What NSV are you working towards?



  • kenj13
    kenj13 Posts: 39 Member
    1. To have defined abs and arms
    2. To buy and wear a bikini for the FIRST time in my life!
    3. To be at a "normal" BMI for my height
  • Mine is to be healthy enough to not have to worry about my heart condition ever again. Though I am overweight, mine actually got affected by a pneuomnia occurrence but I would love to not have to worry about it again..,...

    Other NSVS are:
    - to be considered HOT stuff. lol
    - to wear a size 14 or so
    - to be able to run a good distance without feeling exerted
    - to play basketball again
    - to be healthy enough to become a mom
  • chatogal
    chatogal Posts: 436 Member
    fitting back into a really pretty dress I have...almost there...but the boobs need smacking into line!!!
  • mrsg2006
    mrsg2006 Posts: 120 Member
    I could be 18% body fat and still not fit into tall boots. I actually have calf muscles and designers don't like muscles on women.

    I want to get back to my pre-baby body more-or-less. What I 'should' look like.

    ha! That's me! My calves have ALWAYS been too big for most boots!

    I have the same issue!
  • sarahg148
    sarahg148 Posts: 701 Member
    1. To also fit into my tall boots again with a little wiggle room.
    2. To fit into my size 8 jeans.
    3. To be able to do a handstand ONE of these days...possibly.
    4. To like my legs again...toned, firm and NOT flabby...esp around my knees.
    5. To look good in bathing suit...in ALL kinds of light!!! (evil flourescents)
  • knitbytes
    knitbytes Posts: 114
    I just want someone-- anyone-- to notice that I've lost weight without me having to say something first. I've almost lost 40lb and I still haven't had a single person mention it unless I mention it first. :( I know I'm still big, but seriously, 40lb!
  • Shelby1582
    Shelby1582 Posts: 191 Member
    Feel comfortable in my bikini and in short shorts.
  • ashesfromfire
    ashesfromfire Posts: 867 Member
    To look as sexy as I feel :love:
  • justal313
    justal313 Posts: 1,375 Member
    I've hit most of them 36 inch waist (currently 32 :happy:), medium shirts (especially my underdog T-Shirt), running first a mile, then a 5K and more without having to stop and rest (my longest unbroken run is 7 miles) and taking stairs without getting winded...

    I will be running a half marathon later this year. That's my big NSV planned. I would love to do it as an unbroken run but all I'm interested in completing it at all.

    Next year is a marathon and I'm giving myself 7 years to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
  • HHackney
    HHackney Posts: 9
    I know that this sounds silly, but I have quarter to half inch thick stretch marks on my stomach (from public area to right below my ribcage) from my twins. I was told to begin with that they would fade....it's been 17 years. The more weight I lose the more stomach that can be removed during a tummy tuck. I won't be able to get rid of all of them, but even half would be an outstanding change.
  • jacklis
    jacklis Posts: 280 Member
    Dead Lift 550 lbs, Squat 500 lbs, and Bench press over 300 lbs... right now im at 500 dead lift, 450 Squat and 270 Bench Press.. slow and steady is gonna win this race :D

  • jacklis
    jacklis Posts: 280 Member
    I wanna be able to dead lift and squat my body weight. I'm getting real close with my dead lift....relatively close with squats, too. It'll happen soon. :drinker:
    Love this goal/ NSV! You will do it!
  • JoRumbles
    JoRumbles Posts: 262 Member
    I have a wedding to go to on the 28th of June and I have a dress I would like to wear that I last wore in August 2011. Although I only have about a stone to get to that I'm not sure I'm going to make it. I weighed 65kg at the time, but I was also very sick with a major ulcerative colitis flare up. I've got that under control AND had a baby since then!

    I would also like to get my engagement ring back on. I've got my wedding ring on but its half a size bigger.
  • jacklis
    jacklis Posts: 280 Member
    I wanna be able to dead lift and squat my body weight. I'm getting real close with my dead lift....relatively close with squats, too. It'll happen soon. :drinker:

    Hey, that's mine too!! I also want to be able to do unassisted pullups :flowerforyou:

    Ooo unassisted pullups, there's a good one too. :tongue:
  • sandi117
    sandi117 Posts: 445 Member
    I have size 8 jeans from almost 3 years ago that I want to fit into again. And I'm going to Las Vegas in 5 weeks and I want to feel confident in a swim suit--a bikini! There's a lot of toning to be done on my stomach, but it WILL happen!

    Physically/Fitness-wise, I want to be able to do "man" push-ups, eventually a one-armed push-ups. Being able to do a pull-up would be amazing as well, even just one! I've never been able to do a single pull-up my whole life, never ever!
  • sprintto50
    sprintto50 Posts: 410 Member
    Fit back into my size 8 and 10 pants.
  • Fitting into a single digit would be cool, but I just want my tummy/back rolls gone for good!
  • becran94
    becran94 Posts: 3
    1. To be able to walk into any store at the mall and find something that fits me properly.
    2. To feel as confident as I make people believe that I am.
    3. To be able to go to amusement parks and not have to worry about whether or not I will be able to get on a ride.
    4. To look great in a bathing suit.
    5. To go a whole year without having to buy new summer clothes (I always outgrow them during the year)

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  • dwh77tx
    dwh77tx Posts: 513 Member
    being able to wear everything in my closet comfortably again.
  • leeroxboro
    leeroxboro Posts: 142 Member
    I just thought of another one....I would like to be able to pull myself back in the boat (Skiff). We don't have a ladder for it, so I usually climb the motor but I would like to be able to pull myself over the side like the hubby and sons do!!

    I'm thinking I need to work up to some pull ups and chin ups. I'm also thinking push ups will help as well....
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