Hogwarts Weight Loss Challenge

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Attention all would-be Wizards, Witches, Half-bloods, Squibs and Muggles.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are approaching their seventh term, and we are looking for applicants to join for the new term.

Firstly, some information about what to expect from your term at Hogwarts:

  • This is a ten-week weight-loss challenge, beginning on Monday, October 5th.
  • All players will be sorted into houses. These are your teams - look to each other for advice, support, and motivation.
  • Each week, players will weigh themselves on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (EST). Weight loss will be totalled up (not by pounds lost, but by percentage, similar to the Muggle television show Biggest Loser) for each house.
  • Houses will be awarded house points based on how much weight was lost. The house with the largest percentage will receive the most points, and the house with the smallest percentage will receive the least.
  • The term will include mini challenges each week, which will include: Quidditch (exercise), Potions (food/dietary), Defence Against the Dark Arts (trivia etc - we are a school after all), as well as a multitude of other small challenges. There is ALWAYS something happening at Hogwarts!
  • The House Cup will be awarded to the house with the most points at the end of the term!

  • Geek out over all things Harry Potter with like-minded people! The entire challenge is Harry Potter themed, right down to the names of the threads in the group.
  • Make friends, and be supported by a fantastic group of people!
  • Relax! This is a safe, stress-free challenge. No one is voted off if they do not lose every week.
  • Get motivated! We'll push you every day with different health-related challenges. Do what you can, and you'll probably find you're more capable than you thought!
  • Lose weight! Over the last five terms, our students have lost well over 4,400 pounds!

To apply for a position at Hogwarts for the next term, please fill in the online Hogwarts Enrollment Application.

We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible to ensure you don't miss out on a place at the school. There are only a small number of vacancies available in each house.

  • You MUST fill in the enrollment form in order to enroll in the next term
  • Applications are taken on a first come first served basis

Once you have been accepted, your house prefect will be in contact and you will receive an invitation to the School group and your House Common Room here on MFP. Please be assured though, that if we are unable to sort you into a house at this stage, we will wait-list you for any vacancies that arise throughout the term.

Hogwarts is an equal opportunity school, and has openings available for people with all levels of ability, as well as places for students who are maintaining or gaining weight.

Questions may be posted here, or sent to me via owl.

Sincerely yours,
Head Girl