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  • wow i just looked at your food diary, it looks like your eating all the wrong things, wayy too many cappuccinos. you need to drink water and lots of it, i know people who say water is not nice to drink and that it has no taste, so my advice to those sorts of people is to add something to it, like fruit squash (i personally…
  • I hate to say this but going out and buying new scales might be a waste of money. read my post earlier, then when you have found the right spot weigh yourself a few times without moving the scale if they are pretty much the same (not much difference) then its not your scale thats wrong its where it was placed. if the…
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  • Im the same, my Scales do the same thing, but one thing we did to sort it is we used a spirit level and found a section of the floor that is perfectly straight then we put the scale there and its a lot more accurate. floor boards can ruin everything when it comes to scales. i previously would weigh myself in a different…
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  • you can really see the drop in your hips. what exercises do you do?
  • well done! you have done so well! great motivation. i cant wait to get to that weight hopefully ill look as good as you do :)
  • well done, you have done amazing. @mamacindy81 - she lost more then 30 pounds, she has lost 57 pounds. she said she is losing her last 30 pounds now.
  • i told my brother about this and he made it but he said you have to eat it fast otherwise it isnt as tasty. he made another one with sugar instead of sweetener and with 1 square of dark chocolate in it and then put it in a bowl with a scoop of ben and jerrys cookie dough. and he said it was delish (hes a chef so he tries…
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  • Really? hmmm right im off to the shops to get some strawbs :P
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  • I began my weight loss journey in January for the first month i just ate the 1,200 cals a day. i couldnt move much because i had an accident and i couldnt really walk much without my foot bleeding and running was out of the question. so i went the first month just doing 1,200 a day. In feb i was fed up, my weight losses…
  • yeh whenever i hit a plateau i change my work out routine and it sorts it out. i now change my routine every two weeks and ive been losing pretty much 6 pounds every week. dont get stressed out over it too
  • Im currently 207 and still a size 20, i started at 262 and a size 22. i have a pair of george jeans (i ADORE george.) its definitely in the inches. ive dropped 55 pounds and dropped 1 jean size. i do weights to tone but im getting no where fast. im just trying to keep an eye on the measuring tape more then watching the…
  • ahahaha thats so funny, im very much like you @rskidmore i have/had all of those songs on my workout playlist. this is my current one: Passion Pit - Moth's Wings David Guetta, Kid Cudi - Memories Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA Iyaz - Replay Mika Vs. RedOne - Kick *kitten* (We Are Young) Justin Timberlake - (oh no) What you…
  • oh, also i have a friend in the US who sent me some sweets from there and when i checked out the nutritional info on it i was soo shocked! theres an enormous amount on sugar in them. so you might find our UK sweets arnt as sugary.
  • I live in the UK, ive always wanted to visit the US but this is making me worry lol i would go with my boyfriend, in which case we might as well order 1 meal and share it, some of the UK portions are a bit big for me now, im used to eating less now. we ordered a chinese the other week and i could only just manage a fourth…
  • Hey :) Manchesterrrrrrr I dont like the teens that hang around on the corners and stuff but on a sunny day school day theres not many around and manchester looks pretty good ;)
  • If i feel a chocolate craving coming on i have 4 squares of dark chocolate. the dark choc i have is harder and richer then milk choc which means i can sit there and suck the chocolate or bite little bits off at a time. i put the 4 squares into a cup and eat a bit then put it back in the cup, i put it in the cup so that it…
  • for 2 weeks i only ate 1,200 cals with no exercise and i didnt shift a single pound. so i know that when i reach my goal weight i am sticking to 1,200 cals a day. congrats on nearly reaching your goal weight!
  • bump bump bumpity bump.
  • i used to weigh myself daily but i found it upsetting because it bounces around. this is what happened to me when i used to weigh daily : mon, -3, tues, +2, weds -1, thurs +3, fri, -4, sat +1, sun -4. now i weigh myself every monday morning before breakfast.
  • change your routine. i had two weeks where i lost 1 pound a week and i was not happy so i changed my workout routine and i got back to losing big numbers. your body can get used to the same routine and you can stop losing good numbers.
  • bump bump bump :) thank you soo much for this really helped. i dont think ive done too bad since jan to now (dropping numbers on the scales) but i said to my boyfriend that im going to concentrate more on the inches i lose. ill still weigh myself but my main focus is a goal size. thanks for this. ill try and bump this daily
  • so from the 15th to may the 6th? ive done it then lol 20 pounds lost since the 15th. but ill do 8 pounds to lose before the 6th then i would have lost 2 stone in a month. wowzer!
  • this same thing has been bugging me as well. i watch the biggest loser and i want to see their tummies after they have lost it all but you never see it. tara costa did a swimsuit shoot but it was a swimsuit or a tankini, it wasnt a bikini so i couldnt see what her tummy looks like now. i really want to know. id be gutted…
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  • I have a book, its just a scrapbook really that i call my weight loss book. it has a picture of me when i first started (in jan) and it says my goal weight and my starting weight. when i am feeling low and think about reaching for a lot of bad food i look in the book first. it stops me from eating bad foods. i also have a…
  • thanks :) yeh lets hope so. everyone has been saying i look like ive lost weight and i noticed there was no more double chin anymore which i was rather thrilled about. (i didnt have much of a double chin before just a slight bit of fat there but thats disappeared now.)
  • yep same here im full of motivation for anyone who wants it :) its always nice to have someone there to keep you on track.
  • i know its heart breaking. but at least im not as heavy as i was before. im sure the inches will drop off when i get back to muscles and tone up. i refuse to let it get on top of me and upset me because ill just turn to the ben and jerrys if i do.
  • oh tell me about it! ive dropped 41 pounds but im not fitting into smaller jeans yet. its really upsetting!