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  • I need new friends. 61 with 50+ to lose. I know we can do it. Feel free to add this Texas girl.
  • Thanks for the great info! I have been digging and getting highly annoyed that all ingredients are not plainly listed. We should not have to become scientific investigators to find out what is in a new product! Dang. I am diabetic and going gluten free too. I just hoped that in a few months I could whip ip a few cookies…
  • Gonna try this with my gluten free eatmeal!
  • thanks! I am a Nana.....unfortunately not much of a Geek Squad kind of gal. Thank you so much for posting. I didn't repeat the recipe here cuz I thought they didn't want us to double up on posts. I just wanted to be sure Low-Carbers saw it cuz they might not look on regular recipes.
  • Sorry..not a blog. I posted it in the normal recipe section. Just wanted to note it on the low cab site because the Carbs are low :drinker:
  • I also made regular Tollhouse cookies and the KIDs (hubbie and grandson) both preferred these! I am still in shock as to how easy and how good they are! And totally amazed at how oily/gross they looked before cooking! Had two for breakfast--still soft and chewy !!!
  • Heavy Cream -- whip it (whip it good...) add a little stevia and YUM Or Cream Cheese -- Soften, stir with Davinci sugar free syrup. Raspberry is delish! okay, I think I need to go on a fat fast!
  • As a fellow diabetic, I understand your issues. I love fruit too. I just try to limit my portion size and make sure I eat it with protein and/or healthy fats. Definitely up the veges (google high fiber ones). I also add flax or chia or nuts to salads. I actually gave up bread as it seemed to raise my blood sugar more than…
  • Because I would trade the 36 carbs for the 4 anyday! I know it is a shock, but some of us prefer lower carbs and no wheat. and some of us also love the full fat! I would cut the fatty meat and use turkey peperoni, but I want REAL cheese.
  • Bulletproof coffee is great. Sometimes I add cinnamon or unsweetened quality cocoa...or both! It is such an easy great breakfast!
  • amazing and inspiring story. You are AWESOME! and gave me a kick in the rear to keep on keeping on You have won the lottery! :flowerforyou:
  • I am no expert either. I am diabetic. In 4 months on LCHF I cut my metformin In half, achieved great blood pressure and dropped 40 points in cholesterol. I was most surprised and thrilled about the cholesterol. However, I did not eat very much animal fats but I did eat 60-80% fat (cheese, sour cream, butter, mayo, eggs,…
  • I think you are smarter than the doc. I would NOT take the med. I would try another doctor and get your bloodwork redone. You are not obese. Most of your numbers are awesome. Yes, you need to be aware of prediabetes, yes, you need to eat right and exercise, yes, you need to drop a few pounds (and you did great). I am…
  • First of have a GREAT ATTITUDE. That means more than anything. I do agree that you should try your doctor's advice...with a little latitude. If you are hungry at night, then by all means, eat something healthy and filling. If you swing to 1800 calories some days, so what? Going to bed with hunger pains is a sure…
  • I would ditch some of that low fat stuff and add real sour cream and cheese (or regular cream cheese). Fat is not the enemy and would actually HELP you. I would probably try plain coconut or almond milk to cut some dairy--I'd rather have my dairy in cheese! Real Fat would slow the insulin response to the carbs in the…
  • Dear OP: You were gorgeous in the you are just a darling! I saw your video and loved the accent. I'm a Texas gal myself, so I speak your language! Where are you from? Sounded a lot like Texas..... Keep on rocking! You look amazing!
  • YOU CAN DO THIS. I know that sounds like a LOT, but there are plenty of folks here who have already done that! They have inspired me to stay the course. It is slow, sometimes goes the Wrong direction, but weight loss IS ACHIEVABLE. NEVER GIVE UP. If you fall, get back on the wagon. I say my friends here are seatbelts--they…
  • And yes, it was Dress #5--my favorite and the one that was too small! 3 more hard weeks of hitting the gym and pumping like a dude made more changes in the body that I expected. The weight hardly went down---but the dress went ON! woohoo
  • The results (with photos) are in a new post. Check it out! and THANKS AGAN
  • I see you are only 25. Your back fat will all go away, you lucky thing! Just work hard, weight train and cardio and you will lose it all! Even my old lady back looks better (and I am an 'apple' like you). Course the apples always lose the tummy/mid-section last! My arms/legs were never really 'fat' and I lose weight there…
  • I know I read that the breads made with sprouted grains do not bother some folks that regular bread does. I personally haven't tried that. But I do enjoy delicious bread that make at home. There are many recipes on mfp and if you just google it. OOPSIE BREAD is delicious, simple to make and pretty dang cheap to make! There…
  • WOW. You BOTH look INCREDIBLE! What a cute couple. Thanks for giving us more inspiration! Enjoy LIFE.
  • You are young. Weight loss is never easy for anyone. But it normally works a little faster for younger folks. Ask anyone over 40, then ask anyone over 50. I am diabetic, hypothryoid and almost 59. I didn't lose this weight by saying I know what I eat and I am eating correctly. I count every calorie, measure every portion…
  • woohoo! Good for you. And don't call yourself a cheater. You didn't cheat. That kind-hearted sweet lil hubby just tried to help you out a little! Bless his little heart. But you are there--the weight is gone and the surgery is near. :bigsmile:
  • Huh??? Malnutrition...???? HUH???? Confused, very very confused on malnutrition. I have been GRAIN FREE since March. I make home-made muffins, pancakes, and breads from nut and seed flours. I get plenty of fiber. I feel fantastic....not starved.
  • not really. veges/fruit have plenty of fiber. as do the nut and seed flours. I am happily gluten free and not Celiac. My energy level has soared.