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    oh, also i have a friend in the US who sent me some sweets from there and when i checked out the nutritional info on it i was soo shocked! theres an enormous amount on sugar in them. so you might find our UK sweets arnt as sugary.
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    I live in the UK, ive always wanted to visit the US but this is making me worry lol i would go with my boyfriend, in which case we might as well order 1 meal and share it, some of the UK portions are a bit big for me now, im used to eating less now. we ordered a chinese the other week and i could only just manage a fourth of the noodles (i only like noodles so thats the only thing i eat from there, my dad eats it all :O )
    in our supermarkets we have loads of healthy options all fruit, veg and food have nutritional info on.

    here are the links to some UK supermarkets, so you can get a better idea of what we have on offer:
    Tesco:- http://www.tesco.com/
    Morrisons:- http://www.morrisons.co.uk/
    Sainsburys:- http://www.sainsburys.co.uk/sol/index.jsp
    Marks and Spencers (M&S):- http://tiny.cc/ibd4k
    Asda:- http://www.asda.co.uk/corp/home.html
    Somerfield:- http://www.somerfield.co.uk/
    The Co-op:- http://www.co-operative.coop/food/

    most restaurants and on most of the supermarket websites above have nutritional info on them.
    Have fun on your trip.
    Just remember to bring an umbrella ;)

    Thank you so much for all the information. I will def check out all those links!
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    Agree with all comments. I'm in UK and have spent quite a lot of time in US.

    Jsut remember if having an hotel breakfast you won't even get offered french toats, maple syrup etc So you can easily choose fresh fruit, poached eggs etc.

    If you go for Indian have tomato based curry and not cream based.

    Some chain restaurnats like Pizza Express and Wagamama have nutritional values online so you could check those before you come over.

    You can PM me if you need anymore specific help. I'm in UK and on same calories as you each day so happy to help. x

    Thank you so much. I will keep checking with you! Hopefully I'll be able to log on daily!
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    As a UK user of MFP, I can't imagine you will have much problem.
    Most of the main stuff is on MPF - and eating out will bring you smaller portions...so easier to be aware.
    Try subway too, for fresh stuff that is easy to calculate and listed on MPF.
    Enjoy your trip :))

    Awesome, Thank You.
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    Im from the UK too and have been to America.
    Few things:
    - If you are eating out the portion sizes are much much much smaller.
    - the salads in some places don't even come with dressings!!!
    - things like mcdonalds are the same size, well the burgers at least, I believe the fries (as you call then) are smaller over here.
    - as someone mentioned our fresh food is actually fresh with no crap in it, such as apples they don't have the weird wax layer over it and the the bread isn't full of sugar.
    - if you from a hotter part of america you'll burn more calories staying warm!!! :)

    Food labels - we do our per portion very differently, stick to looking at the 100g information, look at the front of pack, see how big your serving is and multiple the 100g figure by the serving size/100!!
    If for example you looking at fat, in 100g it may be 5g, this means 5%, just multiple the serving size by 5% and you'll get the amount of fat your about to eat.

    Hope that makes sense!!

    Yes, makes sense. Thanks!