"Bread" Replacement Ideas?



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    The Aldi Fit & Active flatbreads are my jam: 90 calories, 9 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber. Super yum. Otherwise I just wrap my deli meat around a cheese stick and call it a day.
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    Rice paper, wrap stuff like you would in a fresh spring roll. That would be a good alternative if you don't mind the chewiness of rice paper because even the largest one would be under 50 calories. Not as flimsy and hard to eat as lettuce wraps, and works with both sweet and savory fillings.

    Personally, nothing but bread does it for me in sandwiches, but then again bread fills me up.
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    What is something that is low calorie I could use in place of bread while making a sandwich? I have no hate towards bread other than it does little to fill me while being higher in calories than what I'm typically putting on it. Thanks in advance!

    Cloud bread. Love it.
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    100% whole wheat sandwich thins
    low carb tortillas

    Both work well as vehicles for the goodies.

    I also tried blanched collard greens. Those made GREAT and sturdy wraps, but were very time consuming.
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    I just use a fork and eat what I might otherwise put in a sandwich. I don't really like to pick up anything that seems like it might be messy. (My using a fork instead of eating a sandwich has a long history, as I had a weird dislike of supermarket bread as a kid and refused to eat it, and I remember being puzzled that people would ruin leftover Thanksgiving turkey by putting it in bread when it was so delicious on its own.)

    Now I've discovered lots of breads I like, but rarely eat it, because it's usually not worth the calories for me anyway.
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    I have not tried this but have always thought it was a creative idea:


    One of my favorites is stuffing tuna salad in halved/hollowed out cucumbers--"Tuna Boats"
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    Sara Lee low calorie bread tastes gross... Killer Dave's thin sliced bread is 60 a slice with a lot of protein, fiber, and omega 3s if you are going to compromise on bread.

    I personally eat a lot of brotzeit teller/antipasto/"meat and cheese plate(?)" with pickles/veggies and European meat or cheeses. It's an alternative to a built sandwich.

    I also love serving chicken salad/tuna salad/egg salad/chickpea salad instead of as a "sandwich" in little Belgian endive leaves. Makes for great low carb entertaining.
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    I have not tried this but have always thought it was a creative idea:


    One of my favorites is stuffing tuna salad in halved/hollowed out cucumbers--"Tuna Boats"

    Tuna/salmon/chicken salad was what I pictured this working best with.
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    Cloud Bread, made from egg-whites and cream cheese. 0-carb, tastes just like bread. Look it up.
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    Portabella mushrooms for burgers...yum! Crepes for anything else!
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    Ole Xtreme Wellness Tortilla. It's a burrito-sized wrap that delivers Omega-3, fiber, and only 50 calories. Put all your fixings in it, roll it up, and do yourself good.

    My husband and I used these for quite sometime actually. They're super soft and tasty... And I'm fairly sure sorcery is involved. We recently switched to salads instead but for what they cost calorie wise they're awesome.
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    Ezekiel bread! It is a sprouted whole grain bread
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    I found these recently and I love them!
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    I eat Ezekiel bread! I know you can save calories by buying the low calorie bread, but I use because of my diabetes. They also tortilla and English muffin. For 80 calories a serving, it fills me up!!!!
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    If you happen to live where you can buy Heiner's bread, their 35 calorie/slice loaf is pretty good. (You can't miss it in the store; it has a big 35 on the bag.)

    Trader Joe's 45 calorie low-carb tortillas are also good.

    Nature's Own double fiber bread has 50 calories per slice. There are some other Nature's Own loaves with slightly fewer calories, but I haven't tried those.
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    I love injera which is an Ethiopian bread that is similar tasting to sourdough bread. I find it at whole foods sometimes. I love it. Lots of protein too.
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    I'll never get what the big deal with bread is. It's great. Eat it if you want. I'm personally not going to touch it more than once every week or two but that's for my personal way of eating. Why do you need to replace it with something?
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    Great idea!