What was YOUR NSV today?!



  • dumb_blondes_rock
    dumb_blondes_rock Posts: 1,568 Member
    My dad is going to start nutrisystem, and going through the "I want this because in a few days I won't be able to have it anymore" and I completely passed up on ben n jerrys ice-cream and the red velvet skinny cow ice-cream. I knew I already was going over my calories and didn't want to completely blow the day so instead I abstained. He also wanted a pie and I told him he better get a single serving one because I wasn't going to eat any of it
  • angelams1019
    angelams1019 Posts: 1,102 Member
    OP - I wish I could look that good when I am sick, LOL you have a victory for sure
    SPILTDOG!!!! wowsers, never met anyone before that lost 180+ pounds, gotta be better getting huggles now : )

    My NSV was a mindset, I declined a "free" piece of pie at Village Inn, a yr ago, I would have been all over that : )

    Oh girl I would have been all over that pie too!! lol And thanks! Sinus infection and pharyngitis have had me down for the count for two days! When I found these pants and saw that they actually fit me again I just had to take a pic! :drinker:
  • rems2012
    rems2012 Posts: 33 Member
    Bought new pair of pants years ago and didnt fit..so i put it all the way back in the closet...today i found it and tried it on, and they are my perfect size!
  • Scubanana7
    Scubanana7 Posts: 361 Member
    good for you! I bet that felt great. Just don't overdo it.....(okay, the Mom in me just comes out unbidden....) Take care and stay well!
  • Viva81Diva
    Viva81Diva Posts: 148
    I had 2 NSVs!

    First - I noticed an indention in my upper belly that wasn't there 2 days ago... Looked like someone pushed in with their thumb or something! lol ... I am starting to shed visceral fat!

    2nd - I burned 1,459 calories!! It was unintentional. I didn't plan to shop around for hours and get walking in. I also didn't have a Heart Rate Monitor until tonight either, so what I have been calculating for TapouT XT is wrong!! I estimated 550 calories for Plyo tonight, but my HRM read 649! I was way off! :P So excited about burning so many! I burned off the subway sandwich I ate for dinner only an hour later. :)
  • amatxuof5
    amatxuof5 Posts: 40
    I have been suffering with sciatica muscle spasms and was able to walk four miles tonight after my second day of therapy.

    That is awesome! 4 miles is HUGE -especially when in pain! Congratulations!
  • rachael726
    rachael726 Posts: 202 Member
    I love this thread so much that I am going to post again!

    NSV--people on MFP are now asking ME for weight loss advice and how I've lost my weight since Jan. 3rd. That is so mind blowing to me. I am just in awe. :)

    Totally rocked my ego--I just knew I was awesome!!
  • WhiteGirlWasted13
    WhiteGirlWasted13 Posts: 178 Member
    I saw some old friends yesterday and they kept commenting on how good I looked. As I was getting ready, I put on a pair of "fat" pants, but they wouldn't stay up. I've altered these pants before after a 40 pound weight loss, but had to undo that as I gained the weight back. This time, I had to sew the new seam ALL THE WAY DOWN both legs! I probably took in about four inches total on those pants!

    Also sent a picture to a friend who lives out of state because she's obsessed with hair and wanted to see what mine looked like after I straightened it. She and her kids both said I was "looking skinny" -- huzzah!
  • WhiteGirlWasted13
    WhiteGirlWasted13 Posts: 178 Member
    Put on my short little leather jacket and realized it now zippers all the way up, with room!

    I know the feeling! That happened to me this weekend with a button up jacket that never would close. On Saturday, not only did it button all the way up (and down!), there was room to spare! ::high five::
  • kenj13
    kenj13 Posts: 39 Member
    My NSV from this week was two-fold:

    1. Monday I was able to tuck in my work shirt into my pants AND still have an extra inch in my waistband.
    2. I've been sick all week and when I did my weight-in today, I am officially am 3/4 of the way to my goal weight. :bigsmile:
  • beanrider
    beanrider Posts: 66 Member
    I luv all the cool NSVs! Mine: last night during my work out class, I noticed that my butt didn't "flop" when I was doing jumping jacks! Weird, I know, but it was quite an interesting discovery that i had less jiggle!
  • nytefalle
    nytefalle Posts: 63
    I luv all the cool NSVs! Mine: last night during my work out class, I noticed that my butt didn't "flop" when I was doing jumping jacks! Weird, I know, but it was quite an interesting discovery that i had less jiggle!

    Jumping jacks no longer make me want to die. Jumping rope, on the other hand...
  • hookilau
    hookilau Posts: 3,134 Member
    Update on my nsv...today, for the first time, my 2 hr post meal bg was 103...down from an average of 170mg/dl.

    I'm stoked!:drinker:

    Edited for typos :smokin:
  • ukgirly01
    ukgirly01 Posts: 523 Member
    I completed my first pace run, 10 mins easy run to warm up, 3 mins at 7.5 min mile pace, 2 min jog x6 then 10 min easy run to cool down. Got through 5.6 miles. Seems a world away from not being able to run for 1 min.
  • StArBeLLa87
    StArBeLLa87 Posts: 1,582 Member
    I fit nicely in a skirt thatused to make me look like I wearing a spare tire around my waist now it's smooth no spare tire yay
  • JillyBadass
    JillyBadass Posts: 20 Member
    Relying 100% on my belt to keep my pants up!

    And the picture taken of me last night. Who IS that skinny girl, and where in the hell did those collar bones come from?
  • PecorinoRomano
    PecorinoRomano Posts: 33 Member
    We had a retirement party for a co-worker today. Tons of junky food; donuts, cookies, cake, etc. I took a chicken thigh, a small portion of salmon, lots of salad and ONE milano cookie. Prior to counting calories on MFP I probably would have had seconds of everything (including the cake)! ;) So proud of myself!
  • StArBeLLa87
    StArBeLLa87 Posts: 1,582 Member
    ^ I went to a buffet surrounded by cake and cookies I ate a small 4 oz sized steak and pepper and onions no cake or cookies yay! I defeated the binge monster!
  • dianer75935
    dianer75935 Posts: 186 Member
    My girls telling me my butt looks smaller!!! plus I threw away leftover donut holes ( that is big for me)
  • Jedil
    Jedil Posts: 62
    I walked 5 miles in 90 minutes!
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