Happy Valentines Day

Yep, I know I'm a bit late but it's the first time I've had time to write this.

I had a great Valentines Day!

First, I woke up to a card and flowers on my kitchen table. The card expected the flowers a surprise.

Second, the weigh in (usually done on a Friday but I was going out for Chinese that night) I was down 20lb's.......finally!! My first 10 came off OK the next 10, not so much!! I think it was becoming as much a mental block as a scale block.

Third, went out for the previously mentioned Chinese. I managed to drop food on the only pair of jeans that still fit me. The 2 pairs that I had in the closet one wouldn't go over my bum and the other wouldn't even go over my thighs. I'd been doing the wash and wear since November.

Went home, tried them on, deep joy, they both fit. The ones that wouldn't go over the thighs are still a bit snug but the other ones, not only can I do them up I can also sit and eat with them on and still breathe..........LOL!!!!

So, all in all, I lost 20lb's and gained 2 pairs of jeans. :bigsmile: Oh, and flowers. :flowerforyou:

I hope the day was good for you too.:drinker:


  • That's great! Congrats!! I love when I can wear my smaller sizes...such a great feeling!! :)
  • tiffanyheth
    tiffanyheth Posts: 510 Member
    Awesome on the flowers--it's so nice to have love expressed! :)

    The jeans--well that's just an amazing accomplishment--YOU DID THAT! woohoo!