The Evil Skinny Cow, and other "Light" Lies and Untruths



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    I'd rather have half a serving of ice cream or a small piece of gourmet chocolate made with real ingredients than whatever chemicals they put in the fake stuff. Even though you get more of the fake stuff, I find I'm MORE satisfied with LESS of the real stuff. The fake stuff just leaves me wanting more.

    ^^This is my thinking as well. :-)

    Here! Here!

    if i like it enough to spend calories on it, i want to love it. flavor, fat, and all. no fake stuff for me. i'd rather eat less and enjoy more.

    Meh, I eat the Skinny Cow and Weight Watcher ice cream treats because I like them better than full fat ice cream. I hate the phlegmy feeling from full fat cream. It's the same reason I don't drink milk.

    Omg, someone ELSE finally gets the "phlemgy" feeling too! yay! LOL:wink:
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    I am the same way. I bought skinny cow ice cream sandwiches ONCE. And never again. Because I ate them all in one night. Sigh.

    I'm the same. While I like to think I don't have a forbidden list, I have realized there are certain things I just can't have readily available to me: ice cream, chocolate, and peanut butter. I just can't stop at the one serving size. So now...those things are for special occasions or weekend outings with my kids.

    I sooooo wish I had the self control to have a delectable snack like those every single night. :sad:
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    Moderation+intelligence= happiness!


    I think it just helps to know what satisfies you; if a Skinny Cow dessert treat does it, great. If a piece of extra dark chocolate with sea salt (YUM) does it, that's great as well. IMHO.

    Everyone is different and everyone has a different approach; for me, when I first started my journey, the "light" treats were perfect! I didn't feel like I was depriving myself of treats. Now I don't crave the stuff as badly, but if I want something, I will eat it. Everything in moderation and I never again want to feel guilty about eating a certain food. For me, my relationship with food is the trigger, not the food itself.
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    mm i Always go with the real thing" (candy ice Cream etc ) even when im in a cut..Becuse if you have a sweet tooth you might not be satisfied by the "low´carb" option, and if you dont satisfy your sweet tooth you will freakin binch big f time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thats the good thing about flexible diet, you can eat whaterver you want to and still hit em macros to make em gains
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    I just cleansed my kitchen of all the low fat, non fat, reduced calories crap I had. My kitchen is now a nutrient rich, chemical free oasis! I started eating real butter a few weeks back. When I want something sweet a small square of dark chocolate. All in moderation and all within my daily calories. I have found it reduces my craving for more and is that much tastier! real food not real science is my new eating motto!
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    I do the same thing.

    I'll binge on those "light" packets of 100 calories a piece until I've got some serious calories to work off the next few days.

    It's easier and cheaper to just buy a bag of cookies or candy or whatever and bag them in single servings.

    The food companies also make a lot of money on those light packets. Getting the big box makes more sense. Just get your hubby or a friend to hide the rest of the box if you need him to !
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    Know thy triggers.

    I never have, nor likely will ever be able to, have containers of certain foods around me. If I buy a container of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, I will eat them all. At once.

    Sometimes you just have to stop poking the bear.
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    Agree with the above on the "real" stuff. I'd rather have the full-fat, full-sugar version of any treat. The "diet" versions always leave me craving - and usually binging.

    The exception is chips. Can't have them in the house. If I really want them, I'll buy the single-serving - ONE of them.

    I do so much better with single serving ice cream and chips. It's worth the extra money for some things. And I usually get premium because why use the calories if you are going to have the total experience?
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    I just cleansed my kitchen of all the low fat, non fat, reduced calories crap I had. My kitchen is now a nutrient rich, chemical free oasis! I started eating real butter a few weeks back. When I want something sweet a small square of dark chocolate. All in moderation and all within my daily calories. I have found it reduces my craving for more and is that much tastier! real food not real science is my new eating motto!

    I avoid most of the "Lite", "Skinny", etc. stuff. Sometimes I think you eat more of it because your body is craving the real stuff that just isn't there. I'd rather have small quantities of the real thing instead.
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    Personal Problem =/= My Problem
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    i came to this conclusion at some point last year. light stuff gives me a headache, i think because of the fake sugar, and doesn't fill me up since they take the fat out.

    i just go for the real deal, and have slowly honed my discipline and restraint. it's F*ing hard though.
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    Amen and well said. I see "light" and think "chemical ****-storm"!!!
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    Did someone say Skinny cow??

    Brb heading over to the freezer.
    As you will see in my diary I have an Ice cream sandwich almost every single night.

