Dropping a dress size?

Hey all,

My weight-loss to date is a total of 18.6lbs. My question is does anyone know how much I need to lose to drop a dress size?

I started at 215.6lbs and am currently 197lbs and am still in a UK size 18. I can pull a 16 pants up but am no where near able to close it yet. 18's are ridculously baggy on me now, near falling down in fact! Why oh why don't they make half sizes lol!


  • WussKat
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    Hi Jeni!

    Well done on your 18.6lbs!! And dress sizes - I am the same - I would be a perfect size 17 :laugh:

    I guess it depends where you lose it from, the cut of the garment etc. Keep on going - one day those size 16s will fall down :drinker:
  • vicidoesstuff
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    Well done! :bigsmile:

    When I got down to about 200, I tried on a pair of 16s and they were snug so I knew I had a bit to go yet. I'm now 196 and they fit perfectly. I even got a new pair of 16s and they fit like a glove. I wouldn't say you're very far off that size at all. You just need to find the right brand. George at ASDA do good jeans!
  • Jeni322
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    Yep, I reckon I'd be a perfect size 17 myself lol!

    Thanks you too - I'll keep fighting on until they fit :)
  • NYIceQueen
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    :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:

    Congrats on your weight loss!!!

    Yeah, dresses are always weird -- just depends on your "weight distribution". I usually have to get a size bigger than I normally would then I take in the dress on the areas where I want it to come in a bit more, or hem it if it's too long, etc.

    Don't worry...you'll get there!!!
  • Natalie43
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    In the UK my understanding is that 7lbs is the difference between dress sizes.
    So if you were a size 16 UK (12 US), and lost 7lb you should on average become a size 14 UK.
  • debhayes
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    Sometimes it's not just the weight but inches you lose when it comes to clothes sizes. Are you doing any strength training or ab workouts to help build muscle and tone your body? Maybe you need to change your exercise routine up a bit! You are doing so well with your weight loss-keep up the great work!! The new dress size will come soon!!
  • sazziecee
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    I was a size UK14 at 11 stone 4lb and am mainly still a UK14 at 10 stone 1lb!

    The only difference seems to have been on my bottom half, I am *just* going into a size 12 in jeans (apart from a pair of "boyfriend" fit jeans that fall down and are a 12!) but my top half hasn't hardly shrank at all! I have lost weight from my ribcage and upper stomach but I think due to the fact I have broad shoulders and large breasts (which haven't shrunk even half an inch!) I will always be a 14 on my top half

    Annoying as I would love to get into a size 12 pretty summer dress that fastens with a zip rather than being stretchy, but other than having my boobs chopped off, I doubt I ever will.

    I am going to concentrate on looking better in my clothes, rather than what the label says :)
  • curvykatie
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    I was a size UK14 at 11 stone 4lb and am mainly still a UK14 at 10 stone 1lb!

    I think it just depends on the person for example at 10st 1 sazzie is a UK14 but im currently at 10st 3 and im a UK10/12

    dont worry, you'll be into those 16's soon (then down, down to your goal ^.^)
  • clairebear82
    I'm about 197 at the moment and I can get into size 16 next jeans but not their trousers, its all in the cut. I can get into 16 tops from there though?
  • kateyb
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    I'm in the same boat - started at 220, I'm down to 201 (can't wait to get past the 200 mark!!!) and I'm just fitting into a 16, but only from certain stores. Someone mentioned George from Asda, I'm wearing size 16 jeans from there today. Cheap and comfortable! I've also found Peacocks jeans are fitting me quite well at the mo and I can get into size 16 tops from River Island but noweher else!!! Good luck to you and hang in there. I don't think it'll be long now x
  • mookiemoomoo
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    I think all you ladies are doing fantastic keep going and one day you will need smaller sizes for sure
  • chroi
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    From my own experiences I've noticed that it seems to be 20 lbs per size, give or take a lb.
  • erikazj
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    I'm afraid I have to agree with everyone else....it all depends on each individual and also where you buy your clothes from. I was a size 18 at 215 pounds. I had to lose nearly 40 pounds to be in a 16, and from some places they're still too small. I've almost lost another 20 pounds since then, and I am almost getting in to a 14 but not quite (some dresses are ok, and most tops - but trousers/jeans a few pounds yet!). I do think, the closer you get to your goal weight the less you need to lose to change a size as 1 pound makes more of a difference to your frame.

    Erika x
  • becca09
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    Im currently 207 and still a size 20, i started at 262 and a size 22. i have a pair of george jeans (i ADORE george.)
    its definitely in the inches. ive dropped 55 pounds and dropped 1 jean size. i do weights to tone but im getting no where fast.
    im just trying to keep an eye on the measuring tape more then watching the label on my jeans. i dont think size matters as much any more, i think what is more important is if you look good, healthy and happy in the size you are. there was a survey i was reading about, men said which size they prefer women to be and men said they prefer 12-14. women were then asked what size they would want to be and they all said size 8.
    so try to look and feel good rather then trying to fit into a small size that would make you uncomfortable.
  • bjberry
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    Does the UK have the same sexy, slightly stretchy blue jeans that they sell here in the states? A pair of those could be the ticket during your transition from one nonstretchy size to the next.

    You are doing fabulously! Keep on hanging in there--and have fun doing it. :drinker:
  • lucy1703
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    i'm so glad it's not just me that wishes there were half sizes. It must really depend on your frame and the shop. I have some 14's and some 16's. I have found New look jeans really good. great with the new lengths they do too. at 5'11 it can be a BIG problem getting the right length. Most trousers are 14's that i''m wearing but they can be a big snug. dresses all tend to be 16's, nothing worse than all those lumps and bump showing from the stomach down!
  • Jeni322
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    I wish that was the case Natalie but it's not unfortunately :( 18 was getting fair tight on me before I started diet/exercise. I can pull my pants down without opening the buttons now but not able to close a 16 after 18.6lbs gone.
  • lesley1981
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    Everyone's right, it all depends on your shape and the cut of the clothes you're trying to get into...

    I started off a size 16/18 depending on what make they were (18 in New Look trousers), and after 23lbs I was a comfortable 16, but even then some were a bit big on me! I tend to carry most of my weight on my hips, bum and thighs, so even though I now have a 30" waist my dress size does not reflect this!