BEFORE after PICS JUst 30 pounds . 1 Year!

kellygirl5538 Posts: 597 Member
I didn't know how to post my before and after pics on here, so you need to look at my profile. Look at the last two pictures, you will need to click on them for a full pictures. I am a perfect example of someone who can loose weight but takes lots and lots of time!!! One year! So if you are expecting to loose a large amount of weight in a short time, I hope that works but for me it didn.t I have lost a total of 57 pounds. I feel so much better. I have 15 pounds to goal weight.


  • mamacindy81
    mamacindy81 Posts: 649 Member
    Good Morning Kelly:

    I think getting rid of 30 lbs is awesome! You did it slowly so it is more likely to stay off than with rapid weight loss. You've made lifestyle choices that are good!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Funnydream
    Funnydream Posts: 87 Member
    Hi Kelly - you look great and it's very inspirational to see how much you have lost and how good you look. Well done - and I hope I manage to do as well as you!
  • sangrea
    sangrea Posts: 26 Member
    Thats awesome you can really tell a difference. You should be very proud of yourself!! Its a lot of hard work and a daily battle not to give into tempations that always seem to be around us. Keep up the good work!

  • staps065
    staps065 Posts: 837 Member
    Good job and you look great! Keep it up!
  • MandyKayFrench
    MandyKayFrench Posts: 69 Member
    You look fantastic! Good job!
  • becca09
    becca09 Posts: 54 Member
    well done, you have done amazing.

    @mamacindy81 - she lost more then 30 pounds, she has lost 57 pounds. she said she is losing her last 30 pounds now.
  • arewethereyet
    arewethereyet Posts: 18,702 Member
  • arewethereyet
    arewethereyet Posts: 18,702 Member
    I love this one. Your smiling, healthy looking............happy and in the great out doors!

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