    Edit: Good thing I'm not on a diet.

    hahaha Hellll yeah -- ice cream sammies are the tits

    everyone's always on a diet though we just use the word as much as possible to pertain to the "deliberate selection of food" rather than what it original was which is the consumption of everything you eat no matter what it is

    I eat cause I like it
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    Yep, stick with the real stuff :)

    ^^^ this

    The discount ice creams on sticks at my local supermarket are 98 cals for vanilla and 101 cals for chocolate, they're just regular ice cream with a layer of chocolate around the outside. Not the biggest ice cream snacks in the world but they taste great and they're also just the right size for the kids, so they too can enjoy ice cream without going OTT with the portion sizes. They taste great as well. Half these light versions of snacks are just the same as regular ones just in smaller portions, but you pay the same price as the larger portions, because you're paying for a "light" version, not a "mini" or "discount" version, which you'd pay less for, because there's less of it. The light ones are really good marketing (or a total con, depending on how your point of view), because they can basically sell you a smaller snack for the same money, or perhaps even more, than what the regular version costs.
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    For everyone talking about moderation, self-control, forbidden foods, etc, please remember that everyone is DIFFERENT.

    Everyone who is trying to lose weight gained it for different reasons and in different ways.

    Willpower is like a muscle, and some people's willpower isn't as strong as others. That doesn't mean there is something wrong with them, it just means that they have to practice behaviour modification to keep themselves out of the situation where their willpower will fail them. So if someone is triggered by having Skinny Cow products in the house, that doesn't mean they are weak or lack self-control, it means they are wise to not keep that product in the house.

    Clearly the people talking about self-restraint have no idea what an addictive personality means. It's more than just a matter of willpower, it's a matter of you literally can't control yourself around your triggers. I grew up with an alcoholic father who came from an alcoholic family, and I inherited that addictive personality. I don't keep alcohol in my house, and when I do drink (which is very, very rare, at most twice a year), it has to be planned out, I have to know what I'm going to drink, and how much, and make sure I have no more money than that, and don't take my bank card with me to get more. It sucks, and I see everyone else around me drink so freely, and have a few and stop, and I can't do it.

    Since I don't drink or do drugs like my father, my addictions manifested in other ways: food and shopping. I had to go to a counsellor to get control of my spending addiction, and I learned that cash is a trigger for me. I can spend cash like it's nothing, whereas most people are the other way, they recommend having cash instead of your debit card to control your spending. What works for most people doesn't work for me. I cannot keep cash in my wallet. What I learned from that, I was able to apply to my weight loss effort. I had to identify what my triggers were and keep them away from me. I would love to just be able to say no, but I can't.

    Recently my mom went away to her hometown and they have a chocolate factory that sells these chocolate covered pretzels that I love, and she asked if I wanted her to buy me some, and I said no. Well, she bought them anyway and I was so upset. I put them in my freezer because I thought "out of sight, out of mind"... didn't work... I ate the whole bag by the next day. I was really disappointed in myself and I really was beating myself up over it, but I learned from that, that I can't keep those in my house because it's a trigger and I can't stop eating them. Even while I was eating them, I was telling myself to stop and I couldn't. Now I understand why it is so hard for my dad to stop drinking, he doesn't do it because he wants to, he does it because he can't stop (and that is after going to AA, doing the whole 12 steps, everything).

    I know this is way off topic from the original post, but the point is, don't be so quick to call someone out on their lack of self-restraint. If you can exhibit perfect willpower all the time, then good for you, but don't make people feel bad if they can't, because most people can't.
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    I don't think the OP's point was that she needs to have a forbidden foods list...what I got from it was that certain diet foods are set up so that we naturally want more, if not by the fact that they are labeled "light", then by the additives, chemicals and fake sugars which make our bodies crave more.

    No, OP said quite specifically that she HAS to have a forbidden list. That she is utterly unable to own these items and not overeat them. Then she justified that claim by attacking the food items, as though its the fault of the ice cream sandwich makers that she eats the whole box.

    It's balony, of course, she IS perfectly capable of exercising self control. I know this is true, because she is an adult, and if she wanted, right this moment she could go jump in the car and purchase ALL the ice cream in the store. But she does not. Because just like all of us, she is perfectly capable of deciding when to say yes to her urges and when to say no.

    However, she has deluded herself into believing that she CANNOT. That's safer than taking personal responsibility.

    If we decide that it's the Skinny Cow's fault, then it won't be OUR OWN FAULT if we fail. Adults realize that this thinking is false, but it is a seductive line of thinking nonetheless. There's a reason it's super common among those making weight loss efforts.

    The claim that anyone has to have a "forbidden list" is false. Food alleriges are the only exception to this. Otherwise, you CAN incorporate Skinny Cow, or any other food into your intake, without letting it ruin you. I am, and my amazing successful friends are all proof of that.
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    Glad I indulge on skinny cow ice cream sandwiches for the flavor haha.

    I tend to eat the real stuff because what is the point of eating it if it doesn't taste like something from heaven?

    I love Dairy Queen, Marble Slab, Breyers and Ben & Jerry's. They are ridiculous calorie and macro wise but are well worth it.
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    why do skinny cows leave you still hungry and craving more?


    because they only have 150 cals!