a killer workout. Stretch, isometric isolations, endurance, and body-weight calisthenics. Barre3, Bar method, and a lot of other gyms are offering these classes around the country. Plus, there are free online barre workouts on youtube and all you need really is a yoga mat and a stable…
  • Barre and ballet conditioning have greatly improved my flexibility. Barre classes with focus on isolated movement and controlled range of motion have absolutely polished my overall dance performance.
  • Butternut squash with cider-shallot reduction, roasted herbed root vegetables, gnocchi with white beans&italian seasoned tomatoes&chard&daiya, tofurky roast, coconut based caramel sauce and apple slices, pumpkin curry, garlic mashed potatoes, wild rice mushroom cranberry stuffing, fruit salads, agar "jell-o".
  • For real, though. I wish this were more active. I want to know more about the alt lifestyle in other areas. I wont to know where the party is at and who's going. Where are the goths and extreme music fans?
  • This year, I'm roasting a brined duck instead of turkey. Roasted green beans+dill/lemon/onion* Cauliflower gratin Cranberry pomegranate sauce* Brussels sprouts and bacon roasted butternut squash in shallot+cider reduction* mashed potatoes & gravy pumpkin praline cheesecake "egg"nog pots de creme* I also attend a vegan*…
  • I use fage total 0 and add homemade apple butter or lingonberry jam.
  • I'm glad there is a thread for dancers. I've recently started getting more serious about dance and I'm having a hard time finding friends on here who dance seriously (technique and performance oriented, not zumba/jazzercise/fit dance). I'm starting pole dance and I currently do hip hop cabaret, fire hooping, and tribal…
  • Lats can be worked by doing pull-up/chin-up exercises. If you aren't there yet, use a lat pull-down bar. There's nothing wrong with working the muscles there, but as others have said, your problem is solved through reduced body fat; there's no way to target trouble areas,fat just burns off everywhere.
  • You might be surprised by how much easier it is to perform during a run if you incorporate strength training for your legs. Squats, lunges, presses, calf raises, and core workouts (for posture) are important.
  • 5' 4.5" goal range of 105-112 lbs.
  • Working as nurse does that. Also, walking is legit exercise. You can lose a lot of weight walking. Lifting patients for transfers, squatting, constantly moving. I personally lost a lot of weight as a CNA and then again as a security guard, both involving just moderate effort lifting and a lot of walking.
  • I'm not sure if seasonal stuff counts, but I'm really fond of Frisbee, hiking, rock climbing, badminton, swimming in the river, and paddleboarding in the summer. Those don't exactly put me in an exercise mindset, but I think it still counts as cardio since those are my go-to when the weather permits.
  • Biking, dancing, and running, though I prefer running as transportation as opposed to running laps or treadmills.
  • I think it's kind of gross personally to project your own internalized fat hate onto others. Don't discredit the happiness of anyone because of your own personal unhappiness.
  • My homies and I will be slytherin... into a new dress size, that is huehuehe