Anyone fancy trying to do a 1000 cal burn on a Friday?

John31TL Posts: 140 Member
I did a 1000 cal burn today, it got me thinking that doing this on a Friday, it a great start to the weekend and allows for a few treats like a beer, or burger etc lol. Message or friend me if this floats your boat, having others doing it may spur us on.


  • elleloch
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    I've been doing this for a few weeks now, on the weekends I just go to the gym and bust everything for like, two hours. Usually crush 800-1000 calories. I usually do them to atone for a holiday or something, lol. Or because I just want to eat a bunch of things and still create a deficit.
  • John31TL
    John31TL Posts: 140 Member
    Great stuff, its nice ti build up a few calories for sure lol.
  • kimcatus
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    I typically do a long run (for me....for now, 6-7 miles) on Saturdays and can burn 900-1,000 calories....I don't have time to do it on Fridays though.

    Keep up the great work!! :)
  • margie_77
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    Saturday mornings are my BIG burn! :)
  • John31TL
    John31TL Posts: 140 Member
    6 - 7 miles is awesome, keep it up.
  • TGGolfer
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    I try to do one 4 days a week
  • kvgc1013
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    I wish! All I have is my lunch hour to work out and that's not enough. My 1k calorie burn are saturdays and/or sundays.
  • Snatched614
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    Sounds fun I do bootcamp on Fridays and thats about 500. So I need to find something else to do besides running. Any suggestions? Was thinking about taking the kids to the rollerskating rink that im sure may help with the other 500?
  • charleykayesmom
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    I love doing this. I usually am tempted on the weekends by junk and beer! But when I do a 1000 cal burn on a Friday or Sat morning, then I don't feel up to using it all up on junk since I worked so hard! I just make alot better choices when I have a major calorie a trophy! I wanna keep it up front (in my head) so I can see it all the time! :)
  • Shawnzgirl78
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    That is a great idea but I shall pass. I hope to burn at least 1000 over the weekend tho! *haha*
  • jzammetti
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    I'll run in memory of Boston on Sunday - will burn that 1000 plus. I can never have the time on Fridays for that.
  • John31TL
    John31TL Posts: 140 Member
    Good luck on Sunday and well done.
  • joakool
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    I just burned 767 at the track. Guess I'll treat myself to 3/4 of a burger and a sip of beer. :laugh:
  • John31TL
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    Do a lap of honor and have more lol.
  • bcattoes
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    Friday's are usually a pretty light day for me with just my mini-office workouts. Saturday and Sunday can get close to that though, if I do Turbo Fire and we do hiking or biking. Then I like to drink most of them back later in the day. :drinker:
  • John31TL
    John31TL Posts: 140 Member
    good for you haha
  • markymarrkk
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    I'm burning through 2000+ calories on a 50+ mile bike ride on Sunday. Wooooooooo!! Fcck Ya!
  • John31TL
    John31TL Posts: 140 Member
    Good for you fella, well done
  • arcticfox04
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    I burn a little over a 1000 calories daily. Its always feels good having a nice workout.

    I'd say go for it then soon it'll be 3000 calorie weekends in no time.
  • 1200 burn tonight with 2 hours of swimming. Feeling good, and planning to do it 3 times a week from now on. Just got a membership at my local YMCA. Kids are happy lol