Beginners Challenge.... 50 miles in April



  • camberwellbeauty
    camberwellbeauty Posts: 50 Member
    A little disappointed with myself today only managed 2.8 miles today....note to self MUST TRY HARDER.....

  • Mandino788
    Mandino788 Posts: 226 Member
    4.53 miles today

  • aablacknell
    aablacknell Posts: 838 Member
    I want to do this...I hope it will keep me motivated!!!

    4/1 6.91 miles
    4/3 6.96 miles
    4/5 7.01 miles

    Total: 20.88
    Left to go: 29.12
  • astrotam
    astrotam Posts: 153 Member


    Only about 1 mile today doing an activity on campus. I plan to run a 5K route tomorrow using C25K, so that will up my mileage a bit!
  • helmsara
    helmsara Posts: 64 Member
    2.2 miles today

  • MsBobLoblaw
    MsBobLoblaw Posts: 171 Member
    Quick 3 mile jog today.

  • gwicks54
    gwicks54 Posts: 201 Member

    Added three miles for a total of 17 miles.
  • jackieross82
    jackieross82 Posts: 58 Member
    5.5 miles today

  • gwicks54
    gwicks54 Posts: 201 Member

  • gwicks54
    gwicks54 Posts: 201 Member
    I have given up on the ticker, it works sometimes and then does not, may be my computer or my skills so I will follow some of the examples of others. My goal is fifty miles.
    4/1 thru 4/4 was 17 miles
    4/5 3 miles added total of twenty miles
  • kenj13
    kenj13 Posts: 39 Member
    Did 4 miles today, hopefully will add 4 more tomorrow! :wink:

  • angela2k1
    angela2k1 Posts: 25 Member
    First week check-in:

  • dga226
    dga226 Posts: 224 Member
    i think i walk more then that in a month I work at a factory and on my feet walking and i walk home from the bus over 2 miles.

    i work a 10 hour shift but cant judge how much i walk is there a way
  • Ghette
    Ghette Posts: 350 Member
    Great job everyone!

  • Lightbulb1088
    Lightbulb1088 Posts: 189 Member
    13.62 miles so far this week.
  • dmcole13
    dmcole13 Posts: 133 Member

    Day 3 in
  • animini123
    animini123 Posts: 102 Member
    4.03 miles for today.


  • exercise.png

    8.3 miles done! Still need to pick up the pace a bit.
  • lessofkimberly
    lessofkimberly Posts: 98 Member
    April 2nd 6.2 Miles
    April 3rd 4.54 Miles
    April 5th 4.56 Miles

    Total: 15.5 Miles
  • 4littlebees
    4littlebees Posts: 26 Member