Tasty Quinoa??

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Hi all!

I really want to start using Quinoa as an accompaniment to lunches/dinners etc. I tried cooking it as per packet and added some chopped up onions/peppers to add a bit of texture. It was BLAND!

Does anyone have a tasty recipe to help me out??? I know I can add it to sauces etc to bulk them out, but trying to eat it more as it being the main ingredient...and would rather not have to add copious amounts of salt!

Thank guys!


  • GsKiki
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    I love quinoa with garlic and mushrooms! Cook quinoa as instructed per package. In another pan heat up olive oil, add choped garlic and sliced mushrooms. Bake mushrooms with garlic, and once they are done mix in quinoa and add salt per taste. Garnish with fresh parsley and enjoy :)
    It's one of my favourite side dishes.
    If you cook plain quinoa try adding a little bit of vegetable or chicken stock, it will add depth to the taste, and won't really add a lot of extra calories.
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    I usually eat it as part of a casserole or with quinoa as part of the entree. Even in a quinoa-based salad it's very hearty and filling. Here are some of my favorites (you can also use it pretty interchangeably in recipes that call for rice, farro, or cous cous):

    http://www.andiemitchell.com/2011/05/25/soy-ginger-fried-couscous/ (with quinoa in lieu of cous cous)
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    I make a quinoa-apple-kale salad. It can be eaten cold or warm. Cook quinoa according to package directions. While it cooks: Chop an apple and soak in lemon juice, set aside. Finely chop kale, set aside. Chopped green onions are good in this, and either some fresh herbs or dried herbs de provence. Once the quinoa is done cooking, drain and then stir in the kale and white parts of onion. The heat of the quinoa will wilt the kale. Add in the herbs and salt/pepper to taste. Once it is not so steamy-hot, stir in the apple and green parts of onion. It is ready to eat, or you can refrigerate and eat it cold.
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    Quinoa "fried rice" recipe

    Quinoa makes a good paella with saffron and chicken, or use in place or rice in most dishes. I.E. Spanish rice, lime cilantro rice, dirty rice, red beans and quin', or can be made breakfast style like oatmeal with apples, cinnamon etc.

    It's a versatile ingredient.

    Mexican Quinoa Salad is easy and awesome:

    Ancient Harvest has free recipes on their site of all sorts, and some other brands which sell quinoa will have serving suggestions online.

    Campbell's Cheesy chicken and quinoa casserole, anyone?

    Cranberry walnut stuffing?

    Seriously. It's an easy protein boost.
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    Quinoa is a bit like rice. It can be boring. I always cook mine in a mix of water and broth, instead of water. And then the sky is the limit.
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    I'm not a huge quinoa fan, especially as a side dish. I do think it makes a great salad base (I add rinsed canned beans, chopped veggies and dress with a vinaigrette) and it's a good addition to soups.
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    I saute onion, spinach and or kale than add the quinoa than add broth, usually chicken. It took us a few times to get use to it and now we like it way better than rice, I find I don't have to make as much and it's more filling. I also make cabbage roll casserole with quinoa and ground turkey so good.
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    I do enjoy quinoa! Madeleine Shaw does an amazing Autumn Salad using quinoa. Funnily enough my husband and I had it for dinner last night and I am currently eating the leftovers for my lunch now! Unfortunately as I'm at work I cannot find the recipe but if you're interested in trying it please let me know. :)
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    Thanks guys, will need to have a look through them all - sound much more yummy than my attempt! :)
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    the one I posted is seriously delicious. I know it sounds like a weird combination but it's really good
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    i add a serving to salads.
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    I cook mine with chicken boullion, I follow the directions for how much boullion to use with the water. Always comes out great! I also add cooked black beans to it at the end. Not sure why, but i've always loved quinoa this way.
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    pzarnosky wrote: »
    I cook mine with chicken boullion, I follow the directions for how much boullion to use with the water. Always comes out great! I also add cooked black beans to it at the end. Not sure why, but i've always loved quinoa this way.

    that sounds delicious
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    Quinoa is delicious when you add flavored balsamic vinegar. My favorite is Pear Cinnamon. Makes it taste like dessert!
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    I just made some today in a 'leftover turkey' soup. Sometimes I use it like rice, sometimes I use it like noodles. It's one of those foods that can go with nearly anything. :) I don't have any recipes, as I don't exactly follow recipes when I cook. But it can be cooked in broth and will take on the flavor of the broth, you can add all sorts of spices... and I might actually try some of hte suggestions I see here. They sound awesome.
  • Iguessicandothis
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    I make it like a Greek salad. Lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and Greek seasonings. Then I add chopped peppers and cukes, red onion and feta. Yum! For a complete meal, I add chicken breast that's been baked with Greek seasoning and olive oil.
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    I do a Greek salad variation as well. I add diced cucumbers, diced tomatoes, garbanzo beans, crumbled feta cheese, sliced Kalamata olives, slivered almonds, oregano, salt, pepper, and then add either EVOO and vinegar or a Greek vinaigrette.

    My mom makes one with garbanzo beans, black beans, diced cucumbers, diced celery, and then adds either dried cranberries, sliced grapes, diced apples, or whatever fruit she has with a quality balsamic vinegar (low acidity) as a dressing.

    I also use it in place of pasta and rice.

    Oh, I also make it for breakfast like oat meal or porridge by putting it hot in a bowl with a little coconut milk and maple syrup (a teaspoon) and top it with cinnamon and/or cardamon.
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    I like my quinoa with lots of veggies. My favorite is a lemony Middle Eastern quinoa salad with lots of fresh herbs and artichokes. No lack of flavor or texture there! Best thing ever!
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    I make a really good one and can't wait to try some of these listed!
    I cook it water, add some salt & pepper, then add black beans, some diced jalapeno, and some diced tomatoes -- I also throw in some onion while it's cooking and/or add add sliced green onion at the end.