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igor11 Member


  • Everyone looks so DAMN SEXY!!!!! Can't wait to join you and post my before and afters. Thanks for sharing your pics everyone
  • Thank you for posting this and for sharing your story. You've said the right things to re-motivate me. It takes time, that's my new mantra
  • i have the same issue. It only happens when I jog for longer distances though. You might just be like me where you step off with your big toe when jogging and the constant pushing makes it numb. It hasn't been anything serious for me, but if it starts to hurt, you should get it checked out. Other than that, I don't think…
  • Your story is so inspiring. I'm so happy for you and that you're finally living your life. You have a lot of courage and a lot strength. I also live in MI so I know what you mean about treadmills and the terrible winter months. It's wonderful you never gave up. You should be so proud. Thank you for sharing your story
  • you were at the weight I am now and the same height. You are definitely and inspiration. Thanks and great job!
  • you look fantastic! And I love the new clothes. You're incredible, keep it up! :)
  • That is amazing!!
  • I have two dumbo rats. Indy likes to dig holes in EVERYTHING. Especially the carpet. And loves to chew anything electronic. Not cords, but the actual device, like my phone. I have chew marks all over the case. Vega, the other, does not want to be petted unless you are holding treats. In that case she will climb all over…
  • The more you accomplish, the more you realize how much more you could achieve than what you originally set out to do - it's human nature to keep raising the bar as we approach it. The more you improve, the more improvement you become aware of that you could still do. i really like that passage. It's kind of a reminder to…
  • Lol omg! That's hilarious. Sorry, I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time but wow. Another thing ive noticed people do is take pictures of themselves "working out". Pictures of progress is one thing but selfies on the weight machines? Come on.
  • I have the exact same problem. Around here all the girls have long straight hair and wear yoga pants with t-shirts in the winter and teeny tiny shorts in the summer. I on the other hand, love summer dresses and vintage clothing and love going to thrift shops. I also have plenty of tats that with the right clothing are well…
  • I had no clue about the diet soda thing. hmmm, makes me wonder.
  • pie dark chocolate wine cookies tuna dumplings
  • yea, i love seeing people's pics, keep me motivated. Can't believe someone would say that though. Jerk face. he's a waste of a human brain. Appreciate that your still finding a way to share with us though. Thank you!
  • you look incredible. So proud and happy for you! congrats! your an inspiration
  • I read this article before and honestly, the message i got from it was that you can't eat whatever want just b/c you exercise. If you have mcdonalds everyday for dinner, your not gonna lose weight just b/c you went for a light jog for an hour. Then went home and had pie right after. The statement that they always felt…
  • totally understand the drop to a whole new number in the tenths spot. congrats!! :happy:
  • You'd be very healthy to be a bit above your BMI by a few pounds. I read a book "the obesity myth" that showed studies that your mortality and health rate doesn't really increase if your a bit overweight. There was a higher mortality rate for people who were under weight. Now, you don't have to believe everything the book…
  • a good idea would be to get a wine preserver. That way you don't have to drink the whole bottle in just 3 days. And you can have less which will total to fewer empty calories in the day. I have one, so i'm never worried about drinking my wine fast enough. I also enjoy a glass on the weekends too
    in Wine Comment by igor11 April 2011
  • I've had this same problem just 2 weeks ago. Upping your fiber intake is the way to go for sure. But sometimes even that doesn't help or give relief. I still felt bloated and hadn't gone for nearly a week. Not normal for me. So I just took a laxative. Milk of magnesium was one the ingredients. It definitely helped. I've…
  • I also don't hate the food pyramid. I used to study nutrition also, and even though yea alot people's diets need to be changed or adjusted b/c of food allergies and such, I think it's a good general guideline. It's not meant to be how you eat every day, but it's a good place to start. It shows you should be eating more…