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  • As someone above said, most of how your body is built is determined by genetics. The only thing you can control is what your overall body fat composition is, and whether or not you build muscle. You cannot control where the fat is located on your body (only liposuction can do that), and you can't really control how well…
  • I'd bet you are overestimating your portion sizes. Measure your food, it's a real eye-opener.
  • I'm in Florida, still a bit too hot to run most of the day but early AM is OK. But if you live in Florida you have to embrace sweating!
  • Sounds to me like a perfect situation for a fitbit or some other device to monitor your activity.
  • I left because I was tired of spending money gaining and losing the same 2 pounds over a year. [/quote] +1. I did WW online for several years. Initially lost 40+ lbs but gained 15 of it back and fluctuated for over a year. Honestly, what I learned from WW was how to watch what I eat, MFP works as well once you know what…
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  • Peed during the run of a race once, felt the pee go right into my running shoe. Never thought the same about those shoes again.
  • I see it as a badge of honor amongst fellow runners. I have about 1/2 of a left big toe nail right now.
  • Agree with all of the above on tri bike shoes. They are nice for racing but not going to be the reason you don't podium. The running shoes are, as stated above, often meant to be run in without socks. I do this for Sprints as it prolly saves me 30 sec in T1 to not put on socks, for Oly distance I need more support and use…
  • Your potential is going to be defined, in large part, by genetics. With that said, looks to me like you could still get your body fat down. I think that cardio to help conditioning and weights to get some muscle growth is the way to go. However, the most important part is patience.
  • They are the same thing
  • No matter how slow you are you are still lapping the guys on the couch. Even when I was in high school and could swim 100 yards in under 1 min, I was a slow runner. My PR for a 5K is 33 min, and for a 10K ~1:15:00.
  • I really like complex carbs with good fiber content, prolly my fav b'fast before a run is oatmeal. And coffee, of course...
  • You are right, I suppose what I should have wrote is that there is no "one size fits all" answer.
  • Do you feel like you need the extra calories? If not, let them go.
  • If my legs feel heavy will take before I run.
  • Run with, bike without for safety reasons. I have gotten into listening to podcasts of Bill Maher rather than music lately. I am sure that I look like a fool running down the street laughing my *kitten* off.
  • "if it's worth it to compromise the quality of your s/b/r work." Honestly, this is what keeps me from lifting. I suppose I should work in some circuit training, but I am mostly concerned about building on my cardio base. This topic is a constant source of conversations within my tri club. There really is no good answer.
  • An axiom from the triathlon community: If you want to (fill in any sport) faster, then (fill in that same sport) more. Just work on your aerobic base by running more miles. Add more runs/week and slowly up the milage on your runs. I find that it helps to get on a TM and set the speed where I want it to be to get a feel for…
  • Don't know specifically about the vitamin D, but the dehydration could be indicative of less than great physical conditioning. Drink water and take a vitamin, problem solved.
  • Not on a dreadmill, but have spent that long on a bike trainer in my garage (just as boring I assure you). I did it by watching a movie on a laptop. With a treadmill you could use an iPad. An audiobook is also a possibility, you primary challenge will be boredom.
  • Anything below 32F (0C) and I'm not going out. Been living in Florida way too long, I am a total puss
  • I have to go before I go, otherwise the *urge* kicks in within the first mile-nearly 100% of the time. I am lucky, I live in a neighborhood where they are building a number of houses so there are porta-potties around. Without those ... would not be fun. For AM runs, I drink a lot of coffee, helps things loosen up before I…
  • The ability to grow muscle due to routine exercise is negligible, you can only develop bigger shoulders if you specifically work at it. And even then, unless you have the right genetics, prolly won't happen. I wouldn't worry about it at all.
  • I suggest trying an elliptical trainer, or water walking. Both are rather gentle on knees. The major thing is to not hurt yourself, injury will kill any fitness ambitions very fast.
  • Sorta depends on how you define maximum. In the endurance sports (running, cycling, etc.) it is possible to deplete your glycogen stores so much that you have a serious lack of energy, this is termed bonking. However, to really bonk you have to be in awesome shape, so I suppose few of us need worry about that. More…
  • Great form of exercise. Put on your suit, get in the water, the rest will come to you.
  • Shoes make a HUGE difference. On the TM at the gym I run in racing flats that have like zero padding. (They are uber light) If I wore these on the road I would be beat up within the first mile. For road work I have very padded (and pretty heavy) running shoes. Also, IMHO I find concrete to be much harder than asphalt for…
  • Is it possible that you just haven't found the exercise that trips your trigger? Have you tried all the cardio machines at the gym? Have you considered a trainer?
  • Sore muscles will retain water, this can sometimes mask weight loss.