How many miles you Run?



  • PennyVonDread
    PennyVonDread Posts: 432 Member
    I run 4-14 miles a day as transportation. Longer run is a slower pace, about 5.5mph, but a 4 mile run is about 30-40 min depending on traffic and weather conditions.

    I occasionally do hills training or trail running, but I don't really time those because speed doesn't seem as important as having fun switching up the scenery, imo.
  • Katiebear_81
    Katiebear_81 Posts: 719 Member
    I just started running again after not running for about two years. Currently, a mike takes me about 20 minutes, and in doing 2.5 miles a day. Some of that is walking. I am using my treadmill without an incline right now, and will bump it up as I keep training. I won't get reliably good running weather until May, and will most likely transition to outside with my dog then.
  • Somebody_Loved
    Somebody_Loved Posts: 498 Member
    I run 4 times/week, 16-22 miles per week. 3 runs during the work week at 3-5 miles each, and one long run on Saturday, 8-11 miles.

    I run outside on a flat trail, and run about 6 miles an hour.
  • BanksySJ11
    BanksySJ11 Posts: 96 Member
    3/4 runs a week. 3 miles in the am in the week and anything up to 13 on a Sunday, depending where I am in half marathon training. Avg 8.30 to 9 min mile

  • nordlead2005
    nordlead2005 Posts: 1,303 Member
    During the summer I run ~4 miles/week playing Ultimate (lots of walking in between and +2 hours of play time). While losing weight I sometimes run if I really want to eat something. I've run a 5k once, and I've run to the local grocery store and back on extremely rare occasion (1 mile each way)

    So, put me down for 0 miles/week right now.
  • shaunroberts
    shaunroberts Posts: 94 Member
    Currently trying to get back into running after about 6 months off.....I wasn't been lazy just switched to Insanity, T25 and Max Out 30.


    Back doing 5k 4 times a week. Average about 10 minute miles....however my run logging app would have me believe I'm running quite a bit further at 8 min/mile....there way too innacurate.

    Plan is to get up to 5 miles again 3 times a week with '6k Sunday' been added too...which is a pittance compared to what some of you guys are doing!