What is your NSV for today?



  • Linkdapink
    Linkdapink Posts: 128 Member
    A very very silly NSV...

    I went to the fridge to weigh out some chocolate, and decided - I'm going to have a buttload of chocolate. I grabbed what I thought was "LOADS" and it was only 30g! A normal bar of chocolate is around 40g - so I'm kinda glad that my idea of a "buttload" of chocolate was way off.

    I also put on a pair of trousers for work that used to be so tight that I used to have to unbutton them at lunch time (shameful!) but I'm still wearing them now - 6 hours after work!
  • mf0u1098
    mf0u1098 Posts: 61 Member
    I didn't think about going for a run today. I just did it. I haven't been running in months so was very chuffed with how I did :-)
    Also, I declined the biscuits today. x
  • I registered for a 10-mile race today!
  • Goin4goal
    Goin4goal Posts: 129 Member
    Today, after 18 years, I am finally the same weight as when I married my wonderful husband!! My ticker is a little low, I officially don't get weighed until May 1st., so I'll update it then.
  • NHoughton13
    NHoughton13 Posts: 303
    I feel I finally look good enough to wear my yoga pants out in public for walks without horrifying young children and animals :laugh:
  • RheeaBYG
    RheeaBYG Posts: 12
    I resisted the urge to do my usual night time eating thing! I'm going to bed now...:drinker:


    Since i started losing weight, one of the big changes i made was to eat a good breakfast in the morning and eat dinner at an earlier hour(i.e:6-7 pm) because just like you i used to eat late at night a full dinner and then go to sleep.That was so bad.
  • RheeaBYG
    RheeaBYG Posts: 12
    I put on my favorite pair of yoga pants today to go for a walk and I couldn't keep them up. Made for an interesting 2 mile walk.

  • onwarddownward
    onwarddownward Posts: 1,683 Member
    I went for my 40 minute swim and thought to myself, while bubbling my way across the pool, I think I could go five minutes longer. Well, I went EIGHTEEN minutes longer!

  • Quest529
    Quest529 Posts: 103 Member
    The office birthday cake is still sitting in the office kitchen. I declined and had my planned carrots and cheese stick instead.

    And a little mean, but it made me feel good. I stopped in to TJMaxx with a friend and she grabbed a pair of skinny jeans to try on. They didn't fit her, but for fun I asked her to toss them over my door and I'd give them a try. They were awesome! I didn't get them though, because I don't think I'd actually wear them. I felt a little bad, because she thought they looked better on me and said so. I just answered that I'd been working out and eating right.
  • kenj13
    kenj13 Posts: 39 Member
    My husband was away for work last week so I didn't get to celebrate my 4 lb/wk lost with him. Last night while getting into pj's, he stops me, grabs my love handles and says "Wow, you really did get smaller last week! Great job baby!" :blushing:
  • Mebobbell
    Mebobbell Posts: 10
    I love reading what everyone was so proud of today! Congrats to you all!

    Mine is having a stressful week and not even thinking about turning to my old friend food to try and make me feel better. I don't know if that has ever happened!!
  • maryv83
    maryv83 Posts: 73 Member
    I WANT to go to the gym today. That's pretty rare. I also did the mile long walk to the bus today without getting all huffy or out of breath - yay me

    I want to go to the gym, TOO!
  • mazmataz
    mazmataz Posts: 331 Member
    Trying find something to wear for work this morning and having issues because...

    -My tailored shorts looked silly with the belt at the shortest notch, they just bunched up at the back
    -The leggings I was planning on wearing were too loose at the knees and kept falling down
    -The tank top I was planning on wearing looked really scruffy as I was supposed to be fitted but just hung there like a garbage bag with holes for arms

    At first I was annoyed, running late and half asleep...and then I realised...this is fricking awesome!!
  • gc_tweety
    gc_tweety Posts: 205 Member
    Great NSV's. I went to the doctor and the nurse asked me if I was a runner after she took my blood pressure and heart rate, because "only runners have heart rates that low." I like that nurse!!

    One of the best NSV's I've heard!!! Congrats!
  • bobf279
    bobf279 Posts: 342 Member
    I managed to touch my forehead on my knees when I was stretching after todays exercise for the first time
  • LKKB
    LKKB Posts: 1
    I am sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family at the difficult time.
  • gc_tweety
    gc_tweety Posts: 205 Member
    Today when i was putting on my HRM strap, it was a little bit too loose and i had to tighten it up:)

    What is your NSV?

    Love it!!!
  • gc_tweety
    gc_tweety Posts: 205 Member
    My father died Tuesday. No, I did not worry about my calories. But I did log. It made me feel better to keep up my normal routine. That was a huge victory for me personally.

    So sorry for your loss but so proud of your gain. {{hugs}}
  • mazmataz
    mazmataz Posts: 331 Member
    I put on my favorite pair of yoga pants today to go for a walk and I couldn't keep them up. Made for an interesting 2 mile walk.

    Haha I've had this too with my running pants! As I get into my run, they start to fall down and I have to do this half skip/jump thing mid stride to 'subtely' pull them up!
  • Velum_cado
    Velum_cado Posts: 1,608 Member
    Workout pants falling down while I was doing jumping jacks today. Not all the way, but I had to stop and make some adjustments!
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