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  • I DO feel as though it's been hard to continuously log-in these past 3 months. I just moved back home PLUS the hubby and I bought our first house, so I feel that if I miss logging one meal that "eh, it's ok, I'm pretty sure I'm on track". But I 100% agree, it's a a fine line between obsessing about weight and slacking.…
  • Hi all! My name's Kendra, I've been interested in getting into kettlebell workouts since January. I FINALLY found some time this past week to workout at home with The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells DVD. I LOVE IT! I use an 18 kg bell and after the second day, I was so incredibly sore I could barely…
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  • I agree with another poster, eating (healthy) fat is essential for your body to function properly. Enjoy some healthy fats like avocados, nuts, real cheese and work on what you originally said stated about counting calories and exercise. Keep at it! :drinker:
  • I cannot STAND pineapple! The smell, the taste, the texture....ugh! :noway:
  • This weekend I went shopping for a dress for my Master's graduation. All the fitted dresses I tried on were a size smaller then what I wore for Christmas (Went from a size 16 to 14), AND they were almost too roomy! :laugh: PLUS, I bought a dress in a L, a 1st in a long time!:happy:
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  • Work it girl!!!! :drinker: Congrats on you're awesomeness!! :flowerforyou:
  • "What? Roots, you say!? Thank God you warned me, and stopped me from eating something that was nutritious. Who knows what would have happen if I ATE vegetables. Why, I might become healthy and possibly lose....*gasp* weight!!! Parish the thought!!!" THIS would be my response, but then again, I'm a smart-*kitten*! :wink:
  • What THIS person is saying! There's always been a stigma about eggs, (a.k.a. the "good, bad and ugly"), BUT eating cholesterol from eggs will not effect the cholesterol IN your system. See: I also eat ~4 whole eggs for breakfast most mornings; they keep me full…
  • :laugh: LOL, I LOVE this sooooooooo much! Thanks for the morning chuckle. :drinker:
  • My husband was away for work last week so I didn't get to celebrate my 4 lb/wk lost with him. Last night while getting into pj's, he stops me, grabs my love handles and says "Wow, you really did get smaller last week! Great job baby!" :blushing:
  • 1. To have defined abs and arms 2. To buy and wear a bikini for the FIRST time in my life! 3. To be at a "normal" BMI for my height
  • My NSV from this week was two-fold: 1. Monday I was able to tuck in my work shirt into my pants AND still have an extra inch in my waistband. 2. I've been sick all week and when I did my weight-in today, I am officially am 3/4 of the way to my goal weight. :bigsmile:
  • All of you ladies are such an inspiration!!! Keep at it, my fellow shorties! Thank you for the motivational boost. :wink:
  • Got behind last weekend, but adding 1.75 miles of circuit training today.
  • It's great that you're going to doctor, as I'm sure they can provide more help than any of us. Maybe you should show you're doctor your MFP food diary and they might be able to give you more insight into your fatigue (i.e., after viewing your macros, water in-take, etc.) . I've scanned your food diary and noticed some…
  • Add on 2 mile of walk/jog circuits today! :smile:
  • From a girls' weekend this past January, right before I re-started MFP.
  • I'd love another friend on MFP, please feel free to add me. :smile: I'm 27 Height: 5' 3" and some change. No kids yet, but wanting to reach my goal weight so we can have kids. HW/SW: 199 lbs CW: 187 lbs GW: 135 lbs I'm on here daily, and will always read posts/be supportive of a fellow short girl! :wink:
  • Adding 5 miles today after a nice spring hike. :smile:
  • Did 4 miles today, hopefully will add 4 more tomorrow! :wink:
  • My husband and I did some research shortly before going wheat and grain-free. The biggest attraction was the possibility of eliminating acid reflux from our diet, reducing other small maladies and reducing my husband's chance of one day being diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Currently, we both have been wheat & grain-free…
  • Started with 1.5 today....not too shabby! :wink:
  • ^^ THIS!!!! Plus people who also use "voluptuous", or "ample" as other synonyms for "fat". Anyone can be voluptuous, curvy or ample, it doesn't necessarily mean they're fat! :grumble:
  • Count me in! This will be a big help/motivation in training for a 5K :smile:
  • I've lost an average house cat...woohoo!! Great pick me up, I was just about to lament my ZERO weight loss for the week, but knowing I've lost a cat = see ya later kitty!
  • First of all, congrats on your weight-loss success! Second, I feel you might have stumbled into the BMR/TDEE or "Eat more to lose" strategy. Generally, MFP sets goals for you (i.e., I want to lose 2 lbs a week so it tells me I should eat 1200 cals). HOWEVER, this can be too little calories for more people's metabolism and…
  • I find that feeling bloated can come from a few things: 1. too little water, 2. too much sodium, 3. too many starchy carbs (i.e. bread) or 4. sometime diary. Sound like you have some great progress! Keep at it! :smile:
  • Awesome, thank you Christy! :smile:
  • Currently giving TDEE & BMR a try; it's only been a few days and I've seen some results! :happy: Question: When should you re-evaluate your TDEE and BMR when losing weight? About every 10-20 lbs? Thanks for all your help! :smile:
  • I'm 5'3.75" and, as of today, I JUST dropped below 190 (we're talking 189.8 here folks...hooray!) I re-started MFP in January at 199 and it's taken some effort, plus a HUGE diet change (i.e., going wheat-free) to help me take the weight of this time.