IT Band exercises?

This damned IT band is driving me crazy. I have a foam roller and have started using it, but what exercises have worked for you?


  • cheshirecatastrophe
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    (1) The myrtl routine:

    (2) IT Band rehab exercises:

    Especially hip hikes (in the second). If I had to pick one hip exercise to ward off ITBS and runner's knee, it would be hip hikes. No question. I do 30 per leg every day. Off a step is easiest.
  • kristinegift
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    My IT band problems stem from sleepy glutes since I sit on my butt all day. I do supermans, focusing on making sure the leg raises come from my glutes and not my hammies, and I do leg balancing exercises, bridges, and try to do more standing generally.
  • daynes23
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    I've found these couple of stretches (particularly the last 2 the "meditation" looking one and the knee over knee one) have helped me soooooo much. I do them almost every day. Gives me a great stretch and less pain!
  • daynes23
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    Ohhhhh and I love leg swings before a run.
  • trailrunner81
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    Lunges, body weight squats, and one legged deadlift with light weight to help strengthen your quads and hamstring too. That was the only thing that saved me.
  • kimcatus
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    Foam rolling, leg swings before and after running, and definitely static stretching after a run. Good luck!
  • crittergirl222
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    Such great advice. Thanks, all! I think I have a plan now. Fingers crossed. One more question-today I kind of felt it on my run, so I scaled back to 20 minutes and then cross trained on the bike. I can still run as long as I don't push too hard, right? There is no pain at all, just tightness throughout the hip and knee.