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  • My goal for the month is 60 miles. I started summer run camp last week- we meet up every Tuesday and Thursday for speedwork/group runs. Another goal for this month is my water intake and being consistent with that. It’s getting hotter here in FL and I know I’ll have to start getting up even earlier to go run.
  • I am so sore today.
  • I made it a whole 6 minutes on week 1, day 1. I'm an avid runner and these workouts are no joke. I guess everyone has to start somewhere.
  • Don't think I'll make my goal this month- just means I'll need to work harder next month. Hope all is well with you all
  • I'm starting this in June
  • I'd like to try this for the month of June.
  • Ending week 5 now. Down to 110 people.
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  • I'm working on the beginner calendar. Love her!
  • New AC unit is going in as I type this, so have been looking up marathon training guides. I am looking forward to the start of a new week! I love that I am actually excited to start running again.
  • Don't think I have posted up in the May thread yet. I ran a 5k in the beginning of the month and am SO close to a PR. (PR is 27:36 in 2012, I got down to a 28:09 on the 1st) The past week has been pretty relaxed, my AC has been out, and with the heat here in FL it is unbearable to be in my apartment. Coming home after a…
  • I'm in!!! Anyone else get in for Chicago marathon? I ran it in 2014, and need redemption. I did so poorly. 6:11 ugh
  • Yesterday I ran the Pirate Plunder 2 Miler here in FL- the weather was looking good, and I just wanted to get out there. I spent most of the day at the pool, and drank 3 beers. (ha ha) I got dressed and ready for the 6:30p start time and we were off. I took it easy, not to fast on the way out- stayed my pace and felt good.…
  • Wow almost 400 new posts since I've been here last. Don't think I can catch up on all that. Just checking in and letting you all know I took off almost a minute from my time last week with my run group. Ran the whole 30 minutes, no walk breaks. April mileage: 7.3 Goal:30
  • I'm in FL, ocean side near cocoa beach. I also work in a bar, so I usually get home at 3a. My "early morning runs" don't happen. Sometimes in the summer I try and get out at sunrise but it is so hard after working a 10 hour shift. I just bite he bullet and run when it's hot out. Drop water bottles, and bring my fuel belt…
  • I ran Chicago Marathon a couple years ago, it's a really fun course. With only running longer distances at Disney and space coast, I thought the pottys could have been more, as in more stops. But over all a great course and the crowd was amazing. (Expect near the end, some guys near the finish in the crowd were like "I…
  • My goal for April is 30 miles. Last month was 25, and I did 24- oh so close! Ran a 5k yesterday with a run group (running for brews), it was my first time running with a group and it was fun. Going to try and get out there next week too. 1/17 World of Beer 5k (30:52) 3/20 Excalibur 5 Miler (53:39) 4/9 Pirate Plunder 2…
  • @cbro70 what book did you read?
  • Disney runs are awesome, great entertainment on course- but SO many people. I didn't sign up this year, because it is a day time race instead of night. Hoping they bring back tower of terror or add in some race at night. Living only 45 min from Disney has its perks.
  • Just got dressed and ready to finally get outside and run, late start I know. Looked at the radar- all clear, hear something outside and see it is DOWNPOURING. Looks like I will be heading to the gym.....
  • I'll try and join in as well. Cheers
  • Ran 3 miles on the treadmill today. 4 more miles to reach my goal. March Goal: 25 Miles 1/17 World of Beer 5k (30:52) 3/20 Excalibur 5 Miler (53:39) 4/9 Pirate Plunder 2 Miler 5/1 Eat my Crust 5k 6/11 Bottoms Up Beer Run 4k 7/4 Fire Cracker 5k 11/27 Space Coast Half Marathon
  • Rain all day today with lighting, so might be a treadmill gym run in my future tonight.
  • @07KatieP13 I love running in the rain too. A nice light rain is fun to run in. I'm looking forward to Monday. Work today so I doubt I'll get a run in afterwards. I work in a bar and being on my feet all day/night really takes a toll on my legs and feet. My goal for the week is to run 4 times. I have an endoscope on…
  • @Virkati I wear the GTS adrenaline. I got the 15s, because they were on sale. I've been wearing the adrenaline for the past 3 or 4 years. I think this is pair number 4 for me. I'd love to try out a different style but afraid that I won't like them.
  • @Virkati I also just ordered some shoes from My feet have been achey lately which just means I get to order new shoes. I bought last years version of some brooks. Also can't beat the free 2 day shipping.
  • I fell off the wagon. Run today just isn't going to happen. I need another 7 miles for the month to reach my goal. I really should try and get on a plan, and write it down so I stay accountable. Maybe that will be my goal for the month of April. 4/9 Pirate Plunder 2 Miler 5/1 Eat my Crust 5k 11/27 Space Coast Half Marathon…
  • @ariceroni yes, I did register for the Eat My Crust 5k. The medal is suppose to even smell like pizza! Ha ha. I've ran this run a couple years ago. (It's actually my PR 5k)
  • Just registered for another race. 5k on May 1st.
  • I have her guides, but haven't started them.i do run 3 times a week. Wondering how I can do both.