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  • I second the suggestion of not concerning yourself with your coworkers remarks. You are living in your skin so get to decide when you are done. If you feel uncomfortable, set a boundary. As a morbidly obese person who has also been told that I don’t need to lose weight, I can say “people” don’t know what they are talking…
  • This idea has already been said, but I have to tell myself “eating it is not saving it”. Or “ I’m not the food disposal”.
  • I don’t really like sodas. Any get tired of tea and plain water. You can add any fruit, cucumbers or mint to your water. I usually put the peels or off cuts in my water. Pineapple core is great.
  • Why not eat the meat? Or at least count the calories as if you were. I over estimate when in doubt.
  • Frozen bananas blitzed until creamy. I recently just discovered the wonder of frozen blitzed fruit. I am an ice cream lover, and this is very satisfying.
  • This is a new concept for me. I like it. I think the idea of changing everything is daunting. However, focusing on small consistent actions should make a big difference and feel more possible.
  • Broccoli,carrots, hummus, and cheese for lunch. I commute so I like foods that are safe without refrigeration.
  • I make savory roasted sweet potatoes, just salt, pepper, garlic powder, red pepper flakes and a little EVOO. No dips or dressing needed. This is not odd to me, but I live in the south and everyone (at work) thinks this is so weird.
  • If you feel satisfied with your meal schedule I wouldn’t worry about how many meals you have. If your calories and nutrition is good then you should be good. If you are looking for ideas, I’d suggest less fruit. Maybe add proteins (more hunger/ full satisfying to me) like cheese, cottage cheese and peanut butter. I like…
  • 1st alarm at 8a. 2nd alarm at 8:30a, Cuddle a cat and check emails while in bed until 8:45a. Make the bed, open window and get fresh water and food for cats. Weigh myself and log into MFP Throw out cat treats for a game of hunt your food. Eat breakfast while checking weather or news, and finish responding to emails.…
  • Fried chicken, prepared poorly. The breading was not crisp, meat was dry. Very disappointing, only had part of the servings but didn’t know how to caluate the calories. I was still hungry so filled up on bread. Entire meal was unsatisfactory and not worth the calories.
  • It may sound odd but try to develop a hobby that uses your hands. I crochet, color and paint because I like snack eating. The hand projects distract me and keeps my hands too full to eat. Also I still feel productive and I don’t feel guilty for laying around and boredom eating. I have feet, ankle, and hip problems (mainly…
  • I weigh daily, at about the same time each morning. I record each change in mfp. Sometimes I weigh myself during the day (mainly if the am total changed a lb from day to day). I find it a little habit forming, so fascinating to see how it fluctuates over a day. I need it to help keep me accountable. Also it helps me to…
  • To the part of what to eat and feel satisfied. I would suggest veggies. I know that is probably to simple but I eat raw veggies at lunch with hummus and cooked veggies and protein at dinner. For me I enjoy eating, I eat tons of vegetables so I get tired of chewing and feel full. I also like yogurt and cottage cheese-…
  • Welcome to add me as a friend if you like. I’m 36, with more than 100 lbs to shred. Open dairy for friends. Not a lot of exercise, but in contemplation stage with that. Healthy living
  • Egg whites- 25 calories! Not new to some, but I never even thought of trying them until recently. Wonderful and so low in calories.
  • Finders keepers, Stephen King. The book of a detective trilogy. Part of it reflects on the reader’s love of book and how the characters become real.
  • I love being able to create something. Holding a scarf in hand knowing it didn’t exist before is encouraging and empowering. Plus it helps with boredom eating.
  • I’d go back to my childhood and the only books I have read countless times. Little House on the Prairie. I grew up getting books for the library, but received this series as a gift. So I read and reread them between trips to the library. My experience as a young reader is completely entangled with these books. I usually…
  • Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series. About 16 books in all. Great magical world and lovable characters.
  • I’m just learning to knit. I can’t stay with it. If I mess up I have to take it all out and start over. I just can’t figure out how to correct it. I can crochet. I just have a problem finishing projects. I like to learn patterns, but then I’m done. So scarfs seemed to be good projects. Only I don’t wear them.
  • Hi. I’m over 30yo, 5.1. SW 277, CW 266, GW130 (or healthy and fit). I was a member of mfp a few years ago and dropped some weight, got sick, then complacent, and gained it all back. Been logging and counting for a month. I’m not physically active, I also work in an office, plus the commute. I admire active people and…
  • 140+lb goal. I was active a few years ago and dropped 70lbs, got sick, then complacent. Now I’m back and focused. Trying to verbalize the goals and commitment. Anyone is welcome to add me.
  • Hi, Looking for specific interest in your friends? I don’t post often in the community, but respond to messages and log everyday. I’m a returning member, recommitting to my life. Good luck.
  • Thanks TeaBea for the info on Jessica Smith YouTube channel. I just learned about her the other day from someone's post but hadn't thought about looking for her on YouTube. So again thanks. Edited because auto correct changed TeaBea to Teaser, so helpful and so annoying. :-)
  • Hi all! I'm a new member to this group. I have a lazy lifestyle and have been over weight/ obese for most of my life. I have been learning how to eat better for the last few months and have made the goal to exercise 4 times a week recently. I completed the forum, but am looking for motivation friends. SW: 272, CW:209,…
  • Hi, I just want to wish everyone success. I began my healthy life in August with some of the OP's thoughts. I don't view this as a diet, because of the common understanding that diets are temporary. I only told a very few people about my goals, because I wanted to make sure I would be supported in getting healthy without…
  • I just joined this group yesterday, just started working out this week. I am working out from home using Leslie' 3 or 5 mile videos (with the addition of some other aerobic type videos) My goal is to walk with Leslie once a week for the rest of the month, that will be 10 miles to go (I have walked 8 miles this weekend).