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  • Foam rolling, leg swings before and after running, and definitely static stretching after a run. Good luck!
  • Yup. All of the above!! Although I ran my first 5k in old shoes, and a cotton shirt. Youch. lol
  • Two or three bowls of cereal (but I used 2% milk, so I was being "healthy") or a stop at Jack in the Box Snacks all day at work...chips, candy, crackers, boxed snack cakes, etc Lunch was a weight watchers meal or a frozen microwavable pizza with more chips and candy, or maybe a trip to Taco Bell or Jack in The Box; when I…
  • ^THIS! I think it just helps to know what satisfies you; if a Skinny Cow dessert treat does it, great. If a piece of extra dark chocolate with sea salt (YUM) does it, that's great as well. IMHO. Everyone is different and everyone has a different approach; for me, when I first started my journey, the "light" treats were…
  • Hello fellow Texans! :flowerforyou: <--- Pretend that's a bluebonnet! Houston here! Well, more like the Clear Lake area, but unless you're from Houston, you won't know where that is. lol I sure didn't until I moved here!! (I was "made" in Dallas, but then my parents moved to Kansas before I was born. That's child abuse,…
  • No medals yet, but all of my bibs are on a corkboard on my FIGJAM wall.. :)
  • ^All of the above; great advice!
  • I love him and love his down to earth advice; he seems genuine and like he really, truly cares about people that feel unlovable because of their weight. I used to use his "Sweatin' to the Oldies" DVDs but they don't do as much for me anymore; that being said, I would definitely recommend them to someone who was just…
  • I get excited when I burn 1,000 calories after a long run and can eat 2,500 some odd calories that day.... LOL
  • This thread was old I hesitated on replying, but hey, I'm a trend follower! lol :) I would love more running friends on here; feel free to add me. I've only run 5ks and 1 10k but next year want to run a half. I know I need to work on my food and strength training, so any help and encouragement with those aspects would be…
  • This is me before (not sure what year...2005 maybe?): And me after my first 10k last month: I love seeing all the pictures of what running has done for has become my new obsession and I love pushing myself and seeing how far I can go. ETA: my tracker is a little misleading...I've lost 80 lbs total, but 30 lbs…
  • ^This! And for me, it seemed like my body just had to get used to activity....once I started running regularly they went away. I know that's not always the case for everyone, but maybe once you make sure you have the right shoes for your running style, that will be the case for you.
  • I used the C25K program and it turned me into a runner as well. I agree with most everyone about taking it slow and easy and don't push yourself yet...that's how you get burned out and injured. It's a great program for beginners and I think you've set yourself a great goal! Good luck!!
  • I typically do a long run (for me....for now, 6-7 miles) on Saturdays and can burn 900-1,000 calories....I don't have time to do it on Fridays though. Keep up the great work!! :)
  • THANK. YOU. Sorry for yelling but I hate to hear people moan about "only" losing a pound.....
  • I am a huge Red Sox fan, and I hated baseball until I moved there and went to my first game (against the Yankees no Now I love the history, the rivalry, the great plays; I love to see my players hit home runs but I don't mind small ball. I like to see great pitching, the connection between the pitcher and the…
  • My co-worker keeps a bowl of chocolate candy at her desk; yesterday I thought I could stop at a couple pieces (the mini Snickers, 3 Musketeers, etc. kind) . I think I stopped at a couple dozen. But I'm not completely sure. :ohwell: Some days I can control the temptations and some days I can't...
  • Personally I only count water or unsweetened ice tea towards my water....of course I rarely drink much else, but unless it has no cals, no sodium, no sugar, etc., then I don't count it as water.
  • I have been trying to eat more complex carbs as I found myself not having enough energy for my runs, and eating the right carbs really help! And I definitely notice that they are NOT created equal!
  • I try to follow Hal Higdon's marathon training plan since I run a lot and do want to train for a marathon eventually: 15% to 20% protein, 30% fat and 50% to 55% seems to work for me, but everyone is a unique individual and what works for one, won't for another... :)
  • That's great! Congrats!! I love when I can wear my smaller sizes...such a great feeling!! :)
  • C25K is one of the best programs out there! I graduated in spring of 2012 and ran my first 5k in April 2012. I'm now training for a 10k and plan on someday running a marathon. It really does help you start slow and get you used to moving your body and pushing it but not to the point of injury!
  • 1. I live in an apartment complex that is a handy 1/2 mile rectangle, but if I want a change of pace I will use Map My Run or other such sites and look at other routes or see what is convenient for me. 2. Luckily I don't have to deal with dogs much, but people I just run around. It used to really bother me if there were a…
  • I like the carbonation of sodas but not all the other junk.....I like La Croix carbonated water. No cals, no sodium, no aspartame, no nothing! Just bubbly It has totally replaced my's a little more expensive than soda, but not too much. My Walmart has a 12 pack for $ not too bad. Give it…
  • I love the flat-outs for sandwiches and pizza but never thought to use them for breakfast burritos! *facepalm* Thanks for sharing! Sounds great! :)