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  • I love seeing how enthusiastic everyone is! And yes... In my excitement I jumped the gun a bit and I do apologize for the inconvenience. This is just awesome to read! I'm so glad that you have embraced this so much! Also, standing desks are amazing. I have one for when I work on any digital art and I can say that my back…
  • Yes, it was hard but it did teach us a valuable lesson. Just how much we are actually sitting! You didn't fail, so long as you tried. Attempting something is always better than not attempting at all. Also please remember that these challenges are suggestions only. If you feel you can't do something due to physical or…
  • I love all of your responses! It looks like you all had fun figuring out your 5! This is just so encouraging to see. Welcome aboard to everyone who joined up as well! Also Bbiwbkacq that's funny! I have a pock mark sister!
  • mmmm maybe? Does it go by movement because if so then probably ^ ^
  • Mine was pretty bad... It was covered in old notes, books I started or have finished reading and other tidbits. I can actually see the wood now!
  • Wow, you all had a lot more exciting things than mine! My new thing was going to bridal shops and wearing dresses. My friend just got engaged and refused to wear a dress unless I was on one too! I think she just wanted to see me in a dress since I never wear them.
  • I puppynapped my brother's puppy and took him to a dog park ^_^
  • Yes please drum responsibly! I don't want you all getting in trouble. 77tes why not turn on some music and drum to the beat? Then it's percussion practice :D hollyhock1009 that was a lot of fun to listen too. Its a good suggestion!
  • Hula is always fun to do and each movement means something! But I always have to watch lilo and stitch after doing this.
  • I love how everyone stepped up to these challenges! I also would like to agree with CherylPierce with the percentages. Thank you with the update on the food labels changing Denise! It' great to see that an old system is finally changing. Food labels depress me too.... The boxes are so misleading until you read what's in it…
  • Sorry about the kickbacks! Just realized that they didn't show up!
  • Each Day I post a challenge to be completed but right now is a special month dedicated to the Sit Less Boot Camp. It's where we train ourselves to sit less and get more activity in the day! The way it is designed is to give you ideas on the one thing that you will work on so you can start quitting all the sitting!
  • We had some rice as a side and it was yummy! I love how everyone got into it!
  • Hello and welcome aboard! I post the challenges everyday as a forum post so that everyone can discuss. If I could I would have it notify you all as a message but I don't have that ability. Basically, I post a challenge and you try to complete it to the best you can. :) Everyone here are wonderful and I'm sure you'll find a…
  • Fresh air is wonderful and a good walk will warm ya up! :)
  • I did this while I picked up the house this morning ^ ^
  • Welcome aboard! You can do it! I know you can ^_^
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  • Hello there! Welcome aboard ^_^
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  • It snowed a little bit here but I got out there and played like I was a kid! It was a lot of fun :)
  • Hello and welcome everyone! It's rather simple. Just come and check the group discussions daily and do the challenge! If you like it tell us what you did or how you completed it. :)
  • Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy the challenges. Just remember that these are suggestions and if you feel you can't do something just try to do it a different way ^_^
  • I did about the same as you lilleah. You don't think it but your arms really do a lot to help you move around and when you don't use do you feel it! I'm glad mine aren't the only ones! :) -rkit03
  • Wow! Everyone was certainly busy. I ended up getting up around 7am and picked up the house a bit. Even go a couple things repaired before heading in to work! Great job everyone!
  • Thank you everyone. I'm glad you liked it :) and KKZFrog you are absolutely right. Get up and move is the goal. These challenges are jsut ideas to inspire you daily. If you can't do something then have some fun and think up a creative way that might be along those lines!
  • It was nice not to have to think about things! I'm glad you liked it!- marmarelahi How did the app work out? To be honest i have never heard of such a thing but I'm not surprised it exists! -guinevere96 I would think that zen swimming counts. You are relaxing your mind and that is what meditation is all about!- tahm42 It's…
  • I ended up getting run around like crazy today which is a big switch from my norm. So I have no idea how much I did today. I lost track! I'm glad you could join us -GabinkaP Hello! Welcome Aboard! -TrishMorris2015 Congrats! That was above and beyond! Good idea. :) -tahm42 That is something all of us should do! That extra…
  • Good job everyone! Temptations are everywhere its no fun. x.x
  • I bet! I wish I could go skating. My ankles are to scary to attempt.
  • I did the first one as well not long after I got up this morning. (I often post these challenges at midnight or later for me. Mainly just the way my schedule works) I love dance routines they are so much fun! I'm glad you liked it! Hopefully you'll look up some more and find others you like!-annabobanna85 I'm glad you…
  • I completely tore apart my bedroom and the hallway leading to it. It's all organized and pretty I can't find anything o.o Moving is really stressful and such a hassle. But there is no harm just going bit by bit. I'm glad this challenge could help motivate you!- guinevere Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy all the…